Prueba de adelanto de inglés 2014 2ºbd[1]


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Prueba de adelanto de inglés 2014 2ºbd[1]

  1. 1. Prueba de Adelanto de Inglés - 2º BD - Feb. 2014 PRUEBA NACIONAL - ADELANTO DE INGLÉS - 2º BD Highschool: Marks Group: Written Test: /55 Name: Oral Exam: Date: Final Mark: I. Read the whole passage thoroughly and answer the questions below. There are several different types of eating disorders that affect millions of people today. They can be grouped into two categories – those that cause people to be underweight and those that cause obesity. A common eating disorder affecting many people these days, especially young girls, is anorexia. People who suffer from anorexia restrict their food intake to dangerously low amounts. As a result, they lose a lot of weight and become severely underweight. Anorexia is a mental-health problem as people who suffer from it have a constant fear of gaining weight and therefore stop eating. Another eating disorder that causes extreme weight loss is bulimia. Bulimics do what is known as binge eating, which is consuming large amounts of food at once. Immediately after, they either vomit or do an extraordinary amount of exercise to burn off the calories. Another type of eating disorder which is simply known as binge eating varies from bulimia in that the person eats a large amount of food at once but does not vomit or exercise after. In fact, the person does not exercise at all. A milder variation of binge eating, known as compulsive eating, occurs when a person continually eats food throughout the day, causing a steady weight gain which eventually reaches an unhealthy level. A strange but new type of eating disorder is known as night eating. Those who suffer from this eating disorder feel like they need to eat a large amount of food or they won’t be able to sleep. 0. What is the main idea of this passage? It is to name and describe different eating disorders. 1. Why is suffering from anorexia considered an eating disorder? 2. What do bulimics usually do? 3. What is the difference between the two main types of binge eating? 4. What is the effect of compulsive eating? 5. Why do people suffer from night eating? / 10 marks (2 each) II. Read this new passage very carefully and fill each blank with only ONE word from the bubble. specialists - ideal - most - may causes - have - help - who Doctors and (0)specialists spend a great deal of time studying the (1)__________ of eating disorders. They hope to learn how to (2)__________ prevent them from developing in the first place. The (3)__________ common cause of eating disorders is a person’s negative self-image. A person (4)__________ suffers from an eating disorder does not (5)__________ a realistic image of how they look. Even though they (6)__________ be underweight, they see themselves as overweight and go to extreme measures to achieve what they believe is an (7)__________ weight. / 7 marks (1 each) Inspección de Inglés ANEP - CES 1
  2. 2. Prueba de Adelanto de Inglés - 2º BD - Feb. 2014 III. Classify this vocabulary into the following categories related to eating disorders: anorexia - sweets - doing exercise - fruits and vegetables - binge eating - biscuits sleeping well - fast food - bulimia - fried eggs - night eating Types Anorexia Healthy habits Fruits and vegetables Unhealthy food Fast food / 8 marks (1 each) IV. Many parents are actively involved in their children's diet but are not always successful in changing their eating habits. What can parents do to succeed in helping their children eat better? Use about100 words to write an article suggesting ways to improve their habits and help them lead a healthier lifestyle. Be specific and use at least three of the words or expressions included in the previous activity. / 10 marks V. Read texts A-C and answer the following questions. A) The Technology and Science Museum Foundation invites you to its annual SCIENCE & TECH GALA Our goal: to encourage people and groups to participate in museum activities and attract funds for museum programs. Our mission: to educate youth about the importance of science and technology in our society and to promote science literacy. Children are welcome to this fun-filled educational evening. You can expect: - tasty delights and drinks - amazing science demonstrations Venue: inside the Museum building Date: Thursday April 19, 6pm - 10pm Host: Mathew Ross Dress code: Casual but elegant Tickets: family and corporate packages available *For donations and sponsorships contact our Fundraising office at 613019 2146 and ask for Ms Ley. All gifts are tax deductible. Inspección de Inglés ANEP - CES 2
  3. 3. Prueba de Adelanto de Inglés - 2º BD - Feb. 2014 B) Technology and Science Museum The Technology and Science Museum offers a number of opportunities for volunteers. If you have a passion for science and technology or are thinking about a career working in a museum, why not consider becoming a volunteer at the Technology and Science Museum? At our hands-on museum, where visitors interact with technology, you’ll get the chance to work with a great team of people and help set up and maintain databases, conduct research, or assist with school groups, camps, and astronomy programs. In return for your valuable help, you’ll get unlimited free admission to the museum, one free admission to the Discover the Universe program, and a 10% discount on all items in our museum store. There’s no better place to volunteer and no better time to start. If interested, contact Volunteer Services at C) The Curator’s Corner Mathew Ross has been the curator of the Technology and Science Museum for over eight years. At the time, the museum was facing serious financial disaster. That did not frighten Mr. Ross who began to work hard on improving the museum’s collection. His first goal was to find possible sources of income. A donations and sponsorships scheme was formed that gave many individuals and companies the opportunity to support a great cause. Annual events, hosted by Mr. Ross himself, have been held with great success to thank and recruit supporters of the museum. Over the past eight years, the museum has managed to enrich its collection and improve its research programs with the money collected. A volunteer himself in his youth, Mr. Ross has promoted the idea throughout all the museum programs. The museum now has some of the top researchers on board providing volunteers with a wealth of experience and knowledge. 0. Which texts mention future plans? a. A and B. b. A and C. c. B and C. d. All texts. 1. What is the main purpose of text A? a. To announce company goals. b. To ask for help. c. To request that people attend an event. d. To recommend activities for the event. 2. In text B, what do volunteers get to do as many times as they want? a. Organize summer camps. b. Pay half price in the store. c. Attend an exhibit about the universe. d. Visit the museum for free. 3. In text B, how can people who want to volunteer get in touch with the museum? a. By going to the volunteer office. b. By sending an email. c. By phoning the museum. d. By showing up on time. Inspección de Inglés ANEP - CES 3
  4. 4. Prueba de Adelanto de Inglés - 2º BD - Feb. 2014 4. What is the main point of text C? a. Mr Ross has brought success to the museum. b. Mr Ross can manage his money well. c. Only volunteers work at the museum. d. Mr Ross works alone at the museum 5. In text C, what did Mr Ross do right after he was hired as curator? a. He set some personal goals. b. He built a new collection. c. He found a way to increase funds. d. He became a researcher. 6. What will Mr Ross be doing on April 19 in the evening? a. Looking over a new collection. b. Hosting a fundraising event. c. Reading résumés at his desk. d. Volunteering at the museum. / 6 marks (1 each) VI. Complete these sentences with only one word from the box. There is an extra word. appliances - invention - MP4 - frequency - electronics - technology - hardware 0. Kyle loves machines of all kinds. He has many of the latest household (0)appliances. 1. The 20th century had more advances in (1)__________ than any other century. 2. Lee has had a difficult time trying to market his new (2)__________ . 3. If a sound is at a high enough (3)__________ , dogs can hear it, but humans can't. 4. Keyboards, monitors and towers are examples of computer (4)__________ . 5. The store is having a sale on digital music players, cameras, tablets, cell phones, and other consumer (5)__________ . / 5 marks (1 each) VII. Write a blog entry describing technological gadgets. Which is in your opinion the most useful technological gadget and why? Which one do you consider the least useful and why? Use about 100 words. / 9 marks Inspección de Inglés ANEP - CES 4