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Astricon 2014 - WebRTC - The Big Debate, I Say Shut Up and Build Something - Part 2


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Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) has been rapidly growing for the past 3 years gaining adoption from many corporations and industries around the world. Surpassing the one billion mark for compatible devices, WebRTC has sparked some heated debate around whether or not it’s a truly disruptive technology. In this presentation we will discuss the possibilities and the current applications built and running full WebRTC services, despite the lack of support in Internet Explorer and Safari and the codecs wars.

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Astricon 2014 - WebRTC - The Big Debate, I Say Shut Up and Build Something - Part 2

  1. 1. WebRTC: The Big Debate I Say Shut Up and Build Something! Presented by: Lantre Barr
  2. 2. Who am I?
  3. 3. Lantre Barr, Founder & CEO o Not your typical techie, I started in the world of architecture and construction. o Transitioned in to tech in 2008 during the Lehman Brother days. o Self taught developer and entrepreneur.
  4. 4. What do I do?
  5. 5. Blacc Spot Media, Inc. o Founded in April 2011 with the objective to create cool and innovative solutions for enterprises and startups. o Looked for a niche service and we found WebRTC. o 100% of all our clients want some sort of WebRTC integration into their platforms or services.
  6. 6. WebRTC
  7. 7. WebRTC Poll o Who is familiar with WebRTC? o Who has used WebRTC? o Who has used WebRTC for more than 1 minute? o Who has used WebRTC for a business or personal need opposed to just seeing what it is?
  8. 8. History of WebRTC o Google acquired On2 and GIPS for $200M in 2010. o May 2011 Google releases WebRTC source code for the first time under a permissive BSD license. o Interoperability between Chrome and Firefox Feb 2013. o WebRTC for Android August 2013.
  9. 9. WebRTC Key Features WebRTC offers real time communication natively from a web browser. It is a media engine with JavaScript APIs. oMediaStreams – access to the user’s camera and mic oPeerConnection – handles audio/video calls oDataChannels – p2p application data transfer
  10. 10. WebRTC Use Cases WebRTC is more than just another video conference solution for the telepresence industry. oBrowser to Browser oPhone to Browser over PSTN and SIP oDesktop to Mobile oMachine to Machine
  11. 11. Apple & Microsoft When are they going to join the party?
  12. 12. I Say Shut Up & Build Something!
  13. 13. WebRTC Stats
  14. 14. 1.2 Billion Enabled Devices as of May 2014
  15. 15. 4.2 Billion Enabled Devices by end-2016
  16. 16. Is WebRTC disruptive? WebRTC is a technology not a solution.
  17. 17. I Say Shut Up & Build Something!
  18. 18. Production Applications
  19. 19. Amazon Mayday Button o Connect to a tech advisor for guided assistance. o Average of 9 seconds response time. o Amazon reps can’t see the Kindle users but can highlight portions of the screen and communicate via voice chat. (
  20. 20. Comcast X1 Platform o Instant On Demand giving the ability to watch certain programs immediately after the live broadcast begins. o Stream live video to your set top box to a family member’s set top box.
  21. 21. Esurance Video Appraisal o Schedule a live video appraisal from your Esurance app. o Appraiser will activate your camera and show you how and where to video the damage of your car. (
  22. 22. Valspar Color Connect o Live consultants help you select color palettes. o Augmented reality used to overlay colors into your room. o Video and audio only options for customers. (
  23. 23. Double Robotics o iPad-based telepresence robot controlled via remote web interface or from any iOS device. o WebRTC integrated into robot’s interface (
  24. 24. Which codec to use? VP8, VP9, H.264, H.265, OPUS, iSAC, iLBC
  25. 25. I Say Shut Up & Build Something!
  26. 26. Acquisitions
  27. 27. Snapchat & AddLive o Why would SnapChat buy AddLive? o Powerful platform with a great and experienced team. o Cross device interoperability with legacy device support. o One of the best API providers in the market.
  28. 28. Blackboard & Requestec o Blackboard looks to revitalize the company’s product portfolio using WebRTC. o Online education programs growing at 10Xs the rate of traditional programs. o 100 million more students coming in next decade.
  29. 29. Weight Watchers & Wello o Why would Weight Watchers purchase Wello? o Important strategy to compete in an increasingly digital weight loss marketplace. o Help customers manage their weight more effectively.
  30. 30. Demo
  31. 31. Questions & Answers
  32. 32. WebRTC Free Services o o o o
  33. 33. Resources o WebRTC – o ORTC – o WebRTC Blogs o o o o o Presentation –
  34. 34. Lantre Barr – – @blaccspotmedia