Evans Coghill Homes' Green Home Cutaway Drawing


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Elements of a green home shown in an easy to follow cut-away drawing. The home was built in Charlotte, NC in Baxter Village by Evans Coghill Homes

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Evans Coghill Homes' Green Home Cutaway Drawing

  1. 1. A Look Inside Your Green Home Sherwin Williams James Hardie Fiber Energy Efficient Lighting Cellulose Insulation Encapsulated Wall James Hardie Color Plus We are proud to announce our new green house Engineered Floor System E-Barrier Cement Siding Compact Fluorescent light- System Insulation Siding Reduces homes impact on plan, as gentle on energy bills as it is on the envi- Resists decay and Roof deck paint reduces ing (CFL’s) reduces elec- Utilizing recycled paper Significantly improves Factory painted resulting in the forests by using com- ronment. This reflects our commitment to living insect destruction heat build up in attic re- tricity usage. products, this environmen- efficiency of the insulation a significant reduction in posite engineered I-joist. more lightly on the earth. Every day, we all make = significantly longer sulting in a lower load for tally friendly insulation by encapsulating the insu- VOC emissions from the product life. choices that will have an impact on the genera- the air conditioner. completely fills wall cavi- lation on the unfinished home. ties. side of the wall resulting tions to follow after us. Our green house plan in- in energy savings. corporates 26 smart design choices that will help conserve energy as well as our natural resources. Encapsulated Wall Engineered Roof Trusses Insulation Uses less lumber and Significantly improves effi- minimizes lumber waste. ciency of the insulation re- Rinnai Tankless Water sulting in energy savings. Heater Heats only the water you Blown in Fiberglass need instead of storing hot House Sealing Insulation water. All spaces between fram- Completely fills wall cavities ing lumber are sealed with Central Vacuum System with insulation reducing the caulk or foam reducing air Improves indoor air quality amount of energy loss. loss and saves energy. by venting to the exterior. High Performance Quiet Higher Capacity Windows Bath Fans PVC windows with Low E More efficient without the glass reduce the amount of annoying noise of smaller heat transfer while the no bath fans = less moisture rot materials increase the build up. life expectancy. Insulated Window and Bamboo Flooring Therma-Tru Exterior Door Headers A renewable forest product Doors Reduces heat loss by that makes a beautiful Fiberglass doors creating a thermal floor. reduce heat loss break. or gain. Energy Star rated. Healthy Climate MERV 16 Air Filter Significantly improves CaesarStone Countertops Kitchen Craft Cabinets PEX Water Pipes Indigenous Plants and Lennox 15 SEER Gas Furnace indoor air quality. Material includes recycled A green certified cabinet Reduces hot Drip Line Irrigation Higher efficiency = lower content resulting in less resulting in lower VOC water heat loss Saves irrigation water. operating cost. impact on the environment. emissions (better indoor air between water heater quality) and less impact on and faucet resulting in Rain Barrel Sales Agent: Construction Site Recycling Crushed Concrete the environment. energy savings. Saves water by capturing Steve Risser Products including drywall Driveway rainwater runoff for plant and cardboard are sepa- Recycled concrete is used 704.277-6590 watering. rated and recycled. for temporary driveway. evanscoghill.com MyGreenHome@evanscoghill.com