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Ruth's (u)OWBC: Alone and Yet Alive!


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Ruth's (u)OWBC: Alone and Yet Alive!

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome back to Ruth’s (un)Officially Wacky BoolpropChallenge! It’s always good to see you!Before we begin, I would like to mention that this was not theoriginal title I had planned for the chapter. But Things Happen, andthe cheery title I had planned didn’t work anymore. If Gilbert &Sullivan had been possessed of the foresight to write a song called“O, Sweet Plumbbob, Make The Drama Stop!” I’d’ve gone withthat instead.And on that far-from-promising note, let’s begin.
  2. 2. When I first opened the lot, there was no drama at all. In fact,things were going very well indeed. Myrna had just taught Casildathe last of her Toddler skills.
  3. 3. The ghosts were out and about, as usual, but weren’t doing anyharm.RUTH:PITTI-SING: Okay, Great-Grandmama! I won’t stay up too late onthe computer! I’ll go to bed right now, I promise!
  4. 4. Glen apparently harbors no ill will against the aliens, since he stillstargazes autonomously. I suppose he’s so happy to be havinganother baby, he doesn’t really care how it came about.
  5. 5. Now, the normal, un-hacked household limit is eight Sims --everyone knows that. However, Pets added two additional slots offto the side, for dogs and cats, making a possible total of tenoccupants per house.
  6. 6. Under ordinary circumstances, this doesn’t change the way thegame works. However, thanks to a little-known glitch, if there areseven Sims in the household, and if one gets pregnant, and if thepregnancy results in twins, then there can be nine occupants in thehouse.GLEN: It hurts! It huuuuurrrts! Make it stop, somebody!
  7. 7. I was very careful to ensure that Glen’s pregnancy resulted intwins.I fed him nothin’ but cheesecake for the last trimester, that’s how.
  8. 8. Meet Deadeye (right) and Nanki-Poo (left).Deadeye is named for Dick Deadeye, a sailor from HMS Pinafore,because I always rather liked him, even if he is the antagonist.Nanki-Poo is named for the Mikado’s-son-turned-wandering-minstrel from The Mikado, because how can you have a WackyGilbert & Sullivan-themed challenge and not use the name “Nanki-Poo” when you have the chance?See? You can’t come up with a way around it either.
  9. 9. With the birth of Deadeye and Nanki-Poo, I have completed all therequirements for the Base Game bonuses. I am happy about this --and thrilled to have alien twins. Squeeeeeeee twin alien baybeez!And speaking of completing mini-challenge requirements…
  10. 10. Glen not only got his Gold Robotics badge, but I managed to get apicture of it, so that he didn’t have to build a whole servo to provehe had it. This gives me two out of three of the OFB mini-challenge requirements. Now all that’s left (for that section,anyway) is to run a business through all generations of thechallenge.
  11. 11. The Tacky Flamingo is currently at Level 10 and still gaining stars.It has been open every single game-day since it was purchased…even if I have to send the old lady or the son-in-law there at quarterto eleven at night to open it up for an hour.Wouldn’t work in real life, but fortunately Sims aren’t as picky.
  12. 12. I also learned something interesting while playing the TackyFlamingo. Do you see those flowers floating around the head of thefellow in the toga? I wasn’t fast enough on the Pause button to getphotographic proof, but those flowers will show up and then theSim will think of either the ticket machine or the Best-of-the-Bestaward and smile real big. It appears to be a function of the awarditself.Seven years of playing and I’m still learning new things!
  13. 13. And speaking of occurrences at the business, Old Adam has beenup to his old tricks again.LISA (V.O.): Poppa! You betrothed my daughter to someone wholives in a trailer park?!*OLD ADAM (V.O.): He seemed a very well-mannered boy, muchof an age with Pitti-Sing. And the betrothal is only provisional.Both children must consent to the engagement before the younggentleman reaches his fourth day after turning Adult.LISA (V.O.): But you can’t do that!OLD ADAM (V.O): My dear, I believe I already have. Cheer up: itwill all come right in the end!*Read more about him in Auspicious It Ain’t, available at my LJ!
  14. 14. You may have noticed that Old Adam was looking extraordinarilyyouthful still in the previous picture. He’s seventy-four at this point,and I think he should have a few wrinkles. Alas, the only wrinklemakeup that comes with the game is pretty heavy-handed (I suspect itmay actually be Bigfoot makeup), and I avoid it until my Sims areeighty or over. But guess what? I found some really awesome layerablecc wrinkles*, so now Old Adam can have a bit of soft aging to his face!*Wrinkles are by Lolabythebay, and can be found at Garden of Shadows: WhispersIn The Dark > Photographs > Snapshots > GoS Blind Date - Flaunt Your Treasure.
  15. 15. Things were going swimmingly for most of the rotation… and thenI noticed this.Oh, censor blur. Who was it?
  16. 16. Everyone had time left on their lifebars, and Grim usually showsup at seven p.m., not three in the morning.
  17. 17. Nobody was cooking, I know that. Most of the people in the housewere tucked up safely in bed, as they should be.
  18. 18. Glen and Deadeye are accounted for, and since Babies andToddlers can’t die, Nanki-Poo is probably fine.
  19. 19. And there’s Old Adam, snoring away contentedly…
  20. 20. But why is Valerie’s* ghost floating around looking so pleasedwith herself?*Valerie Shankel was the mother of (u)OWBC founder Ruth.
