Internships 2.0 final innopitch2013


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Internships 2.0 final innopitch2013

  1. 1. Internships 2.0Advancing Young People’s Human Capital through a NewGeneration of InternshipsInnopitch 2013European Young Innovator of the Year
  2. 2. “If young people cannot join thework force because of the economicsituation and the malfunctioning ofthe labour market, this is going to bea lost potential for the economy anda lost generation for the society”László Andor, European Commissioner forEmployment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
  3. 3. The Big IdeaInternships 2.0 is a social enterprise with aEuropean focus committed to advance youngpeople’s human capital.We address the structural malfunctioning of thelabour market that causes the “youngprofessional trap” by developing an innovativevision of internships.Our theory of change is to upgrade therelationship between young professionals andemployers to its version 2.0.
  4. 4. The Big Issue: The Young Professional TrapIt starts with a paradox: Youngpeople entering the job marketface the barrier of being alreadyexpected to hold significantworking experience; thepotential of their human capitalis not valued.Employers, often reluctant toinvest into costly and demandingtrainings, offer low-paid andineffective internships programs.Thus interns do not acquirevaluable working experience andthe vicious circle continues…Source: EC, Eurostat, European Youth Forum
  5. 5. The Big Issue: The Young Professional TrapBy failing to invest inyoung professionals,employers risk losinginnovative humancapital greatly neededin the today’seconomy and let thebest talents gotowards far-sightedcompetitors.Notsufficientlyvaluedskill setReluctanceto invest inyoungworkersIneffectiveinternshipsLoss ofHumanCapital
  6. 6. What we offer to solve this trap
  7. 7. Internships 2.0 for EmployersWe offer businesses new ways to attract youngtalents and transform their internshipprogrammes into a strategic investment.We build their reputation as employers into acompetitive advantage by providing them withservices to advertise & implement high qualityinternship programmes and engage with ourunique network of young Europeanprofessionals.
  8. 8. Internships 2.0 for Young ProfessionalsWe share young people’s vision that first workexperiences are the most important ones. Weempower them through the first community-driven website combining quality labels andinnovative peer reviews of internship offers,crowdsourcing-based research and labourrights advocacy.
  9. 9. A Unique Combination of ServicesFirst onlineEuropean Internscommunity•Quality internshipsoffers•Full information onemployers• Social events•Advices and tips•Network of youngprofessionals•Information sharingBusiness Services•Communicate &attract: Buildingcorporate reputation•Identify talents: Easy &efficient recruitment•Trainings : How toimplement highquality internships•TargetedadvertisementRating and label•Ratings of Employers’internshipprogrammes•Peer to peer reviews•Labels for employers•Labels for internshipoffersAdvocacy•Youth labour rights’promotion•Representing youngprofessionals interest•Network of countryambassadors•Advocacy & Researchpartnerships•Producing reports,We created a comprehensive and innovative human resources web platformdedicated to the youth. We exploit the full potential of social media to answerboth employers’ needs and young professionals aspirations.
