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The ethical journey


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Published in: Business, Technology
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The ethical journey

  1. 1. Reflecting on Ethics Dr Fiona Beals
  2. 2. What are ethics An ethical dilemma The ethical research journey Working ethically: the counsellor Working ethically: the researcher Ethics and research Getting through ethics Ethical Lessons Overview
  3. 3. Codes of Ethics Professional vs Research The history of research ethics Informed Consent Confidentiality No harm Qualitative Research vs Quantitative Research CatalyticValidity What are ethics
  4. 4. Ethical dilemmas
  5. 5. The ethical research journey Where does ethics start? Where does it finish? What should we learn along the way? What about NGO research?
  6. 6. Working ethically:Youth Work Code of Ethics More than a bureaucratic process Involves action and reflection
  7. 7. Working ethically: the researcher
  8. 8. The type of research you are doing and the type of methodology you are using determines how ethics will inform your research Ethics and research
  9. 9. Know what the committee wants in addition to your application: • use of institutional resources or valid explanation • copies of instruments, consent/information forms or valid explanation • letterheads on all information to participants • lockable storage/passwords etc But what if there is no committee? • Create a plan! Getting through ethics applications
  10. 10. Ethics is more than form filling it is a way of working and living in research Ethics continues throughout the research project - not just at the beginning For many students in tertiary institutions the bureaucratic process of ethics tends to blind our eyes from the purpose of ethics Ethical Lessons