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Servcorp futurebooks cloud computing for smes


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Cloud computing is a rental service of hardware and software, delivered to users via the internet.

Cloud is a business accelerator - it provides SMEs enterprise-level applications without the head ache of ownership.

During Servcorp's Business shorts event in Singapore, we try to demystify cloud and offer solutions SMEs in Singapore can immediately begin using.

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Servcorp futurebooks cloud computing for smes

  2. 2. ABOUT FUTUREBOOKS We official started in May 2011. One of the first to embrace cloud
  3. 3. ABOUT FUTUREBOOKS Help you to market and sell your
  4. 4. WHAT IS CLOUDCOMPUTING? Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software and Wikipedia’s information are provided to definition computers and other devices as a utility over the
  5. 5. WHAT IS CLOUDCOMPUTING? Less load, fewer apps and less data stored on local devices. Photo courtesy of
  6. 6. WHAT IS CLOUDCOMPUTING? Cloud removes HDDs from devices and keeps them in safer, virtual space. All benefits of the device without the cost and maintenance of hard disks and
  7. 7. WHAT IS CLOUDCOMPUTING? Multi-tenancy enables sharing of resources and costs, spread across a large pool of usersPhoto courtesy of Servcorp
  8. 8. CLOUD FACES SOMECHALLENGES 25% of SMEs are not aware of the benefits of cloud. OpinionMatters UK survey of 250 SMEs
  9. 9. SHORT TERM BENEFITSOF CLOUD Turn capital expenditure into an incremental cost Quick to register – no installation. Cost saving No knowledge or instruction manual. No ownership or maintenance. Instant access anytime and from anywhere where the internet is
  10. 10. FEATURES TRANSLATEINTO ONE BIG BENEFIT More time and resources to focusing on core competencyPhoto courtesy of Servcorp
  11. 11. GROWTH OF CLOUDCOMPUTING GLOBALLY Awareness of cloud has been steadily growing since
  12. 12. GROWTH OF CLOUDCOMPUTING IN INDIA “The growth rate of cloud computing in India is four times the global average” - Peter Coffee, Head of Platform Research,
  13. 13. GROWTH OF CLOUDCOMPUTING IN INDIA $3 billion dollar market by 2015 50% saving to Indian enterprises creating in the process 100,000 additional jobs by
  14. 14. CLOUD GROWTHSINGAPORE 2011 IBM invest $38 million in a new Cloud Computing Data Centre in Singapore Dell opens cloud solution center in Singapore
  15. 15. DIFFERENT KIND OFPURCHASE Upgrade is now cloud – no longer RAM, HDD and
  17. 17. WHEN TO GO CLOUD Starting an new company or division Large IT investments in upgrades or new resources Good time to think about Decision to outsource a greater number of cloud tasks Movement towards a decentralised
  18. 18. CHANGES IN THE OFFICE Cloud will mean no more software in a box, servers, storage
  19. 19. CHANGES IN THE OFFICE Even telephony is moving to the
  20. 20. CLOUD SOFTWARE Customer relationship management For less than S$25 per
  21. 21. CLOUD SOFTWARE Google Apps users get customised e-mail addresses, mobile e- mail, a calendar, IM access, spam filtering, Google Docs, and Google Sites. For less than S$10 per
  22. 22. CLOUD SOFTWARE Microsoft Office 365 users can access e-mail, documents, contacts and calendars from any device that’s connected to the Internet. For less than S$10 per
  23. 23. CLOUD SOFTWARE Skype One of the first VOIP services. Free and paid
  24. 24. CLOUD SOFTWARE QuickBooks Online. Optimised for the Singapore SME market. Starts at S$10 per
  25. 25. CLOUD HOSTING Cloud hosting is all about incrementally increasing fees with
  26. 26. CLOUD STORAGE Store files and access via Windows, Mac, Linux,iPad, iPhone, and smart phone. Free and paid
  27. 27. CLOUD PROJECTMANAGEMENT Basecamp. Collaborate and project manage. Starts at US$49 per
  28. 28. REMOTE MEETINGS Web conference with anyone, anywhere, in real time. Starts at US$5 per month (save US$10)
  29. 29. FILE TRANSFER Send any size file or folder securely across the internet. Starts at US$10 per
  31. 31. ASSIGN ROLES ANDDERIVE MAXIMUM VALUE Mobile sales Service provider Management teams raising like a bookkeeper view reports cost estimates works remotely via desktop Cloud provider Service level
  32. 32. SWITCH SERVICE PROVIDERSAND PLATFORMS ANYTIME Low switching costs forces competition and higher levels of
  33. 33. NEW MANAGEMENTSTYLE Fewer face-to-face meetings and dedicated SME management account persons. style will evolve to suit an outsource Less email communication and more cloud model. collaboration. Greater focus on service level agreements to set expectations and manage
  35. 35. SECURITY BIGGESTCONCERN Biggest concern moving to cloud is security Chart courtesy of Apollo
  36. 36. TRUST IS KEY TOMOVING TO CLOUD Money in the bank wasn’t always money in the
  37. 37. #1. MIGRATE NON-SYSTEMCRITICAL FUNCTIONS FIRST Start with non-critical apps like remote back-up and
  38. 38. #2. USE 30 DAYFREE TRIALS Road test various platforms before committing. Make sure it works for
  39. 39. #3. DEMAND SERVICELEVEL AGREEMENTS Establish clear goals for using cloud platform and set
  40. 40. #4. PLATFORMCERTIFICATION Prefer service providers which are recognised by platform
  41. 41. #5. THINK TWICE ABOUTHARDWARE UPGRADES Cloud requires less computing power and disc space than desktop
  42. 42. STAY IN TOUCH WITHFUTUREBOOKS Email us at Follow us twitter/
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