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Diagnostic test 6th grade2012


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Ready to download 6th grade diagnostic

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Diagnostic test 6th grade2012

  1. 1. DIAGNOSTIC TEST 6th GRADE – MARCH 2012LICEO:GROUP: Written test: /35NAME:COMMENTS:1)Are you interested in Multimedia and Art? LISTEN carefully and fill inthe blanks with the missing word.Computer and digital ________________ constitute the latestway of producing visual ___________. They create three-dimensional images that can be extremely realistic. They canalso create audio-visual universes based on _____________.Computer programmes provide _____________ images thatreplace images from the real world.The idea of interactivity is based on images that are presented tobe looked at and to be manipulated as well. Nowadays, someinteractive means such as CDs or __________ can turn thepassive receptor into an active ______________. /62)How about reading about ANIMATION and SIMULATION to learnmore about digital effects. The use of special effects in the cinema goes back to the first fantastic films. At first the effects were simulated by handcrafting or by imitating theatre techniques. Then, especially in the case of modern science fiction, the digitalisation of images and sounds produced mixed systems of simulation and animation. In virtual environments and video games, synthetic human motion isrequired. Animators create an imaginary world as consistent as the real one. Theirstories have a strong visual impact on the spectator. Key framing is an importantanimation technique. When animators use it they have to specify key positions forobjects on the screen. The characters of the 1995 film Toy Story were animated in thisway, with more than 700 controls for each main character. Virtual reality, computermodelling and simulation enable a person to interact with an artificial three-dimensionalimage. Disney’s Aladdin was one of the first films from which virtual reality wascreated: with three computers, and audio-video helmet and a kinetic armchair it waspossible to recreate the flight on the magic carpet.
  2. 2. DIAGNOSTIC TEST 6th GRADE – MARCH 2012ANSWER these questions on the reading.a)How were the first effects done/simulated? ________________________________________________________________b)What is key framing? ________________________________________________________________ /4Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? (if FALSE correct the sentence) a) Toy Story was done in the 90s. b) Key framing was used to animate Toy Story. c) There was no virtual reality in the film Aladdin. /43) Lets read and match people who work in the making of a film withthe descriptions. a. Actor/actress 1.tells actors and actresses what to do b. Producer 2.chooses the script, the director and the cast c. Stunt actor/actress 3.selects the clothes actors and actresses wear in the film d. Editor 4.plays the roles of the characters in the script e. Director 5.prepares the final version of the film f. Costume designer 6.performs risky scenes in the place of actors /64. READ and choose the correct option 1.Cinema ___________ an industry since the 1st decade of the 20th century. 2.If you _______ science fiction films, you should see James Cameron´s AVATAR. 3.Alfred Hitchcock ___________ one of the greatest director of all times. 4.The Lumiere Brothers _______________ the creators of cinema. 5.In the near future virtual actors ______________ real actors in most films
  3. 3. DIAGNOSTIC TEST 6th GRADE – MARCH 2012a. was b. have been c. has beena. enjoy b. enjoyed c. will enjoya. were b. will be c. wasa. is considered b. are considered c. considereda. is going to replace b. replaced c. will replace /55. CHOOSE only one option, please. A. A film review of a film you like. You may include: the name of it, kind of film, director’s name and main actors, a background to the story (when, where, what happens), your opinion about the acting, special effects and recommendations. B. A biography of a famous actor/actress you know. You may include: his/her date and place of birth, activities he/she likes doing in his/her free time, etc. /10
  4. 4. DIAGNOSTIC TEST 6th GRADE – MARCH 2012KEY FOR LISTENING:a. technologies, b. messages, c. software, d. digital, e. Internet, f.producer