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Securing workpasses in singapore


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Take our one hour work pass tour. Everything a foreigner or local should know about applying for work passes either for themselves or staff.

We’ll walk you through the trials and considerations of making a successful application for an EP or EntrePass.

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Securing workpasses in singapore

  1. 1. Prepared for ‘Directorsand Senior Professionalsrelocating to Singapore’As of December, 2012SECURING WORKPASSES INSINGAPOREWEBINAR
  2. 2. FUTUREBOOKSSERVICES Sale of the business Bookkeeping, annual financials and company tax Incorporation , company secretary, work
  5. 5. IN 2012THE RULES Why MOM? Why!?
  6. 6. PEP WORK PASSDOWN GRADED Salary of $144,000 p.a Max 3 years, not 5 No entrepreneurial activities?
  7. 7. LEGALLY WORKINGIN SINGAPORE MOST DESIRABLE Permanent residency Personal EP Employment pass Entrepass LEAST
  8. 8. ENTREPASS Differentiated business plan with local hiring of minimum 2 people $50,000 in capital $100,000 in first year spending (excluding owner‟s salary)
  9. 9. EMPLOYMENTPASS (3 KEYS)SIGNIFICANT Educational qualification requirements Higher salary requirements Credentials of employing companyINSIGNIFICANT
  10. 10. OPTIONS FORFAMILY MEMBERS Dependant passes Long term social visit passes Letter of consent to work (LOC)
  11. 11. PERMANENTRESIDENCE Two years of holding a pass Apply as a family unit Staying in Singapore – required. Permanent Residence is permanent – 5 year Re-entry
  12. 12. CHEAT SHEET Correspondence with Govt like MDA Signed purchase orders of quotes Letter of intent on lease
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