Cloud computing and its application in the world of net


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cloud computing and its aplication in the world of networking

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Cloud computing and its application in the world of net

  1. 1. Guide :Prof. Farzana Fathima By:Fawaz ahamed
  2. 2.  Cloud computing Components of cloud computing Services Working of cloud computing Properties Opportunity and challenges advantages Fog computing conclusion
  3. 3.  Cloud Computing is a general term used to describe a new class of network based computing that takes place over the Internet
  4. 4.  Google 101-Network Microsoft’s Azure Amazon’s Elastic Compute cloud IBM’s Cloud Brust
  5. 5.  Grid computing is the application of several computers to single specific problem at the same time usually to a specific or technical problem
  6. 6.  Email communication Google wave Amazon’s EC2
  7. 7.  no-need-to-know flexibility and elasticity pay as much as used and needed always on!, anywhere and any place
  8. 8. • Use of cloud computing means dependence on others and that could possibly limit flexibility and innovation• Security could prove to be a big issue• There are also issues relating to policy and access
  9. 9.  Lower computer costs Improved performance: Reduced software costs: Instant software updates: Improved document format compatibility. Unlimited storage capacity: Increased data reliability: Universal document access:
  10. 10.  Does not work well with low-speed connections: Features might be limited: Stored data might not be secure: Stored data can be lost:
  11. 11.  Fog Computing extends the Cloud Computing paradigm to the edge of the network, thus enabling a new breed of applications and services.
  12. 12.  Cloud computing will promote the use of shared resources and when we are sharing the resources among different users it will definitely lower the costs and will help in keeping the environment clean. Cloud computing will also help in e-learning by providing many services online for the students. We need to strap up this technology in our daily lives by creating many applications on cloud.
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  14. 14.  The base paper I submitted was written by Anita cambell I am grateful to our HOD Prof. Mustafa B for helping me select the topic and assigning guides to lead us. I am also indebted to Prof. Farzana Fathima who was the assigned guide for his valuable inputs. Also thankful to all the faculty and friends for their support and cooperation.
  15. 15. THANK YOU
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