Prueba de adelanto de inglés 3º bd answer key 2014


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Prueba de adelanto de inglés 3º bd answer key 2014

  1. 1. Prueba de Adelanto de Inglés - 3º BD - Feb. 2014 PRUEBA NACIONAL - ADELANTO DE INGLÉS - 3º BD Answer Key Total: /60 I. Answer these questions with ideas from the passage. Possible answers to these questions: 1. He had to work without stopping for over 300 hours / 6 days a week / tirelessly / for a long time. 2. If someone wanted to read the quote, they would need a powerful magnifying glass. 3. He wasn’t sure if Zuckerberg would ever see his masterpiece. 4. He needed to work at night, move slightly and wear a stethoscope to be able to work between heartbeats. 5. (He said) his heartbeats, traffic vibration, lorries passing, mice, moving slightly may affect his work because he’s afraid of them. / He said he was afraid of mice. / 10 marks (1 each) II. Read this new passage very carefully and fill each blank with only ONE word from the bubble. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 that were but by the Since and have where with of / 10 marks (1 each) III. Match words from column A with words from column B to form phrases related to technology. Column A 0 1 2 3 4 5 Column B f d e b c a / 5 marks (1 each) Inspección de Inglés ANEP - CES 1
  2. 2. Prueba de Adelanto de Inglés - 3º BD - Feb. 2014 IV. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of social networks: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, WHATSAPP, etc. Write an opinion essay about the one you usually use stating the pros and cons of this means of communication. Use at least THREE of the expressions in task III. Write about 120 words. / 10 marks V. Read the following text and complete the sentences below with ideas from it. Possible Completions: 1. you should / could /may be part of the Cypress Mandela Programme. 2. they have a lot of practical experiences / do hands on activities / do a lot of practice. 3. in-house staff members and experts from other parts of California. 4. you will get help to find a job / you can easily find a job. 5. you confirm attendance before by phone or mail. / 10 marks (2 each) VI. All the words and expressions in the following box can be used in different sections of a CV. Write under each heading the corresponding ones. Personal Data: Full name / Date of Birth (0) e-mail address (1) mobile/ cell phone Education & Qualifications: High School Diploma (2) university degree Work Experience: Volunteer Work (3) previous job Other Skills: Driving License (4) foreign languages (5) computer studies Availability: (6) Saturdays & Sundays Personal Qualities: Responsible (7) hard working / 7 marks (1 each) VII. You would like to attend the open house on March 31. Write a formal email to Brittny Craim introducing yourself. Explain why you are interested in being part of this programme. Use at least four words or expressions from the previous task. Write about 120 words. / 8 marks Inspección de Inglés ANEP - CES 2