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Build It And They Will Come: User Adoption SharePoint 2013 (SPS Charlotte)


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SharePoint 2013 and building user adoption share a lot of the same concepts and overall goals to ultimately come out with the same end result. Lots and lots of people from all around the company start utilizing SharePoint and all its features and functionality. In this session you will see first-hand information from a company that I have been working with since they had 2007, 2010 and now 2013. I will review the project and all the steps taken to increase user adoption.
Discovery Sessions
Build & Implementation
Next Steps

Published in: Technology
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Build It And They Will Come: User Adoption SharePoint 2013 (SPS Charlotte)

  1. 1. @caspug #spsclt Build It and They Will Come: SharePoint 2013 User Adoption Stacy L. Deere-Strole
  2. 2. @caspug #spsclt Please thank our sponsors!
  3. 3. Who is Stacy Deere-Strole @caspug #spsclt
  4. 4. Fun Facts Great American Ballpark – 290M Yankee Stadium – 1.5B Nationals Park – 611M Citi Field – 900M Marlins Park – 550M Chase Field – 354M Safeco Field – 518M PNC Park – 216M Turner Field – 209M Oakland Coliseum – 25.5M Angel Stadium – 24M Dodger Stadium – 23M Fenway Park – 650K Wrigley Field – 250K SharePoint Environment Build Ranges: 12,000 – 150,000 @caspug #spsclt
  5. 5. Agenda • The History • Where Did We Start? • Project Kick-off? • Discovery • Recommend & Build • More Statistics • Following Up • Initiatives @caspug #spsclt
  6. 6. @caspug #spsclt Where Did We Start? • Initial Meeting – Introductions – Review Scope of Project – Learn Company Culture – Learn How They Communicate – Provide Governance Template – Agreement to “Step out of your comfort zone”!
  7. 7. Where Did We Start? Central Admin, App & WFE SQL Very lower user adoption & understanding of SharePoint @caspug #spsclt
  8. 8. @caspug #spsclt Where Did We Start?
  9. 9. @caspug #spsclt Project Kick-Off • Identify & Approve Timelines • Review Process for Discovery Sessions – Who to Invite – Types of Questions – Ensuring Interaction – The Promises!! – Follow-Ups • Tour the Company • Formal Communication Plan • Executive Sponsor MeetingInvolvement • Getting to know the company & business
  10. 10. @caspug #spsclt Project Team • Identify Team & Roles – Executive Sponsor – Project Manager – IT Support – Site Owners – Consulting Team Get to know and bond with team members. Learn their strengths & weaknesses…
  11. 11. Discovery @caspug #spsclt • Getting Honest Responses • Provide leading questions… • When they state “I wish it could do x” let them know it can. If time at end of day I’ll show you. • Discuss Full Project Involvement • Executive Sponsor – Step In show support • Communication • SDPS Assessment
  12. 12. @caspug #spsclt What Did We Discover
  13. 13. Discoveries @caspug #spsclt Nobody Trusts The Data Duplication of All Major Processes Duplication of Data No Standardizations (Browsers, etc.) No SLA’s of any kind Really only use the site for forms… Graphic Request – Not a true request No Formal Training No Governance No Understanding of AutomationForms Don’t Trust Reporting Location inability to utilize tools Aware there are better ways… Communication seemed to be a bad word Contributor Permissions to All Sites Nobody Aware of Permission Issues
  14. 14. 2010 Statistics 38,301 Page Views 78% @caspug #spsclt
  15. 15. @caspug #spsclt SharePoint 2010 Portal
  16. 16. @caspug #spsclt Site Architecture
  17. 17. @caspug #spsclt Site Architecture http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget 973a1a1b-7721-4ad3-83a0-1a36a191359f 2010 Budget Notes sites/budget/2010 Notes Licensing http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/licensing 2010 Budget Notes 5e5068f4-f632-4773-b46d- 5afe6e2135aa Accounting http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/ACCTG Accounting 1af8a936-550b-4ad5-b78f- 6eec29e80acf Creative http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/Creative HR http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/HR Creative 6b2752dd-8df8-45ec-b685- 52d286466864 Design http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/Design International OPS http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/IntlOPS Design 8594a909-db46-46df-8789- bbfaab8bf00d Executive http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/Executive IT http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/IT