  10. 10. First Online European Interns Community• Access to selected quality internships offers• Full information on employers internship programmes(salary, duration, working environment, etc.)• Community building through organization of activities,social events and mutual help services• Advices and tips on how to present an application,write CVs, make the most of your internship, find offersthat correspond to you• Database of young professionals profiles• Contact points and network of university career offices• Information on youth programmes, grants andscholarships helping youth to integrate into the labourmarket• Blog and chat dedicated to share peer’s experiences oninternshipsFORINTERNSBYINTERNS
  11. 11. Ratings & LabelsRatings of Employers’ internship programmes– Based on peer to peer reviews (previous experiences)– Quality criteria based on research cooperation withinstitutions, youth organisations and crowdsourcingLabels for employers– “Top quality employer”Labels for internship offers– “Looking good” internship– “1st Experience” internship
  12. 12. Business ServicesCommunicate & attract: Building corporate reputation– Innovative format of internship offerings– Appealing company profile– Personal editorial– Social media services to engage with Y generationIdentify talents: Easy & efficient recruitment– Access to young professionals database– Filter by criteria– Pre-selection of candidates corresponding to needsTrainings on how to implement high quality internships– How to make the most of the Y generation human capitalTargeted advertisement
  13. 13. Advocacy• Youth labour rights’ promotion & awareness raising campaigns– Social media campaigns– Organizing conferences & events– Debate– Happenings to attract media attention• Representing young professionals interest at the political level toobtain legislative upgrading; rating political proposals• Network of country ambassadors monitoring internships legalframework and promoting Internships 2.0’s vision• Advocacy & Research partnerships with think tanks, internationalorganizations (ILO, OECD) European institutions, trade unions, YouthNGOs, Students association• Producing reports, studies and information letters
  14. 14. Market AnalysisSize of the European market:- Around 4 to 5 million young professionals are being offered a traineeshipeach year in the EU (Eurostat 2010).- 19.8 million students are enrolled in tertiary education in the EU with 80 %of them eventually doing an internshipCompetitive advantage:Many online platforms and career offices provide internship offers. However, atthe European level, there is no organisation specifically focused on internshipsoffering altogether a community, an innovative quality assessment system,tailored HR services for the youth and advocacy.One more unique characteristic of Internships 2.0 is that we are a socialenterprise committed to the social mission of advancing young people’s humancapital.Case study 1: Online platform for job and internship has over 300,000 visits and around 130,000 unique visitorsper month as well as over 90 000 subscribers to their newsletter.They charge 960 euros to post a job ad with high visibility, 560 euros for astandard job ad and also provide a free basic service.
  15. 15. Market AnalysisCase Study 2: The potential impact of a high quality internship programmeIn 2010 Swedbank launched the ‘Young Jobs’ project using its network ofbranches and corporate clients to encourage the creation of trainee positions.• A website was created where young people could search for new traineeopportunities while companies can enroll in the project.• The total number of 3,000 traineeships were created (three-month term).• Two days of education, as well as five days of tutoring by staff membersensured the high quality learning content.Swedbank’s managers evaluated the project as a positive investment:• 82% said that Young Jobs has actively contributed in strengthening the bank’sbrand.• 64% answered that they are continuously planning to invite more trainees.• 26% stated that the project has increased business among current clients.• 18 % point out that the project has resulted in new clients.• Of the approximately 400 apprentices within the bank 70% have been offeredsome form of employment after their internships.Source: EC, “Towards a Quality Framework on Traineeships” 2012
  16. 16. Action Plan & FundingWhat we have already started:• Building up Internships 2.0’s website• Market research: Contact with the InternationalLabour Organisation, European Commission,European Parliament, Trade Unions, EuropeanYouth NGOs• Interactive Blog and Crowdsourcingwww.internships20.comNext 6 months:During the website’s development:• Developing training tools• Marketing campaigns• Building the community• Developing Mobile App• Team living expenses• Creating a network of partnering firms• Creating the research partnersRequired funding:20 000 euros 2000 euros 5000 euros 5000 euros 12000 euros 20000 eurosTotal: 64 000 euros
  17. 17. A Dedicated Team of Young ProfessionalsThe community manager,social media andadvocacy- Pierre• MA in European Affairsfrom College of Europe• European Commission• Confrontation EuropeThe business developerand marketing guy- Régis• MSc in BusinessAdministration from LSE• Yunus Social BusinessGlobal Initiatives• European ParliamentThe IT 2.0 guy- Marcello• Master in ComputerScience• 5-year-experiencedWeb DeveloperThe researcher andcrowdsourcer- Dasha• Master in Law andPolitical science• European club forHuman Resources• Eden Red Public Affairs
  18. 18. “While there are over 2 million unfilledvacancies in the EU, youth unemployment ratein Europe reached 23.3 % and is over 55% inGreece and Spain”- European Commission, DG Employment,Social Affairs and Inclusion"Youth unemployment across the EuropeanUnion risks creating a huge loss of humancapital”- Fabien Zuleeg, chief economist at theEuropean Policy CentreOur Potential for Europe
  19. 19. “Help us make sure it doesn’thappen”- Pierre & RégisFounders of Internships 2.0Contact