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Techniques for Keeping Retrospectives Effective and Fun


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Techniques for Keeping Retrospectives Effective and Fun

  1. 1. The State of Retrospectives @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  2. 2. Fadi Stephan◊ 15+ years of experience in software development◊ Focused on Agile since 2006 – Agile readiness & maturity assessments – Agile coaching & mentoring – Agile principles & software engineering training◊ Founder of the DC Software Craftsmanship User Group◊ Organizer of the DC Scrum User Group @FadiStephan #AgileDC 3
  3. 3. Basic Retrospectives◊+ / – What went well? – What should change? 4/ @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  4. 4. Set the Stage @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  5. 5. Setting the Stage - Prime DirectiveRegardless of what we discover, we understand andtruly believe that everyone did the best job they could,given what they knew at the time, their skills andabilities, the resources available, and the situation athand @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  6. 6. Gather Data @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  7. 7. Generate Insights @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  8. 8. Decide What to Do @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  9. 9. Close @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  10. 10. Retrospective Structure1. Set the Stage2. Gather Data3. Generate Insights4. Decide What to Do5. Close @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  11. 11. Draw me a Picture @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  12. 12. Timeline / @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  13. 13. 5 Why’s? @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  14. 14. Silent Retrospective @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  15. 15. Team Radar @FadiStephan #AgileDC
  16. 16. Upcoming Agile Event 12/7-12/8DC Agile Engineering Conference + Global Day of Coderetreat
  17. 17. @FadiStephan
  18. 18. ResourcesAgile Retrospective:Making Good Teams GreatBy Esther Derby and Diana Larsen @FadiStephan #AgileDC