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OpenNTF Webinar 05/07/13: OpenNTF - The IBM Collaboration Solutions App Dev Community



1. Welcome
2. OpenNTF Overview
3. XSnippets
4. Collaboration Today and
5. Contests
6. Demo: Forms'n Views
7. Intellectual Property
8. Get engaged

- Bruce Elgort
- Per Henrik Lausten
- Serdar Basegmez
- Jesse Gallagher
- Niklas Heidloff
- Peter Tanner

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OpenNTF Webinar 05/07/13: OpenNTF - The IBM Collaboration Solutions App Dev Community

  1. 1. OpenNTF WebinarsOpenNTF Webinarshttp://webinars.openntf.orghttp://webinars.openntf.org05/07/1305/07/13OpenNTFThe IBM Collaboration SolutionsApp Dev Community
  2. 2. Speakers Bruce Elgort / @belgort Per Henrik Lausten / @perlausten Serdar Basegmez / @sbasegmez Jesse Gallagher / @gidgerby Peter Tanner Niklas Heidloff / @nheidloff
  3. 3. Agenda Welcome OpenNTF Overview XSnippets Collaboration Today and Contests Demo: Forms n Views Intellectual Property Policy Get Engaged
  4. 4. OpenNTF Overview Bruce Elgort / @belgort OpenNTF Chairman
  5. 5. OpenNTF Overview Open source community for IBM Collaboration Solutions 800+ open source projects 200k downloads / year Cleared releases on OpenNTF, source code optionally on GitHub OpenNTF Inc. 31 member companies Board of directors, technical committee, IP manager More than open source Collaboration Today YouTube channel Webinars
  6. 6. XSnippets Serdar Basegmez / @sbasegmez Expertise on XPages, IBM Domino, IBM Connections, etc. IBM Collaboration Solutions Champion (2011-2013) Owner of Developi Information Systems (Istanbul, Turkey) Founder and Co-leader of LUGTR – Turkish Lotus User Group Bilingual Blogger at (Turkish/English) OpenNTF Contributor and Board Member
  7. 7. What is XSnippets? Next Generation CodeBin
  8. 8. A Big Thanks for the Community!280 snippets by 55 authors have been created so far!~1500 downloads each month!
  9. 9. Features Open Source XPages application Simple, modern, intuitive UI Code highlighting in DDE style Embedding functionality Rating/Commenting and Favorites features OpenSearch® support
  10. 10. XSnippets Contests Last year OpenNTF has announced XSnippets Contests. 4 times a year (each quarter) The best 4 snippets will be selected based on– Originality,– Technical value,– WOW factor,– Complexity,– Reusability Prize is 100 USD for each snippet. Deadline for 2013 Q2 track is 30thJune, 2013
  11. 11. Future Enhancements Version 1.4 is in progress Domino 9 Compatibility Featured Snippets Small fixes and Enhancements Will be released into OpenNTF Page and GitHub soon… Future enhancements… REST API improvements UI change (OneUI v3 or Bootstrap) Better integration with social networks
  12. 12. Collaboration Today and Per Henrik Lausten / @perlausten One-man company PHL Consult with a focus on IBM Domino, IBM XWorkServer and XPages solutions Lead developer on a web application for quality management calledSherlock Web Chairman of the board at and member of the board 2013 IBM Champion OpenNTF contributor and board member
  13. 13. Collaboration Today A curated news site for IBM Collaboration Solutions professionals and at @Collab2Day Covering news about various IBM products like IBM Connections, IBMDomino etc. and topics like app dev, mobile, cloud etc. Content maintained by a team of curators Launched in September 2012
  14. 14. Collaboration Today Collaboration Today was created by a virtual team in a matter of weeks Bruce Elgort, IBM Business Partner, Elguji Per Henrik Lausten, IBM Business Partner, PHL Consult Serdar Basegmez, IBM Business Partner, Developi Frank van der Linden, IBM Business Partner, e-office Jesse Gallagher, I Know Some Guys Niklas Heidloff, IBM Open source XPages-based application Accessible from any device (responsive web design) Available for download af Source code available on Github
  15. 15. Covering all things XPages Getting started Downloads Demos Resources Videos Stack Overflow Contests Front page has news on XPages Using the Collaboration Today #XPages feed Getting Started has links to the free download of Dmino Designer and linksto resources The Downloads page has links to all four OpenNTF Development contestscontributions
  16. 16. The Demos page points to live demos of open source XPages applicatons(hosted on the OpenNTF demo server) The Demos page also points to live production applications based onXPages The main application for the OpenNTF demo server at isthe XPages Demo App – available for everyone to try out The Resources page covers books, wikis, documentation, forums, videos,podcasts, blogs, commercial training and commercial services The Videos page has links to free educational videos on XPages and videosdescribing OpenNTF projects Finally, Stack Overflow lists the most recent questions tagged XPages onthe programming Q&A site This page also highligts thetop users on Stack Overflow for the XPages tag
  17. 17. OpenNTF Contests Niklas Heidloff / @nheidloff OpenNTF, Technical Committee Chair and Board Director IBM, App Dev Community Advocate
  18. 18. OpenNTF Contests Four very successful development contests in 2011 and 2012 125 submissions 100 contributors including 48 first time contributors