Executive e88cded3-edf8-416b-b862- 8efb216d7517 HR 5b823e2c-38b5-427e-83f3-037261821774 International OPS 0628a2d3-2c08-4315-80d6- 7e480da066fc IT 29352108-c8cd-4dbd-befd-db6912e86590 Licensing 5d1dfbcb-312d-40a6-bf19- d248da0dede7 Marketing http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/marketing Marketing a4a5692b-f9dd-414d-97ce-b147a5095aa2 Marketing2 sites/budget/Marketing2 Marketing2 204cd067-181f-4fe7-ab92- db1239be604c MEXICO http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/MEXICO MEXICO 51130554-b6c5-46d7-b2ff- 01c513ccada2 PD 01cdf263-d893-4f84-96e4-1686860fa575 Outlet Store sites/budget/ OutletStore Outlet Store c653b893-673f-4434-995a-c2550d81eae5 PD http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/PD PD Exec http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/PDExec PD Exec 57d12236-7a9d-419f-bf91- 87093eb7a27b Sales http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/Sales Sales ec1e6feb-fc23-4abc-af24-576d023ebae7 Executive sites/budget/Sales/ Executive Executive 191612fa-b2dc-4cbc-85e1- e566b39bd061 Mass sites/budget/Sales/Mass Mass df28d52b-99a9-4953-afd6-46496d525af1 Specialty sites/budget/Sales/ Specialty Specialty 46550f71-db79-43ae-bc7a- 112df00082bb Target sites/budget/Sales/ Target Target 11bb8547-663b-4ca9-bdca- 509c00ac910f Wal-Mart sites/budget/Sales/ walmart Wal-Mart 8fcb6e8f-aa41-48ce-b1dc- 52de7f8c8c49 Sample Room http://portal.g-a-c. com/sites/ budget/Sample Sample Room f8325088-f8ca-409f-8d83- 2b9a9d2cbbf8 WHSE / Production sites/budget/WHSE WHSE / Production c4da495a-f3a9-449a-a0a2- 425bb44512e8
  18. 18. Site Architecture @caspug #spsclt
  19. 19. 147 @caspug #spsclt
  20. 20. Quotes @caspug #spsclt Keeping Us Moving Forward “The historical sense involves a perception, not only of the pastness of the past, but of its presence” ― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets “Disregard for the past will never do us any good. Without it we cannot know truly who we are.” ― Syd Moore
  21. 21. I HAVE ALL THIS INFORMATION… NOW WHAT??? @caspug #spsclt
  22. 22. Here’s where the fun and the hard work pays off.
  23. 23. New Architecture Role Descriptions Web Front End Servers Hosts web pages, web services and web parts necessary to process requests served by the farm Office Web Apps Server A separate server product that can serve SharePoint farms for viewing and editing, and can provide preview functionality in search results Service Application Server Provides the service features of SharePoint such as Central Administration, Search, User Profiles & Managed Metadata SQL 2012 Database Servers Stores content and service data. Databases can be clustered or mirrored for failover protection Web Front End Server Service Application Server, Central Admin SQL 2012 Database Server Office Web Apps Workflow Server
  24. 24. Design Decisions @caspug #spsclt
  25. 25. Design Decisions
  26. 26. @caspug #spsclt In-Line with Building a Baseball Stadium
  27. 27. Sites, Navigation, Databases Oh My! • Web Applications • Site Collections • Navigation • Content Databases • Managed Metadata • Quotas @caspug #spsclt
  28. 28. The Source Home 06b75501-bdbc-4afd-b11d- 5b7c88714b75 Home http://thesource.g-a-c. com Business Intelligence Cetner f2e53537-e847-499b-8cea- 6132cc06de1f Business Intelligence Cetner http://thesource.g-a- Center Document Center b6d971fd- 0d82-47c4-aa3f-995011e8e160 Document Center http://thesource.g-a- DocCenter IT Knowledge Base 39167935- e8d6-4908-8ffe-889c413c20ae IT Knowledge Base http://thesource.g-a- itkb Report Center b55d5a26-6fcf- 4ff4-8638-ad4ea229e9bf Report Center http://thesource.g-a- reportctr Resource Center fdaa6b74- f937-4dad-95e4-b62ce5dc6346 Resource Center http://thesource.g-a- ResourceCtr Search Center 5bdae6ee-2744- 4e7b-a81c-f5804a92f4a4 Search Center http://thesource.g-a- searchcenter @caspug #spsclt
