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Future of land use project overview - august 2019


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Future of Land Use

With all the challenges on the horizon, we are pleased to be exploring the future of land use via another Open Foresight major project kicking off in October and running through until next summer.

Addressing pivotal issues from food production, soil quality, water scarcity and biosphere protection to urbanisation, leisure use and land ownership, this global collaborative project is focused on the critical issues and potential solutions for the future.

Undertaken in collaboration with a wide range of major organisations, including the WWF as our global knowledge partner, the locations and schedule for the programme are now being detailed.

This is the project overview.

If you would like to be involved in this major and important topic and host one or more of the expert workshops around the world, do let us know.

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Future of land use project overview - august 2019

  1. 1. The Future of Land Use Project Overview August 2019
  2. 2. The Future of Land Use Partnership Options Future Agenda Overview Contents This document provides an overview of the Future of Land Use project, partnership options and some context on Future Agenda 01 02 03
  4. 4. Multiple Different Views Given the pressures, there are multiple views of how we should plan the future of land use and respond accordingly. These include managing growth across areas such as urbanisation, population and food production while also protecting the biosphere. AFRICAN STARTUPS EMBRACE BLOCKCHAIN TO CLEAN LAND OWNERSHIP MESS China cities save 6.5 bn cubic meters of water annually
  5. 5. Project Focus The Future of Land Use project is exploring how the emerging changes to land use practices will impact across the spectrum globally – including how land is used, what we eat, where and how we live as well as the quality of our lives within a global ecosystem. Food Production Water Scarcity Biosphere Preservation Urbanisation Leisure Use Land Ownership
  6. 6. Global Insights This project will identify where and what the major future opportunities are by collectively challenging, understanding and sharing the new landscape for land use and key drivers of change across a number of pivotal locations. Review existing research Map the emerging landscape Explore gaps via global dialogue Identify the key priority opportunities Prepare and share global report Support hosts to act on implications
  7. 7. Collaborative Approach As with all Future Agenda projects, multiple expert workshops around the world are hosted by different organisations. The insights from all of the events are shared with participants and a global report provides an informed view of pivotal future changes. Level of Privacy Regulation: DLA Piper Heavy Robust Moderate Limited Current Healthcare Expenditure as a %GDP (2015) COUNTRY TOTAL GOVT PRIVATE San Francisco 19 JAN 2018 C Top 3 Challenges O Top 3 Opportunities E Top 3 Emerging Issues London 14 DEC 2017 Oslo 30 OCT 2017 Dubai 27 SEPT 2017 C Data Gaps Infrastructure Digital Skills O Predictive Analysis Artificial Intelligence Genetic Profiling E Standardised Measures Mental Health Ulterior Motives Johannesburg 10 OCT 2017 Frankfurt 25 JAN 2018 Brussels 9 NOV 2017 Boston 17 JAN 2018 Toronto 16 JAN 2018 Future of Patient Data (2017/18) Locations and Key Insights Australia 9.4 6.5 2.9 Belgium 10.5 8.6 1.8 Canada 10.4 7.7 2.8 UK 9.9 7.9 1.9 Germany 11.2 9.4 1.7 India 3.9 1.0 2.9 Norway 10.0 8.5 1.5 Singapore 4.3 2.2 2.0 South Africa 8.0 4.4 3.6 UAE 3.5 2.5 1.0 USA 16.8 8.5 8.4 C Combining Data Sets Digital Skills Resistance from HCPs O Personal Data Sharing Genetic Profiling Artificial Intelligence E Inequality Privatization of Health Data Data Sovereignty Sydney 15 NOV 2017 C Linkability of Open Data Data Gaps Ulterior Motives O Genetic Profiling Predictive Analysis Data Marketplaces E New Models Informed Consent New Entrants C Combining Data Sets Getting Closer to the Patient Expanding Set of Data O Predictive Analysis Personalisation Artificial Intelligence E Standardised Measures Inequality Global Data Sharing C Ulterior Motives Resistance from HCPs Trust O Artificial Intelligence New Business Models Mental Health E Data Sovereignty Patient Empowerment Data Marketplaces C Data Ownership Ulterior Motives Trust O Data Marketplaces Artificial Intelligence Personalisation E New Business Models Privatisation of Health Data Informed Consent C Expanding Data Set Combining Data Sets Regulation O Data Marketplaces Personalisation Artificial Intelligence E Informed Consent Data Sovereignty Inequality C Integration of Data Data Quality Unstructured Data O Individualized Medicine Artificial Intelligence Data Marketplace E Privatisation of Health data New Business Models Value of Health Data C Getting Closer to the Patient Combining Data Sets Data Gaps O Genetic Profiling Artificial Intelligence Proxy Data E Inequality Standardised Measures Privatisation of Health data C Combining Data Sets Trust Linkability of Open Data O Embedded AI Getting Closer to the Patient Predictive Analysis E New Business Models Standardised Measures Inequality Singapore 13 NOV 2017 C Regulation Combining Data Sets Getting Closer to the Patient O Artificial Intelligence Individual Custodianship Personalisation E Data Sovereignty Standardised Measures Value of Health Data Mumbai 23 NOV 2017 C Data Quality Ulterior Motives Data Ownership O Data Marketplaces India Setting Standards Artificial Intelligence E Informed Consent New Models Inequality
