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European 7 Day WS Invite: 10 - 16 September 2012 - San Marino


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European 7 Day WS Invite: 10 - 16 September 2012 - San Marino

  1. 1. The Unification Movement Education Department Livingstone House, 13 Beechcroft, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5DB Tel: +44 208 467 2296 Mob: +44 779 6626 294; Email: UK registered Charity No. 267917: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification European 7 Day Divine Principle Workshop(The workshop is conducted in the English language. Translation may be available; please discuss with your local representative or enquire at Hotel San Giuseppe, Republic of San Marino 10th to 16th September 2012The LocationHotel San Giuseppe, Via Della Felici 3, 47893 Valdragone, Republic of San MarinoTEL. +378 (0)549 903 121 FAX +378 (0)549 907 595 www.hotelsangiuseppe.smA comfortable 4 star hotel close to the historic centre of San Marino, set in its own grounds.We have used the hotel before and the accommodation/catering and staff are excellent.The Divine Principle WorkshopThis series of workshops – being held every month at a different location in Europe -provides a substantial overview of The Divine Principle and regularly brings together awide variety of interesting people.Already by age sixteen, Sun Myung Moon had received his commission throughencounters with the risen Christ and was continuing his lonely and prayerful search to findthe answers to fundamental questions about life – profound insights that now form thesystematic teaching known as ‘The Divine Principle’.By identifying spiritual principles that reveal the workings of God behind human history andthrough the world’s great religious traditions, a way is opened up to transcend traditionalboundaries of race, religion and culture and move toward a truly ‘unified’ view of lifewherein the spiritual and physical dimensions are harmonized. The workshop itself ispractical proof of the power of this teaching.The worldview and philosophy provided by the Principle characterises and guides themany varied projects that the Unification Movement promotes, such as its interfaithprogrammes and peace initiatives. As a spiritual teaching, the Divine Principle effects apositive transformation on the lives of those who hear it. To immerse oneself in seriousstudy and discussion over seven days is a way to discover one’s own history and spiritualroots, one’s own identity and purpose as a person of faith. 1
  2. 2. Through this programme of lectures, presentations and other activities you will surely beable to reflect deeply on God’s Will in relation to your own life, as well as to the widersociety and world.Workshop Fee: €320; student rate: €250This fee includes accommodation and all meals.(Please pay by cash on arrival or by advance payment to the European Office)Arrival and Departure TimesThe workshop will begin with an evening meal on the arrival day, Monday 10th Septemberand will end with lunch on Sunday 16th September. Please use this information forplanning your journeys to and from Hotel San Giuseppe. Arrival at airports should best beby 5pm at latest and departure not before 5pm if possible – please let us know if you needto arrive after or depart earlier due to flight availability.Pick up at AirportsIf you are not able to meet UPF Staff please call the following Telephone number for help:+ 39 335 208 139 (Giorgio Gasperoni)Meeting Place at Bologna AirportGround level in the middle part of the Airport near the "Book Store" . The pick-up staff willhave a Unification Church sign. In some cases you might need to wait for approximatelyan hour depending on the traffic. Rimini Airport - Very small airport. To meet should be no problem. Pick up staff will havea Unification Church sign.How to apply – please register on line Online RegistrationThe programmeEach day will begin with some optional light exercise and a time of devotion drawing on awide variety of religious texts and inspirational sources. There will be four presentations aday with time for questions and answers or group discussion at the end of the morning andafternoon sessions. There will be time for recreation after lunch each day, and a variety ofevening programmes: a film night, a prayer evening, a testimony evening and evenings ofgames and home-grown entertainment.The Workshop EthosMany find the Workshop to be a most surprising and valuable form of religious retreat. Youcan take time away from the pressures of day-to-day life and reflect more on the inner lifein the company of others. Participants are encouraged to embrace the schedule and treateach other as brothers and sisters – ‘One Family Under God’. We like to think of it as ajourney we make together, with each participant adding something significant to the wholeexperience.Yours,Mr. Timothy J Miller, Dr. David HannaVice-Chairman, UPF Europe Director, European Education Dept.Disclaimer: The workshop organisers regret they cannot be held responsible for your personalbelongings. Neither can they be held responsible for any medical expenses. It is suggested thatyou consider taking out private health and travel insurance to cover your trip. 2