  29. 29. Team Sites Team 82e0be0d-de19-44b6-89a6- 610af309062e Team Accounting f5917c3b-5b66- 46e1-b6a2-b189282f0fc3 Accounting http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ Accounting Budgets 4de8c4ce-9ad4-4116- b462-ec40bf518392 Budgets http://team.g-a-c. com/exec/ Budgets Design a6636a0e-24ae-4933- 9abd-322075e6f920 Design http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/Design Director Information 671eceeb- 2ae1-4440-948a-45f24648e37f Director Information http://team.g-a-c. com/exec/ DirectorInfo Executive Dashboards 5c50aa8a-6058-4e40-bcfe-a003d8ce0ee1 Executive Dashboards http://team.g-a-c. com/exec/ dashboards Human Resources 5c7d819e- 3b57-4b29-914b-e6b5729a9e56 Human Resources http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/HR IT 5a94e22b-2766-4831-9137- 508fe4afe1fa IT http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/IT Licensing a3536825-5bf4-48a0- a4f2-ef823ea7cae5 Licensing http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ licensing Marketing 9e9ee1be-f36d- 41f6-a03d-c38ca9a58519 Marketing http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ Marketing Operations 8f07a421-1d2e-4d77- 8b70-cfef65d472d5 Operations http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ operations OPS Information 56d62519- ed81-40eb-8aed-d17f405147c8 OPS Information http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ operations/Ops Product Development cf7b8752-a681-4f3d-8cea-f0a97936e412 Product Development http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ ProductDev Quality Assurance e0f1d5bf-cba7- 41a6-8882-60d6109c8001 Quality Assurance http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/QA Sales cba7bc55-8fdc-4277- bf74-9f19b17efbba Sales http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/Sales Sample Department 47d93d74- 60fd-4505-b2dc-f0d9a8604cc5 Sample Department http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ Samples Strategic Planning 12d20b4f- 388c-4ad4-8164-e67ae6d94f18 Strategic Planning http://team.g-a-c. com/exec/ strategicplanning Training 1bdd620f-6eac-4791- 93a4-2ab6d424e3b5 Training http://team.g-a-c. com/dept/ Training @caspug #spsclt
  30. 30. 17
  31. 31. Site Architecture & Topology
  32. 32. Quotes Killing a Project Before it Starts “This Totally Goes Against Our Culture!” ― Anonymous @caspug #spsclt
  33. 33. The Source
  34. 34. Usage Statistics (5 Months) The Source Usage Month Hits Unique Users 2014-02 55 2 2014-03 3695 416 2014-04 7243 1077 2014-05 7115 1317 2014-06 7950 1320 2014-07 384 56 Design Usage Month Hits Unique Users 2014-02 50 6 2014-03 117 24 2014-04 170 52 2014-05 171 72 2014-06 220 84 2014-07 3 2
  35. 35. Search Statistics Top Queries by Month Local SharePoint Results ar 4 7.84 Local SharePoint Results phone list 4 7.84 Local SharePoint Results ftp site 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results markdown 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results SAP 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results Show Calendar 2014 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results The Belmont Stakes 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results ECRM 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results recall trace 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results time off request 3 5.88 Local SharePoint Results purple folder 6 11.76 Local SharePoint Results expense report 5 9.8 No Result Queries by Month: June, 2014 Site Collection: Home This report shows popular search queries that returned no results. Use this report to identify search queries that might create user dissatisfaction and to improve the discoverability of content. Then, consider using query rules to improve the query's results. Result Source Query Text Total Queries % with No Results Local SharePoint Results The Belmont Stakes 3 100
  36. 36. Never Forget to Follow-Up • Training • Developers, End Users & Site Administrators • Governance • Phase 2 (Backlog) • Communication • Responsibilities & Roles • Provide Tools @caspug #spsclt
  37. 37. Now What? Automation is a Directive Internet Site Convertion to SharePoint Technology Standardization Selling Product Online!! Governance All Locations are Equal Going Mobile Additional Environments @caspug #spsclt
  38. 38. Feedback • Training Still Needed • Accessing & Getting too Information much easier. • Navigation • Has Elevated Communication • Has Elevated Performance • Excited about Automation • IT & Strategic Planning are more plugged into the Organization & our needs • Critical Date Calendar has really drawn departments closer together. @caspug #spsclt
  39. 39. Great American Ballpark
  40. 40. A Couple More To Go! • Session 10:30 – 11:30 (Room 3) Office 365: Is Governance Affected and Where Do We Start? • Session 2:15 – 3:15 (Room 4) User Profiles: I Didn’t Know I Could Do That!
  41. 41. Join us for SharePint • Kristopher’s • Right after the event ends • First drink is on us • Bring in your ticket for validation @caspug #spsclt
  42. 42. SharePint Directions 250 North Trade Street Matthews, NC 28105 @caspug #spsclt 1st drink on us, bring your ticket
  43. 43. @sldeere BLOG: COMPANY: