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Biruk.rwandan genocide.p6

  1. 1. Biruk Esayas Glenna VasquezChristine Dela Paz Jorycel Bayna
  2. 2.  Tutsis were being accused by the death of President Habyarimana, a Hutu. Habyarimana’s death sparked the Genocide Ethnic competition between Tutsi and Hutu Belgians gave them all the leadership positions Extremist leaders from the Hutu majority started to murder the Tutsi minority. The Tutsis held the most power and land. The perpetrators were Hutu. Tutsis killed because the Hutus militants made people believe ,they were the enemy .
  3. 3.  Belgians colonists divided Rwanda’s unified population into groups: Hutu, Tutsi, Twa The perpetrators were Hutu and the Tutsis were the group targeted Belgians influenced racist ideas, said the Tutsi were superior group because were more “white” looking. Colonists believed Tutsi were rulers, they put Tutsis into positions of authority , discriminated against Hutus . 1986 Paul Kagame, Tutsi become head military intelligence in Ugandan army, founded the RPF. 1991, radio station broadcasting RPF propaganda from Uganda was established by the RPF . (Tutsis started the propaganda “battle”, but the Hutus took it much further.)
  4. 4.  Hutu’s put roadblocks on the roads and check the people’s identification cards -Killed all who were Tutsi Most of the killing was done with machetes, clubs, or knives, and other weapons Some Tutsis were been starved, burned and tortured before being killed. Hutu militia used constant propaganda to incite their followers. Used the radio to broadcast that the Tutsis were cockroaches and devils. Used the radios and speakerphones to tell the location of fleeing Tutsis.
  5. 5.  Tutsi bodies were thrown into rivers, lakes, and streams  Tutsi women were raped  Others were kept as sex slaves for weeks  Sexual violence against women and girls during the Rwanda genocide included:  Rape , gang rape , sexual mutilation  Pregnant women weren’t spared from sexual violence and many occasion victims were killed following rape.  Over 20,000 children had been born as products of rape during the Rwandan genocide.
  6. 6.  The Western and First World Countries did nothing to help this situation. UN did not respond to reports of the Hutu plans. UN member states refused to answer UNAMIRs requests for increased troops and money. French troops were dispatched, but they were only able to evacuate foreign nationals. The genocide continued zones occupied ,high-profile Hutu criminals escaped RPF though French-controlled areas.
  7. 7.  One million people, mostly Hutu, begin fleeing to Zaire Tutsi rebel groups under Paul Kagame entered Rwanda pushed extremist militias government out country. July 1994 , Tutsi RPF captured Kigali. In July - August 1994, two million Hutu civilians fled Rwanda, joining one million already exile. Defeated army , militias, drove remnants army ,government into Zaire, control capital Kigali, declaring ceasefire. United Nations aid workers and troops arrived to maintain order and bring back basic services.
  8. 8.  International Criminal Tribunal in Arusha, Tanzia. In 1997 the trials against the suspected genocide perpetrators begin. Those convicted are sentenced to death: Jean Paul Akayesu, Francois Bizimutima,Frodouald Karamina, Virginia Mukankusi,Venuste Niyonzima Israel Nemeyimana, first defendant to be found not guilty, because of lack of evidence. Georges Rutaganda was sentenced to life in prison.