“Building a World of Universal Peace at a Time of Global Change.”Rev Moon is coming towards the end of his physical life, ...
about a Seung Hwa Blessing when someone dies, basically recognising all the good thingswhich that person did in their life...
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Key concepts from Rev Moon's 2011 tour


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Key concepts from Rev Moon's 2011 tour

  1. 1. “Building a World of Universal Peace at a Time of Global Change.”Rev Moon is coming towards the end of his physical life, now 92 years old, and wants togive this last message to encourage people who are working for the same vision of WorldPeace.He began by speaking in Korea, specifically to the Korean people, before coming to Europefor this part of his world tour. Some of the terms he uses need a little interpretation, tomake the speech more understandable in the context of our own lives, and faith traditions.Also, reading some, or all, of his autobiography, particularly the many life and deathexperiences he endured and his response to them, will help to understand his desperationto end human suffering.True Parents.Rev Moon has always emphasised the central importance of the family, and each one of usdeveloping a parental heart, in any vision of a future world of peace. This stems from hisexperience and understanding of God as the ultimate True Parent, the Creator of our onehuman family.He uses the term True Parents as something we should all aspire towards, whether as theleader of a nation or the head of a family. He and his wife try to embody that parental hearttowards the world in all their projects and activities, the ideal of Living for the Sake ofOthers which is enshrined in all our different faith traditions, and encourage us to do thesame in our own spheres of influence.He will refer to this a number of times in the speech.3 Stages of Life.We breathe in a liquid environment in the womb, then air during our physical lives onearth, but ultimately we will all enter the refined atmosphere of the spiritual world whenwe die, and there breathe in an atmosphere of love. Hence the importance of developingour capacity to love others in this life, such that we are free and without restrictions whenwe pass into the next world. If we have difficulty towards another race, or religion, etc, itdoes not magically disappear. Rather, we will carry that with us into the next world and itwill restrict our freedom there. It is in our best interest to resolve any difficulties towardsanother person, or group of people, while living in this world. Then we have true freedom.Seung Hwa.This is a Korean term which implies that death should be something sacred and holy, notfearful. Rev Moon emphasises the substantial reality of the eternal world of spirit, and talks
  2. 2. about a Seung Hwa Blessing when someone dies, basically recognising all the good thingswhich that person did in their life, forgiving any hurt or pain which they may have caused,and asking for forgiveness if we caused any hurt towards that person. This is so that there isno restriction placed on that person, giving them the freedom to enter the spiritual worldand naturally find their rightful place there.The Blessing.Rev Moon believes that we need to make a completely new start for humanity and, in asense, begin a new lineage free from the historical burdens of the past. This is to be basedon the God-centred family, emphasising purity and fidelity towards one another. It is noteasy, especially for young people growing up in our secular, western culture, where there isso much emphasis on external appearance and sexuality, to identify with this reality. Butthe Blessing is an opportunity for like-minded people and couples to affirm this ideal,coming from all faith traditions and none, even being prepared to marry across the racial,religious and ethnic divide for the sake of future peace, and having children who can growup free from the prejuduces of the past.Hoon Dok Hae.There is deep wisdom, handed down through the ages, in all our various faith traditions. Itcan serve as a guide for our day-to-day lives, helping us to make informed decisions and tolive up to the ideals of our faith. It was for this reason that Rev Moon commissioned WorldScripture, a compilation of all our sacred scriptures in one volume. His suggestion is to tryand continue the tradition of study of the sacred word, ideally as a family, to passsomething of value on to the next generation, and for God to be able to guide our dailylives and the way we conduct ourselves.Korea.One of Rev Moon’s life-long goals has been the peaceful reunification of his homeland,Korea. Much of his work has been devoted to this end, even risking his life to go back toNorth Korea in 1991 to reconcile with the very man, President Kim Il Sung, who tried toeliminate him in Heung Nam concentration camp in the early 1950’s. For this work, and hisinternational efforts for peace and reconciliation, he has been recognised in Korea with thetitle ‘King of Peace’. However, this is a title of taking responsibility, not glory, and thisspeaking tour is a last desperate effort towards empowering people to similarly takeresponsibility for solving the pressing issues of our time, so that we can hand a legacy oflasting peace on to our children and future generations.He returns to, and repeats, this theme a number of times in his speech, that the position ofParents is one of taking responsibility, something he feels to the very core of his being.