  21. 21. And why is there an urn in front of the easel where Myrna waspainting not ten minutes ago?Oh, no…
  22. 22. Myrna (Sanders) Shankel, 75 years old. Myrna was friends withOld Adam Shankel as a Child, and was quite hurt when he droppedout of touch in their Teen years. As it turned out, this was onlybecause he’d become a vampire. After a brief period of confusionin college, when Myrna became engaged to Old Adam’s brotherunder the pernicious influence of The Gloaming, everythingworked out happily. Myrna never really understood her husband’senthusiasm for all things Victorian or for alien abductions, but shesupported him nonetheless. Myrna’s favorite Gilbert & Sullivansong was “There was a time” from The Gondoliers.Rest in peace, Myrna.
  23. 23. I am not the only one who misses Myrna, and who wishes that Ihad been keeping a closer watch on her. It cast a pall over thewhole last day of the rotation at the house.
  24. 24. But time marches on, and at six o’clock that evening, Olga GrewUp.OLGA: Oh no no no no no. This hand has a severe absence ofglove. That must be rectified immediately. And the dreads have gotto go.Olga is a Pop Sim who likes Creativity and Mechanical, anddoesn’t like Hard Workers. For now, anyway. I forgot to roll foraspiration and turn-ons/turn-off, so I’ll almost certainly have tochange everything when I go back to the household. (sigh)
  25. 25. Casilda Grew Up at the same time, although she didn’t seem asupset about not having any gloves on.CASILDA: Wow! Now I can reach the cookies in the fridge!She doesn’t seem to get upset about much of anything, come tothink of it.And since I have run out of pictures of the main household, thatmeans it’s time to see what’s happening with their relatives. (Andexactly why I wanted a song about stopping the drama.)
  26. 26. At Buttercup’s house, the sparklies and the hula zombies arrived atthe same time. And, naturally, they both arrived in the mostawkward possible place to photograph.Albert (Adams) Shankel, Buttercup’s husband, was 75 years old.He would have said that those seventy-five years were mostlyhappy ones.Penny got a makeover, but it doesn’t seem respectful to show it justnow.A bittersweet rotation, to be sure, but no drama involved.
  27. 27. There’s no drama at Rose and Dmitri’s house, either. Alexander hasgrown into a handsome little chap who looks rather like Rose aboutthe chin, and his parents have Tried For Another Baby now that heis no longer snuggly and cute.I was in the bathroom, so I don’t know if they managed it.
  28. 28. Chant provided Nicholas with a little sister. Nicholas was less thanthrilled at the prospect of a sibling who would age faster than him,so Chant got out some of the (expired) Plantropic-C kept on handfor in case Oliver or Oakapple become plantsims again and fed it tothe new plantbaby. Alas, even after a nice makeover, Phoebe wasless than thrilled about this.PHOEBE: At least a child of my sister’s would be blood to me!But this -- ! Ah, thou hast betrayed me!Nicholas was pretty chuffed, though.
  29. 29. Now, Phoebe’s preference probably does not come as a surprise,especially if you remember this picture from last time. (We’llignore her other two sisters for the moment.) I had planned thispicture to be the start of an elaborate Plot -- a Plot that had to becompletely readjusted on the fly. Why the readjustment, you ask?
  30. 30. Because two days into the new rotation, Leila was frightened todeath by one of the ghosts in her haunted asylum. (It wasn’thaunted when she started out, which should give you some idea ofmy asylum-playing skillz.)
  31. 31. There were two unidentified Toddlers found in the buildingafterwards. They were obviously far too old to be Leila’s, and sothey were placed in the local orphanage run by Phoebe’s sororitysister Catherynne.(The Adults in the picture are the only two not-dead inmates of theasylum. I did mention my complete lack of asylum-playing skillz,right?)
  32. 32. Because the facility was being closed, and because of Phoebe’sconnections with the orphanage, the twins were left with her for afew hours. Chant was actually in charge of the hand-off, and thekids he handed off made it to the orphanage safely. You can readmore about them in Already in Progress.
  33. 33. I happen to be a fan of happy endings, not tragedies, andfortunately Leila’s boyfriend Abhijeet is a reasonably powerfulbrujo* with a Bone Phone. Following Leila’s resurrection, herlifebar was reset to the beginning of the Adult lifestage, andAbhijeet popped the question.*Brujo (BREW-hoe), noun. A man who can use magic.
  34. 34. Abhijeet even managed to give Leila what she wanted more thananything else in the world: fairy wings.If it wasn’t for that lingering retrograde amnesia covering almosttwo weeks, everything would have been perfect. But then,retrograde amnesia is not all that uncommon after severe trauma.Sometimes it clears up on its own, and sometimes it doesn’t. Eitherway, Leila and Abhijeet will undoubtedly be very happy, and youcan read all about them in Already in Progress.Until next time, Happy Simming!
  35. 35. Notes, disclaimers, and other triviaI most sincerely and humbly apologize for breaking out the old“amnesia” chestnut. Gilbert never stooped that low, but I couldn’tfigure out any other way to make the Plot work. If you have alsoread Leila’s asylum challenge, The Jack Point Home for PedestrianPlayables: yes, you’re correct. (If you haven’t read it, don’t worryabout it. All will be made clear in time.)The title of this chapter is from The Mikado. It is sung by Katishawhen she learns (erroneously, in her case) that the man she loves isdead. Alas, it seemed to fit.