Open Mobile Broadcasting Phones


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Open Mobile Broadcasting Phones

  1. 1. Open Mobile Broadcasting Phones François Lefebvre Communications Research Centre, Canada Broadcast Asia Singapore, June 19, 2008
  2. 2. ... a beer, that is free as in speech !
  3. 3.
  4. 4. ... if ”openness” makes sense for a beer, it should also make sense for other things ...
  5. 5. Problem with that phone: no broadcast applications except: DMB and DAB audio missing key broadcast applications: Slideshow, broadcast website, TPEG, ... No open API to access raw bit streams
  6. 6. Why is it like that ? manufacturer did not have time to implement ? manufacturer did not want to increase royalties burden ? applications on phones selected by telcos ? broadcast and telco applications are competing? telco business models different than broadcast (FTA)? unlike PCs, mobile phones live in a vertical ecosystem?
  7. 7. As a consequence: we can't create new applications we can't improve the functionality we can't create extensions we can't participate to innovation on top of... some business models get excluded (FTA) ...
  8. 8. So let's just build a FREE/OPEN mobile phone !
  9. 9. google android
  10. 10. google android
  11. 11. No stack has mobile broadcasting ! ?
  12. 12. & Software & - receiver control - application decoding - aplication presentation
  13. 13. clip:
  14. 14. this prototype shows that: a broadcast sw stack can be built relatively easily inside the openmoko framework other missing apps could be added as easily
  15. 15. KEY ISSUE: identify chipset maker willing to embrace open source buniness models
  16. 16. Other ISSUES: Legal (Licenses, patents, copyrights) Open Standards (degree of openness)
  17. 17. clip:
  18. 18. CRC tools (based on open source) to help build NEW MMB APPLICATIONS ...
  19. 19.
  20. 20. CRC Tube Server  Best YouTube clips  Automatic  Real-time updates  Titles overlay  Loudness equalisation  Video scaling
  21. 21. THERE IS HOPE: some do start to understand the power of open source models to sell silicon (TI) omap Zoom
  22. 22. Some Conclusions CRC has produced tools for collaboration (an architecture of participation?) We invite MMB chipset makers to think about open source business models CRC releases CRC-DABRMS for free Broadcasting should become a more organic ecosystem (Internet model) Broadcasting in a phone makes sense: ”CONVERSATION IS KING”
  23. 23. DEMO
  24. 24. Thank You!