14 principles to securing a work pass in Singapore


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The Singapore Government’s recent move to tighten the labour force and make work passes scarce means every businessperson needs to be smart when applying for work passes.

Here are 14 principles to increase the chances of securing an employment pass application the first time.

More here: http://futurebooks.asia/blog/14-principles-to-securing-an-employment-pass-in-singapore/6244

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14 principles to securing a work pass in Singapore

  1. 1. Prepared for directors andsenior professionalsrelocating to Singapore.As of January 201314 PRINCIPLESFOR SECURING ANEMPLOYMENT PASSIN SINGAPORE
  2. 2. LAUNCH YOURBIG IDEAwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  4. 4. #1RIGHTDESIGNATIONwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  5. 5. RIGHTDESIGNATION Dont short sell the candidate. Choose a title that accurately reflects the seniority of the candidate. If the candidate is in operations, are they the director of operations„? Choosing a title “Consultant – F&B” rather than “Bartender” helped one of our clients secure an EP.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  6. 6. #2EXPERIENCEMATTERSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  7. 7. EXPERIENCEMATTERS The candidate should have different experience or skill-sets not available in the local job market. Their CV should list similar positions held before. Include with the application a copy of the job description. We recommend including a business plan which describes the job position, and a employment contract with a corresponding job scope.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  8. 8. #3DEGREEHOLDERwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  9. 9. DEGREEHOLDER It is preferable if the candidate is a degree holder. However for most industries, experience plays a bigger role. Candidates who obtained qualifications from a Singapore institution have an advantage. We have secured EPs for senior professionals who do not hold any paper qualification.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  10. 10. #4RELEVANTREFERENCESwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  11. 11. RELEVANTREFERENCES In cases where a degree or formal qualifications are not held, references and training certificates hold sway. Letters of endorsement from past employers and clients, especially large or well known. Training certificates relevant to your industry count.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  12. 12. #5RIGHTSALARYwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  13. 13. RIGHTSALARY 1 December 2012, EPs and other work passes require a greater base salary. A salary below the bar will get you a quick rejection. The salary should not compete with local talent, which is why it priced higher. The minimum for most applications is now $4K. A director‟s salary should be > S$8kwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  14. 14. #6NATIONALITYwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  15. 15. NATIONALITY As defined by the ICA, candidates from level zero countries (including USA, Australia, Europe and Malaysia) are easier to secure an EP. Candidates from Level one countries (India, Russia, China, Myanmar, Ukraine) have an advantage if they have held a study or work visa in a level zero country.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  16. 16. #7EXISTINGEP HOLDERwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  17. 17. EXISTINGEP HOLDER We discovered employees who are EP holders, have higher chances of obtaining a new EP from a new employer. This recognises local experience in Singapore is an advantage.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  18. 18. #8COMPANYSTRUCTUREwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  19. 19. COMPANYSTRUCTURE Companies operating successfully for longer than three years have an advantage over startups. New companies can benefit from having a large paid up capital to demonstrate they have liquidity to pay salaries. Having a reputed corporate parent is an advantage. A unique or important business segment gets attention too.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  20. 20. #9PROFILEBUILDINGwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  21. 21. PROFILEBUILDING If it is the companys first time applying for a pass, include a copy of the business plan to build the profile of the company. Provide a rental agreement or letter of intent to rent if available. Include bank statements showing infusion of paid up capital. Include and signed contracts with large or reputable client.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  22. 22. #10NICHEINDUSTRYwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  23. 23. NICHEINDUSTRY Some industries are easier to hire foreign talent than others. Tech startups are an example of a sector which we have seen fast approvals of EP applications. We have seen cases of companies with 90% foreigners, build a payroll of 40 employment passes, because of the firm‟s unique contribution to the tech space.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  24. 24. #11APPEALSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  25. 25. APPEALS Plan this with the candidate and have a backup plan should things go wrong. You have 30 days to file the appeal. Each appeal takes 6 weeks to process. It is common for companies applying for their first few EP‟s to require appeals.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  26. 26. #12PASTREJECTIONSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  27. 27. PASTREJECTIONS A candidate with a history of rejected EP applications, has a lower chance in the future of securing an application. It is so important to get the application correct the first time. Past rejections may be due to errors or more commonly due to the candidate or company being short sold. It requires extensive communication with MOM to get such a situation corrected.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  28. 28. #13QUOTASwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  29. 29. QUOTAS S-Passes have strict quotas - four Singaporeans to one foreigner. EPs are free of explicit quota restrictions. However companies are expected to justify the need for EP‟s if there are not enough locals on the companies payroll. In our experience, quotas can be negotiated depending on circumstance.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  30. 30. #14RIGHTWORK PASSwww.futurebooks.com.sg
  31. 31. RIGHTWORK PASS EPs and PEPs are among the two most popular work passes for professionals. However a Letter of Consent or a Business Visa are easier to apply for and may suffice. Letter of Consent is free of most restrictions and are exclusively for Dependant Pass holders.www.futurebooks.com.sg
  32. 32. ALL TOOHARD?
  33. 33. WORKPASSES.WHEN YOUABSOLUTELYNEED ONE.Find out morewww.futurebooks.com.sg
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