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Geometry-Grade 6


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Geometry-Grade 6

  1. 1. Geometry 6th Grade Test Prep
  2. 2. Similar Triangles <ul><li>Triangle DEF is similar to triangle JKL. What is the missing measure of y? </li></ul>F E D J L K 15 12 Y 6 A. 6.5 B. 7.5 C. 9 D. 30
  3. 3. Area-Rectangle <ul><li>Stanley is running for class treasurer. He uses a rectangular piece of poster board to make a sign. What is the area of the sign? </li></ul>Stanley for Treasurer Vote for Stanley!!! 24 in. 36 in. A= l x w A. 864 sq. in. B. 432 sq. in. C. 120 sq. in. D. 60 sq. in.
  4. 4. Area-Trapezoid <ul><li>The gardening club has a garden that is in the shape of a trapezoid. What is the area of the trapezoid? </li></ul>10 in. 32 in. A=1/2(b1 + b2) h A. 91 sq. in. B. 104 sq. in. C. 182 sq. in. D. 208 sq. in. 10 in. 20 in. 8 in.
  5. 5. Area-Parallelogram <ul><li>What is the area of the figure shown? </li></ul>14 cm A= b x h A. 56 sq. cm. B. 68 sq. cm. C. 168 sq. cm. D. 196 sq. cm. 14 cm 12 cm
  6. 6. Circumference-Circle <ul><li>What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of 11 millimeters. Use 3.14 for π . </li></ul>C = π x d A. 5.5 mm B. 22 mm C. 69.08 mm D. 379.94 mm
  7. 7. Area-Circle <ul><li>What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 14 meters? Use 3.14 for π . </li></ul>A = πr 2 <ul><li>43.96 sq. m. </li></ul><ul><li>B. 87.92 sq.m. </li></ul><ul><li>C. 153.86 sq. m. </li></ul><ul><li>D. 615.44 sq. m. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Area-Irregular Polygon <ul><li>Find the area of the polygon. </li></ul>10 in 18 in 11 in 18 in 7 in
  9. 9. Volume-Prism <ul><li>Use the prism below to answer Parts A and B. </li></ul>3 m 4 m 5 m Part A What is the volume of the prism? Show your work. Part B Draw a different rectangular prism that has the same volume as the prism above. Show your work.
  10. 10. Area & Circumference-Circle <ul><li>The diameter of a manhole cover is 26 inches. What is its circumference? Use 3.14 for π . Show your work. </li></ul>A = πr 2 C = π x d What is the area of the cover. Use 3.14 for π . Show your work.