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Deeper Learning Through Tech - Intro


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Intro presentation for Dive Intro Deeper Learning presented at ISTE 2013 in San Antonio.

Explore the chasm between deep, project-based instruction and rich tech integration. Educators from leading schools from across the country will share killer classroom projects and performance-based assessments.

The digital handout for the full presentation is here:

Published in: Education, Technology
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Deeper Learning Through Tech - Intro

  1. 1. Dive into Deeper Learning ISTE 2013 Peter Abboud Vanessa Meno Chris Walsh
  2. 2. Digital Handout Tweet It #deeperlearning #iste13 @pabboud @vanessa_meno @fitzwalsh
  3. 3. Deeper Learning? Deeper learning delivers the skills and knowledge students will need to succeed in a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace.
  4. 4. Deeper learning prepares students to: • Master core academic content • Think critically • Work collaboratively • Communicate effectively • Learn how to learn • Develop academic mindsets
  5. 5. Deeper Learning Network
  6. 6. The New Tech StoryNew Tech Network 15 years of evolving principles centered on: • Culture that Empowers • Teaching that Engages • Technology that Enables • 120 schools in 18 states
  7. 7. • Grow 75% more in higher order thinking skills between freshman and senior years than comparison group • Graduate at a rate of 6% greater than the national average • Enroll in college at a rate of 9% greater than the national average, regardless of locale New Tech Students…
  8. 8. Student Centered • Inquiry driven • Relationships matter • Real world relevance • Deeper Learning outcomes
  9. 9. digital tech amplifies Deeper Learning student choice multiple tools expand audience
  10. 10. What does Deeper Learning + Tech look like?