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tep pocket wifiMobile Data Roaming
tep pocket wifi                                                            With tep you have the freedom to travel your   ...
Service Detail                                     Why execMobiletep is your own cloud of connectivity: great       execMo...
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tep pocket wifi


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our tep pocket wifi solution is available in 32 countries.
Leave your roaming fears behind. Arrive connected and pay only local rates.

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tep pocket wifi

  1. 1. tep pocket wifiMobile Data Roaming
  2. 2. tep pocket wifi With tep you have the freedom to travel your world connected like a local – leave yourtep is an innovative solution helping mobile roaming fears behind. tep provides youexecutives better manage international wireless Internet wherever you go. It worksmobile data roaming costs in one of 32 just like a Wi-Fi hotspot, but its personal andcountries, with more to follow shortly. fits in your pocket. Connect instantly with a click of a button.This mobile service allows travellers to remaincompletely mobile and connected, paying Key Featureslocal rates. International data roaming is nolonger dependent on Wi-Fi hotspots. tep is  Reduced International Charges - local dataperfect for on-the-go connectivity. rates v roaming ratesFor customers the key benefits are significant  Improved Coverage – use of the mobilereductions on international mobile data networks coverage negates anyroaming costs, improved coverage & speeds requirement for Wi-Fi hotspotsand the flexibility to share the data  Higher Speeds - multiple frequency bandconnection with up to 5 devices. operation in HSPA providing high speed mobile access Benefits Flexibility – connect up to 5 devices simultaneously  Improved cost control – costs are basedtep is a credit-card sized network device and on rental period with aggregatedconnects automatically to any available allowance of at least 50MB/daymobile data network, utilising HSPA (7.2Mbpsdownload & 5.76Mbps upload) speeds where  Convenience – book, receive & connect, returnpossible to enable Internet on your devices.  Security - SIM authentication on mobileInternet access is of little use if it cannot be networks with no Wi-Fi hotspots hacking.shared; for this reason, tep creates a pocket Supports WEP / WPA / WPA2 encryptiondata cloud, capable of supporting five devices  Shared network resources - file sharing orsimultaneously. storage (32GB) from all connected devicesavailable in 32 countries - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary,Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Ukraine. Australia and USA are imminent; more will arrive in the near future© 2011 Executive Mobile Communications (Pty) Ltd Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. Service Detail Why execMobiletep is your own cloud of connectivity: great execMobile is committed to addressing thefor personal and business use providing high costs of mobile communication bymobile data roaming for your phone while introducing globally recognised innovativesimultaneously allowing instant access to solutions into the South African market from your laptop, tablet computer execMobile™ is a registered trademark ofor any other personal device to be connected. Executive Mobile Communications (Pty) Ltd, aUnlimited data or at least 50MB per day company focused on industry leading communication solutions.Set your smartphone free when you areabroad - Post, tweet & Skype as much as you Executive Mobile Communications (Pty) Ltd iswant and pay the same price as locals. Our a Broad Based Black Economic Empowermentdaily bandwidth limits per country are ample Level 4 Contributor and has a preferentialfor frequent web browsing, email and procurement recognition level of 100%.application usage on smartphones. UnlimitedInternet plans area available in Italy, France, Our PartnerGermany, Spain and the United Kingdom. execMobile has partnered with Tep, a leadingWith execMobile’s tep pocket wifi rental and a global roaming specialist to expand the globalclick of a button you will have your own footprint to include sub-Saharan Africa.wireless internet connection, wherever youwant. It’s as simple as: Our shared vision is a world with affordable access to data, where ever you are. Ourbook - select your travel dates and provide a partnership affords execMobile exclusivedelivery address rights to market and sell tep to regionalreceive & connect - guaranteed delivery to outbound travellers whilst setting up supportyour destination (hotel, offices or residential for inbound global travellers locally.address) or home (delivery to your home prior With tep you have the freedom to travel yourto departure). Collection points are also world connected like a local.available in UK airports with more to follow.Simply turn your tep on to be instantly Bookings:connected. - post back with the pre-paid courierenvelope we include. Contact Details:You can book your tep online or over the Craig Lowephone. Call our SA number +27 81 309 5276. If Mobile +27 823211453you need assistance you can also email us at Email Executive Mobile Communications (Pty) Ltdtep is a pre-paid service with the exception of Registration Number : 2010/018053/07corporate customers who can apply for a PO Box 348 Riverclub 2149post-paid service. We work on a pay as you gobasis, so there are no contracts or bills at the 14 Arlington Rd, Bryanstonend that have not been agreed up front. Johannesburg South Africa© 2011 Executive Mobile Communications (Pty) Ltd Page 3 of 3