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Trying to upload PPT for 2nd grade collaboration today.

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Abc Book

  1. 1. A B C Book : Randolph By Mrs. Griffith’s Second Grade Class
  2. 2. Welcome to Randolph!
  3. 3. A is for Amish Many Amish families live on farms. Amish ride in buggies, not cars. Amish live without electricity in their homes. They sometimes have animals like chickens, horses, sheep, goats, and cows. My family bought a quilt from an Amish family. My grandparents live next to an Amish family. By Autumn
  4. 4. B is for Beaver’s Dairy Farm Beaver’s Dairy Farm is important because they grow corn for the cows. Also they milk the cows so we can have milk to drink. By Kaylyn
  5. 5. C is for Cattaraugus County Bank I like Cattaraugus County Bank. It is important because the people who work at the bank loan you money and you can make accounts. By Gabby
  6. 6. D is for DEC Fish Hatchery This is the DEC Fish Hatchery. Here at the DEC Fish Hatchery we feed fish. They have BIG fish, little fish, and tiny fish in different tanks. Some have nets on the top so the birds don’t get them. By Christian
  7. 7. E is for East Randolph This is East Randolph. People live in East Randolph. I live in East Randolph. Most people can see their neighbors. I like going to a friend’s house to have a play date. By Christian
  8. 8. F is for Fisher’s Fisher’s sells really good ice cream. I get cotton candy ice cream every time I go there and it is really good. By Kaylyn
  9. 9. This is Gail N. Chapman Elementary School. This is were we do math. It is important because you can learn to read. It is a place to learn and you can learn something new. G is for Gail N. Chapman Elementary By Angel
  10. 10. H is for Health Clinic The Health Clinic helps people. I went there when I was sick. My mom went there too. The doctor takes care of you. By Darian
  11. 11. I is for Inkley’s Inkley’s is a good store to buy medicine. It is a pharmacy and people are very helpful there. I buy Webkinz, candy and medicine. By Carter
  12. 12. J is for Jones Well Drilling Well drilling is important because if there were no wells in the country there would be no water for your house. A well is a really deep whole in the ground that gives you water. By Emily
  13. 13. K is for Kennel A kennel is a place where you can get your dog groomed and washed. You can also leave your dog here if you’re going away. My dog goes there to get her hair cut. By Caroline
  14. 14. L is for LCD Lake County Dairy is a truck stop were we can buy gas, slush puppies, donuts, ice cream and many things there. My favorite are the slush puppies. By Isaac
  15. 15. M is for Manor The manor is a home for elderly people that have trouble living alone. At the manor people get food taken to their room or they eat in the dinning room. The people get their medicine so they won’t forget. By Ethan
  16. 16. N is for Napoli Napoli is in the country. People don’t live close to other people. There are farms and a lot of woods. By Nikole
  17. 17. O is for Oregano’s Oregano’s is a restaurant. My family likes to go there to get pizza. You can also get handmade toys there. By Caroline
  18. 18. P is for Post Office Post office is a place where you can get mail or you can send mail. A post office is a place where you can buy stamps. This is the post office in East Randolph. By Angel
  19. 19. Q is for Quality Markets Quality Markets is a grocery store. Quality Markets is important because we need to eat something. At Quality Markets you buy food. As you can see, Quality Markets is a great store! By Michael
  20. 20. R is for R & M Restaurant I like the R and M because Mom and Dad take us out to eat. I like to eat milkshakes and sandwiches. By Jammes
  21. 21. Steamburg is mostly country. There is a deli and a town hall. I live in Steamburg. This is our post office where we get our mail. S is for Steamburg By Madison
  22. 22. T is for Train tracks Trains follow the train tracks. Train tracks are important because they are what the train drives on. You stop driving when the train is there. By Michael
  23. 23. The United Methodist Church is a place where people in our community can learn about Jesus. I go to Sunday School there. U is for United Methodist Church By Isaac
  24. 24. V is for Vet Clinic This is the veterinarian clinic where Dr. Inkley takes care of animals. This is important because if your pet gets sick they will help your pet. By Emily
  25. 25. W is for Weeden Park Weeden Park is fun. First, I like to play there. Next, I like to throw rocks in the river. Last, it is so much fun. As you can see, Weeden Park is awesome. By Dylan
  26. 26. X is for Exit You can get to Randolph by using three exits along the highway. The exit is important because we can go to my cousin’s and aunt’s house. My mom likes to go to my aunt’s house on the weekends. As you can see, I like to go on car trips. By Darian
  27. 27. Y is for Yellow House This yellow house is on Main Street. It is called The Loft. Visitors to our community can rent a room for the night. By Hunter
  28. 28. Z is for KinZua The Kinzua area is a large lake created by a dam. There is a marina. You can ride boats or swim there. By Shawn
  29. 29. We hope you enjoyed our ABC book!