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Chris Schremser (CTO at ZirMed) and the 5 P's

Chris Schremser, the CTO at ZirMed a healthcare revenue cycle management company based in Louisville, KY and is Sequoia backed, talks about the 5 P's every startup should no. Chris' talk is short, simple, and quite humorous.

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Chris Schremser (CTO at ZirMed) and the 5 P's

  2. 2. Hi.
  3. 3. ABOUT ME:Chief Technology Officer @ ZirMed
  4. 4. So why are we here…
  5. 5. …two people walked into a bar…
  6. 6. Person #1: Person #2: me Ric SinclairTechnology guy to the left……product guy to the right….… obvious affection for sunglasses on both sides
  7. 7. …and came up with this…
  8. 8. “The 5Ps every start-up should know” (5Ps > 4Ps)
  9. 9. This is why we are here.
  10. 10. “The 5Ps every start-up should know”PlatformProcessPeoplePositionPassion
  11. 11. Quick note:If you aren’t in a start-up don’tzone out… these principlesapply to any company wantingto grow.
  12. 12. Quick note:If you don’t want to grow yourcompany… I guess we can havea moment where you canleave.
  13. 13. OK THEN…
  14. 14. Platform
  15. 15. It’s all about the data Find the right tool forPlatform your use case Embrace polyglotism
  16. 16. The cloud can be your friend, but does not have to bePlatform Netflix and Zynga have very different strategies
  17. 17. Process
  18. 18. Your SDLC should match your culture You are still using aProcess process
  19. 19. Deployment mattersProcess Make it automated
  20. 20. People
  21. 21. Don’t hire by keyword Don’t be afraid to bePeople picky Waffling is not allowed
  22. 22. Hire people different than youPeople Commit to growing your own
  23. 23. Position
  24. 24. Do or Do Not Raise Money… there is no tryPosition Know how much you need… Target milestones
  25. 25. Do you understand the following: Intellectual PropertyPosition Cap Tables Employment Issues Accredited Investors Filing an 83(b) Section 409A Valuations
  26. 26. No?... I don’t eitherPosition That’s why we all need a Person #2 for counsel
  27. 27. Quick note:Just remember… the Person #2needs you too.
  28. 28. Quick note:Ok, I will be blunter. If youdon’t ask others for help youare a moron.
  29. 29. Passion
  30. 30. 10,000 Hours Love what you do…Passion seriously The question isn’t “Can we?”
  31. 31. Don’t be afraid to be Lazy and DumbPassion Love what you do… seriously
  32. 32. PlatformProcessPeoplePositionPassion
  33. 33. Bye.
  34. 34.