Multimedia Broadcasting Platform


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Presentation of the CRC MMB projects at the first EBU open source software seminar held in Geneva, Oct. 2007

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Multimedia Broadcasting Platform

  1. 1. Multimedia Broadcasting Platform François Lefebvre Communications Research Centre, Canada Seminar on Open Source Software for Media Professionals EBU, Geneva, Ocotber 2007
  2. 2. Organisation Communications Research Centre Canada Government of Canada Industry Department CRC Broadcast Branch Radio Systems (DAB, IBOC) Mobile Multimedia
  3. 3. Our Focus MMB System Integration R&D SYSTEM INTEGRATION ”Learning by Doing” Integrate, Test Evaluate, Validate Demonstrate
  4. 4. Our Strategy Mashups MASHUPS Innovate by: Tweak, Re-use, Remix Minimize effort Minimize budgets Prototype + Demo ASAP (NOT Product)
  5. 5. Key Enablers MMB System Integration FLOSS Generic Hardware
  6. 6. E2E DAB/DMB Chain End-to-End
  7. 7. Software Stack Building Blocks
  8. 8. Commercial vs CRC Compact
  9. 9. Commercial vs CRC Low Cost
  10. 10. Mashups Many Projects Software Defined DMB Encoder   Radio Flute (IPDC)  MMB Tools  MythTV: IP Input  CRC Tube  ETI Playout  Openmokast  MOT, DLS,...  DAB Multiplexer  DAB / Wifi Hotspot  DAB Receiver Soft.  video4linux  Web Appliances 
  11. 11. Software Defined Radio - GNU Radio USRP
  12. 12. USRP Universal Software Radio Peripheral
  13. 13. CRC-DABMOD Software Modulator
  14. 14. Other Modulations Software Modulators DRM Offline with OSS DReaM Low-bitrate DVB-T Not Real-Time (CPU) HDD (Speed) USB (Speed)
  15. 15. DAB+ Audio WAPP
  16. 16. CRC Tube Broadcasting the Best of YouTube Best YouTube clips  Automatic  Real-time updates  Titles overlay  Loudness equalisation  Video scaling 
  17. 17. CRC Tube A New Broadcast Paradigm?
  18. 18. The Mobile Ecosystem A Challenge for Broadcasting The Problem Controlled Networks Locked Devices Phones established in ”Pocket Real-Estate” MMB Services Threaten Carrier-Based BM ”Low $/bit delivery” The Consequences ? FTA TV, Radio, MMB not part of Mobile BM Weak position for Broadcasters The Solution The Internet Model
  19. 19. The Broadcaster's Phone Unlock the MMB Ecosystem OSS-Based Device Broadcast Centric Services: TV, Radio Broadcast RSS Broadcast Website Traffic Info Emergency Alerts
  20. 20. OpenMoko Freeing mobile communications Vision Wireless = Internet rd 3 Party Applications How ? OSS Stack Open HW Drivers
  21. 21. Open Software Framework Freeing mobile communications
  22. 22. Open Software Framework Freeing mobile communications
  23. 23. CRC-DABRMS
  24. 24. Challenges Open Source in Public Organisations New Mind Sets New Business Models Legal Aspects
  25. 25. Copyright Notice CRC Software Copyright (C) Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada
  26. 26. Thank You!