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The Plight of the Basic Bitch

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The Plight of the Basic Bitch

  1. 1. the plight of the BASICB*TCH
  2. 2. In today’s digital age, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become the single greatest sources of social pressure.
  3. 3. pressure to gain followers, likes, and friends
  4. 4. and thus, popularityand acceptance.
  5. 5. These social media pressures give rise to a new cultural phenomenon:
  7. 7. When they’re not on their quest to make pumpkin spice lattes available all year round
  8. 8. Basic bitches fill our Instagram feeds with gym selfies, sunsets, and #tbt’s.
  9. 9. They never fail to post the results of the latest BuzzFeed quiz on their BFF’s timeline because “this is sooooo us!”
  10. 10. Or create a loud and often blurry snap story of them dancing #WTG at the club on #GNO.
  11. 11. And while Beyonce and Britney have both tried to reclaim“basic bitch” as a positive expression
  12. 12. Kreayshawn when she sings, “Them basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother”. Society generally agrees with
  13. 13. MEANING: If you’re a girl and you like commercially typical things, you are uncool.
  14. 14. But Why?
  15. 15. It may seem like a feminist act to dismiss all gender signifiers and be different.
  16. 16. But it’s just another incredibly high form of sexism.
  17. 17. The basic bitch’s male equivalent, the bro, carries a neutral - if not affectionate- tone... When we could have just as easily called them BASICDICKS
  18. 18. “Just because someone reflects convention does not necessarily mean she does so out of conformity.” -Alyce Currier
  19. 19. This term needs to either be eliminated from our vocabulary OR used with new-found positive connotations...
  20. 20. delicious because macaroons are
  21. 21. cut-offs are funn’flirty. and high-waisted
  22. 22. STAYBASIC. soyougogirls.
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