  8. 8. Outputs There are a number of outputs from each event and the overall programme that are made available to participants and the public and can be used by hosts and partners. Additionally, we work with hosts to create additional thought leadership. Insights from Individual Workshops • Rapid write up within 48 hours shared with all participants • Access to all project research including all other workshop summaries • Articles / key insights with hosts / partners for local thought leadership Overall Project Synthesis • Global synthesis report, presentations and dedicated website • Bespoke versions of report for all hosts / partners • Additional filters and synthesis in collaboration with hosts
  9. 9. Overall Schedule This project runs from October 2019 to June 2020 with the core workshops taking place in two tranches. Additional events will be added as other hosts seek to be involved. First Group • Gothenburg • London • Singapore • Delhi • Cape Town Initial Perspective / Planning First Group of Workshops Interim Report Second Group of Workshops Global Report Aug / Sept Oct to Dec 2019 Jan 2020 JuneFeb to May Second Group • Chicago • Sao Paulo • Dubai • Shanghai • Melbourne
  11. 11. Partnership Options Within this project, there are three core areas where organisations can be involved with as they wish - we can be flexible as suits, resource, interest and budgets. . 11 3 | In Kind Support • Venue provision • Insight sharing • Student events 2 | Knowledge Partners • Challenge assumptions • Gain new insights • Influence overall design • Internal briefings 1 | Event Host Partners • Select guests and locations • Host expert workshops • Stakeholder engagement • Local PR and dissemination • Bespoke version of report • Tailored thought-leadership Partnership Options 01 02 03
  12. 12. Global Knowledge Partners Future Agenda are delighted to be working with a number of institutions on this project. The WWF is the major global knowledge partner and, as part of this, will be authoring the initial perspective that kicks off the dialogue.
  13. 13. Event Host Partners The most common way that organisations get involved in Future Agenda projects is by hosting and funding one or more of the core workshops in locations of interest. Costs are shared equally across the whole programme so all gain maximum impact. • Co-design with Future Agenda teamSelect guests and location • A forum for independent collaborative debateHost expert workshops • Include in workshops or follow-on briefingsStakeholder engagement • Articles, TV interviews, conferences etc.Local PR / dissemination • Logo on front cover and bespoke forewordBespoke version of report • Follow-on activities, articles and media as suitsTailored thought-leadership
  15. 15. Future Agenda Future Agenda is an open think tank and advisory firm that helps organisations to understand emerging opportunities, make more informed decisions and place better, bolder strategic growth bets. INSIGHT IMPACT Global Foresight Industry Insight Bespoke Research New Services New Products New Strategies Core Team Extended Team The Global Network
  16. 16. The World in 2020 and The World in 2025 In 2010 / 2015 we led unique multi-topic, collaborative global open foresight programmes looking at the key changes for the next decade across 25 topics. The accuracy of these and preceding major programmes is well above 80%. • 120 workshops • 24 topics • 45 cities • 5000 experts • 50 workshops • 16 topics • 25 cities • 1500 experts
  17. 17. Focused Foresight We deliver focused global projects exploring specific topics in depth. Undertaken in collaboration with leading organisations, these generate rich, informed perspectives of emerging trends and opportunities in different sectors. Future of Cities (2016/17) Future of Philanthropy (2017) Future of Patient Data (2017/18) Future Value of Data (2019) Future of Digital Identity (2019)
  18. 18. Multiple Partnerships Many organisations collaborate to help Future Agenda projects have global impact. Multiple universities, think-tanks, governments and companies variously help by providing event venues, hosting student workshops and supporting insight sharing. Think Tanks / Government: Academic Collaboration: Media Partnerships:
  19. 19. 2019 Projects There are four major projects operating in 2019 that build on previous research. Each is supported by a wide range of companies, governments, NGOs and universities. Other projects may be added as new topics and collaborations emerge. Future of Digital Education Future of Autonomous Vehicles Future of Land Use Future Ethics of Automation
  20. 20. Future Agenda, 84 Brook Street, London W1K 5EH +44 203 0088 141 | | @futureagenda