European NEWS Report Sunday 29th July 2012


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European NEWS Report Sunday 29th July 2012

  1. 1. European News Report Sunday 11.06.03 (29th July 2012) Abel Women UN Inaugural AssemblySpecial Workshop for Blessed Families Peace Cup 2012
  2. 2. Abel Women UNInauguration AssemblyCheong Shim Peace World Center 27.05.03 (16th July 2012)
  3. 3. True Parents’ AddressThe Womens Federation must walk the path of the creation of a peacefulworld by joining forces with other NGOs and women leaders as the AbelWomen UN and bring governments around the world together.The priority of Abel Women UN should be the true family movement ofliving for the sake of others, based on true love, carried out in conjunctionwith proper values education.Men and women do not need to confront or contend with each other ….Instead they can become united as a greater whole and share in one another.Women will be the central axis in building the century of love and the peaceculture, and their role will be more important than ever before.I sincerely ask you to walk the path of a True Mother, the path of a True Wife,the path of a True Daughter, and the path of a True Women Leader who willbuild the unified world where freedom, peace, and happiness in its truestsense overflow.
  4. 4. Please challenge yourself to read this speech many times during this forty days, in order to become one with True Parents’ providential heart and perspective.Surely on the foundation of Cain and Abel unity we are in an era ofMother-Son cooperation – women should guide men to TrueMother and so to True Father.True Mother is one with True Father in total oneness and with thesame authority.
  5. 5. It is so interesting to see the close unity between Hyung Jin Nim andKook Jin Nim. They are supporting each other so well and consultingcorrectly with True Mother. Hyung Jin Nim is having many deepexperiences as he attends True Parents day and night. Please showinterest in their speeches on ‘Strong Abel’ and ‘Freedom Society’.
  6. 6. Special Education Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Centre, 16. - 25. July 2012 The European Delegation numbered 220 participantsMany Second Generation in CPY attended the Inauguration T h a n k y o u !!
  7. 7. Three European Clubs participated with Il Hwa in the Peace CupHamburg, Sunderland and Groningen - Hamburg beat Il Hwa 1:0 to win the 2012 Peace Cup
  8. 8. Europe was the only Continent to Report on 17th July
  9. 9. European Leadership Conferencesand bringing VVIPs to Foundation Day OSLO – Stortinget (Parliament) September 20-22 Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future - International Day of Peace 2012 VIENNA October 11-13 Europe and Russia – Partners in a Globalized World
  10. 10. Prepare to bring your TribalFoundation to the CosmicBlessing in Korea or in yourown nation on Sunday08.01.04 (17th February 2012)Five days later all BlessedCouples will attend theFoundation Day Blessing13.01.04 (22nd February 2012)