  19. 19. Appathon Two social app dev contests IBM Connections XPages Sponsored by TIMETOACT GROUP WebGate IBM developerWorks Prizes IBM Connections: 5 x $1000 XPages: 5 x $1000 Plus: Promotions through blog entries, screenshots and videos Submissions need to be open sourced on OpenNTF Deadline: June 23rd 2013 Criteria Reusability, consumability and documentation "Wow" factor and completeness of solution Overall business value Amount of work to build the submission(s)
  20. 20. IBM Connections App Dev Contest All types of OpenNTF projects can be nominated that utilize IBMConnections. This includes the following areas: Accessing IBM Connections via the Social Business Toolkit SDK Accessing IBM Connections via the Connections REST APIs OpenSocial Gadgets for IBM Connections iWidgets for IBM Connections Customization solutions for IBM Connections All contributions need to work on IBM Connections 4.0 and can use thelatest fix packs Developers can use a free shared development environment in the cloud
  21. 21. XPages App Dev Contest All types of OpenNTF projects can be nominated that use XPages or OSGi.This includes the following areas: XPages applications (NSFs) XPages custom controls (in NSFs) Custom XPages extension libraries Custom OSGi bundles for IBM Domino DOTS tasklets All contributions need to work on IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.3 and/or IBMDomino 9.0
  22. 22. Project: Forms n Views Jesse Gallagher / @gidgerby CTO of I Know Some Guys ( IBM Champion Web: Email: Twitter: @Gidgerby
  23. 23. Overview Data-focused editing for legacy design elements Good for when you dont have Designer handy… or just dont want to fire up your Windows VM In the initial betas, focused on forms, views, folders, and stylesheets Also happened to be a good experiment in single-XPage, many-CC appdesign and use of Dojo UI
  24. 24. Forms
  25. 25. Views
  26. 26. Stylesheets
  27. 27. Future Direction Fewer bugs! Additional design elements (image resources, etc.)XPages are trouble Most importantly: API
  28. 28. Intellectual Property Policy Peter Tanner Currently working with IBM as a consultant on contract and IP issues, andas IP Manager for OpenNTF. Developed full set of governance and IP documents and policies for OpenHealth Tools and OpenNTF. Spent 13 years with OTI and IBM handling business development forembedded Java, establishment of Eclipse, international businessrelationships and participation in government R&D programs; Worked five years in Canadian government (Foreign Affairs and IndustryCanada) promoting technology exports to Europe and Asia; Spent 13 years in computer graphics R&D at the National Research Councilof Canada and the University of Waterloo.
  29. 29. IP Goals Rigourous – but flexible. To be taken seriously, OpenNTF needs to be closer to Eclipse and Apacherather than SourceForge. Companies trust software that comes from Apache and Eclipse On SourceForge, anything goes. However, there are members of the Community who want to be able touse GPL license: To prevent others from making commercial products Or since they want to use GPL-licensed components Some contributors didnt want to submit to rigourous process And we have Legacy Code Solution was to clearly identify code that met Eclipse/Apache-like IP rules.
  30. 30. IP Policy All contributors must be covered by ICLA or CCLA – no exceptions! All contributions must be under Apache or one of GPL3 family of licenses Rare exceptions if use of these licenses not possible Contributions start out as “Not Cleared” Some companies will not touch “Not Cleared projects. Github is working repository – projects cleared on “release” to OpenNTFsite. We create “Teams” on Github with write access to their projects
  31. 31. Clearance Scan using using a keyword search tool All 3rdparty software must be listed in Notice file All licenses must be compatible All licenses must be open source All source code must be included or available (not an open source license) Committer checks for documentation and whether code runs We will only take down code if: Receive take down request from the DCMA process Notice that project is using proprietary code without permission Source code is not included Requres proprietary product that is not freely available
  32. 32. Problems detected by clearance process Missing or incomplete License and Notice files Incompatible licenses GPL in Apache project Some Creative Commons licenses GPL2 and GPL3 (go figure) Use of unlicensed Blog postings Why cant bloggers simply add “all code is licensed under Apache 2.0” to their footer Inclusion of internal URLs Inclusion of personal information Missing source Requirement for proprietary code
  33. 33. Current Status Nearly all projects are under the Apache license Most submissions have no issues We are improving our reputation for safe code Also – feel free to contact me with any questions about your submissions.
  34. 34. Get Engaged Contribute projects and snippets Report defects, create feature requests Create projects reviews, rate projects and comment blogs Participate in the Technical Committee Become a member company Leverage the advertisment options
  35. 35. Follow OpenNTF Web pages, esp. the blog Twitter @openntf @openntfprojects @xsnippets @collab2day Feeds YouTube channel GitHub