Mrs. Rielly's Wright Postcards


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4th graders share information about Frank Lloyd Wright homes.

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Mrs. Rielly's Wright Postcards

  1. 1. Massaro House Petre Island, New York
  2. 2. Dear Mom and Dad, I had a great time visiting the Massaro house,which is in Petre Island, NY. Doesn’t it look like a boat? Frank L. Wright designed the house, died, but when all hope was lost for the house a man named Joe Massaro found the original blueprints and hired someone to build it. How remarkable! Even though Wright didn’t build the house it was still “ Wright like. “ They used rocks from around the island to make the house. They even made a couch out of rocks! I love you, Brian
  3. 4. Dear Mom and Dad, I had so much fun visiting the Dana-Thomas House. It has some amazing ideas like a two stories dinning room! This Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece was not originally made by Frank Lloyd. It was massively reconstructed in 1902. The Lawrence family commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to make this Springfield mansion framed in history! This house is a true Frank Lloyd Wright house. It has art glass but not as modern. I know you would like it so here is the website for tour information. Your son, Carson 01 E Lawrence Ave, Springfield, IL
  4. 5. Mill RUN PA .Google Images
  5. 6. Dear Mom and Dad, I just went to Fallingwater the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house!! It is amazing and is built on top of a river!! Think of that! Must be a great house for fishing house or canoeing!! Did you know that it was built in 1934? Guess what, it was voted the best house in the 20th century!!!! Got to go fishing in the river, bye! Your loving son, Chris
  6. 7. 1071 Fifth Ave, New York, NY
  7. 8. Dear Nick, Did you know that the Solomon Guggenheim Museum that we visited the summer of 2007 was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? The Guggenheim museum was completed in 2001, but the design for the museum was finished in 1959. Both Solomon and Frank died before the famous museum was completed. Tiger
  8. 9. 12621 North Frank Lloyd St., Scottsdale, Arizona
  9. 10. Dear Mom and Dad, I enjoyed my tour to the Wright houses. The best house I saw was Taliesin West. It is really cool. It’s made of desert concrete. Desert concrete is made of concrete desert rocks and sand. It blends in with the environment around it! Did you know Taliesin West is on 12621 North Frank Lloyd Street in Scottsdale? It’s awesome that it’s on a street named by it’s architect Your daughter, Emily Picture at
  10. 11. Norman Lykes House Phoenix, Arizona 6836 North 36th Street
  11. 12. Dear Mom, I was in Phoenix, Arizona and I visited the Norman Lykes house. Did you know that it was Frank Lloyd Wright’s last residential work before he died? Looking from above the house is almost all circular, and it was named after it’s first owner! Well I’m off to see Taliesin West! Emma
  12. 13. 450 Madison Ave., Grand Rapids, MI
  13. 14. Dear Gram & Gramps, I’ve been studying the Meyer May house, it was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright between 1908 and 1909. The house was commissioned for Mr. Meyer May in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Prairie Style house was opened to the public in the fall of 1987. Stay well, Mark
  14. 15. 33 East Four Mile Road, Racine, WI
  15. 16. Dear Mom and Dad, The house Wingspread was made for Herbert Fisk Johnson. Wingspread is 36 acres. It has four wings. Each wing is like a zone. There is a master bedroom wing, a guest/garage wing, a children wing, and a kitchen wing. From an aerial view wingspread looks like a giant pinwheel. The center of Wingspread is a living space. In this room there is a 30 foot chimney. This house is famous because Frank Lloyd Wright built it. He did a great job! Meggie
  16. 17. The Robie House 5757 S. Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, IL
  17. 18. Dear Mom and Dad, I am having a great time visiting the Robie House in Hyde Park, Chicago. Did you know that the Robie House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his client F.C.Robie? An interesting fact is that the Robie House was voted one of the ten most important buildings in American history. This is because it contrasted the traditional houses of it’s time. You should visit . It is full of facts such as the Robie House was designed in 1908 and built in 1910. Can’t wait to see you again, Michael
  18. 19. 951 Chicago Ave. Oak Park, IL 60302 Images from google
  19. 20. Dear Caitlin, I really enjoyed going to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home/studio in Oak Park, IL. Did you know that Wright had the house for the first 20 years of his career? Wright used his home as an architectural laboratory. He designed 125 structures in there! Wright and his wife Catherine Tobin had 6 kids when they were living in there! It is located at 951 Chicago Ave. Oak Park IL, 60302. I hope you’ll be able to see it in person some time! Love, Reilly Images from google
  20. 21. 353 W Hill St., Spring Green, WI
  21. 22. Dear Mom and Dad, Taliesin was built by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built in Spring Green, Wisconsin. This house was built for Frank Lloyd Wright so he can work on his architecture. Taliesin was completed in 1911. Taliesin had multipurposes; it was his house and his studio in one. “Taliesin” means low brow in Welsh because it was built low to the ground. The coolest unique feature of Taliesin is that there is a theatre in his house. He would entertain the neighbors in his theatre. You can go now and take a tour of Taliesin. Bye, Ryan 353 W Hill St., Spring Green, WI