Jack Point Days 2-6


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Jack Point Days 2-6

  1. 1. Hi everybody! (waves enthusiastically) Welcome back to myattempt at an Asylum Challenge, The Jack Point Home forPedestrian Playables!There’s not really anything to recap, since there’s not really anyplot in an asylum challenge. Our playable, Leila Shankel, iscurrently a Mailroom Technician, and had to sleep in the dormbecause the cat was sleeping on her bed. Although Leila has a job,she’s continuing at the asylum because it pays very well and mayeven cover the surgery to implant fairy wings.Everyone needs a dream.
  2. 2. Last time, we left off with Leila going to sleep in the dormitory.But as I’m sure we all know, not all asylum residents sleep on thesame schedule. So while Leila, Flutterby, Dr. Ivanova, and Miltonall snoozed, Joe and Ernie the Spoon were disgustingly functional.Ernie the Spoon didn’t even burn the mac & cheese.
  3. 3. Jay decided to go have a good stare at the wall for a while,presumably in case it decided to do something interesting.It didn’t.
  4. 4. Flutterby woke up around three a.m., and decided to attack thecouch again. The couch once again came through unscathed,despite not having any back up this time around.At this time, I would just like to point out that Flutterby does havea scratching post -- she just ignores it.Leila keeps getting negative aspiration points for Flutterbyscratching things, too.
  5. 5. I woke Leila up about five a.m. and then set her to feeding theresidents. First Flutterby…
  6. 6. …and then everyone else. I wouldn’t have advised placing theinstant meals on the floor, but it seems to work. Leila also set outcereal, and even managed to eat some herself before heading off towork.
  7. 7. After Leila left, the residents were left to theirown devices.Apparently, at some point during their careers asplayables, someone must have learned to bow.This new thing spent a fair amount of timemaking its way through the household.As you can see, Ernie the Spoon is already prettygood at it.
  8. 8. That same morning, the trash can lid glitched in the “open”position, since everyone throws the dishes away for some reason.There’s a sink in the bathroom, but nobody ever uses it. Maybe themanagers of the Home provide paper plates and plastic cutlery sonobody gets hurt…Also, Joe and Jay spent a fair amount of time pillow fighting. In mygame, this seems to be something of a low-level flirt, but thus farnothing has come of it… besides feathers all over the yard.
  9. 9. We saw our first potty dance on Day Two, butthe only actual accident was Flutterby again.(Only to be expected when she has no litterbox, really.)Ernie the Spoon cleaned it right up. Honestly,my inm -- er, residents -- are so functional it’snot even funny.
  10. 10. You may have noticed Jay taking a nap on the couch in the lastslide. It seems to be his preferred sleeping place. He is having baddreams about fireplaces, which simply proves that he haspronounced psychological differences and needs to be in a nicesafe environment.Everyone knows that dreams about elevators, tornados, and/orshopping malls are the really scary ones.
  11. 11. The afternoon was spent in a variety of functional pursuits.IVANOVA: Mr. the Spoon! You know I can’t work on my casenotes with you looking over my shoulder!ERNIE THE SPOON (ignoring her): Aw, does Flutterby want asnuggle? Yes she does! Oh yes she does! Snuggly kitty!IVANOVA (writing furiously in her book): Ernie the Spoon hasrecently exhibited a disturbing tendency to take orders from theresidential facility’s cat. This is a tendency shared by homicidalparanoid schizophrenics like Son of Sam. He must be watchedclosely!!!
  12. 12. JEFFINA: …Can I help you, Milton?MILTON: Shhhhh.JEFFINA: Why?MILTON: (without moving his lips): If uee noof, they’ll hind us.JEFFINA: (shakes her head and turns back to the paper)Completely bonkers.
  13. 13. Ernie the Spoon even spontaneously got the mail.I had no idea Sims could do that!
  14. 14. Leila brought a colleague home after work. I know this lady fromher interactions with one of the other playables in the Businesscareer, and she’s such an obsessive stalker that she probablybelongs in the asylum herself. I decided not to send her home rightaway, since she stays around for so long, and comes over so often,that she’s got to make friends with somebody.Leila just used her to raise the ol’ Fun meter and then ignored her.
  15. 15. Leila’s colleague stuck around for a long time.Long enough for some cracks to begin toshow.MILTON (fretfully): Oh no! How could I havenot realized it before?MILTON: Disco is the solution! But disco alsosends coded messages to the rabbits…JAY (loudly): “Food, glorious food! We’reanxious to try it!”**”Food Glorious Food,” from Oliver!
  16. 16. Fortunately, Leila was already on the job.There are chairs, but everyone would rather eat standing up.
  17. 17. Leila managed a nice bath before she paid thebills and went to sleep in her very own bed.
  18. 18. Where she proceeded to have some very interesting dreams of herown. We shall have to see what we can do about that.
  19. 19. After Leila went to bed, there were multiple traffic jams in thekitchen, mostly involving Jay and Jeffina. Somehow, though, theymanaged to feed themselves just fine.(grumbles) These Sims are too darn functional for an asylum!
  20. 20. There was a tree fire close to midnight. I thought perhaps we mightget in a death or two, or at least some amusing motive drops.Instead, only Jeffina and Ivanova paid any attention. The treeburned itself out, apparently without lowering either woman’smotives too far, and nobody got anywhere near too close.
  21. 21. The ladies celebrated their narrow escape with abelching contest, while everyone else complainedabout Milton’s piano skillz -- or his lack thereof.At this point, it got to be time for my weeklybackup, so I backed up the ’hood. After backingup, I installed some new cc, played almost twosemesters of a Uni household, and came back tothe asylum.Apparently, something I installed reset the ’hood.I have no idea what it was, and I didn’t want toplay Uni again, so I kept going. How many pointsdo you think I should deduct?
  22. 22. Leila put the time to good use: cleaning, followed by a nice longsession with the mirror in pursuit of Charisma points.
  23. 23. During that early-morning bonus time, I noticed alot of sudden, dramatic, simultaneous aspirationhits.Based on Leila’s Wants/Fears panel, I’m guessingeverybody is afraid of Flutterby scratching stuff.I’m not sure why, since the couch seems well ableto hold its own.Still, I suppose that Fear makes things more likean asylum.
  24. 24. We had our first tears over aspiration later in the morning.
  25. 25. Leila went off to work in the morning, leaving instant meals on thefloor and cereal on the counter again.I was initially not sure about leaving food on the floor, but it seemsto work well when nobody’s bothered to feed the cats for a while,so we’ll let it go.
  26. 26. The problem, of course, with serving lots ofinstant meals in a house with only one toilet isthat they lead to the potty dance beingperformed on a regular basis.
  27. 27. Although the only actual potty accident during the day wasFlutterby’s.I’m not sure if you can call it an “accident” when she doesn’t havea litter box. But then, she could always just go outside…
  28. 28. Now, one of the new pieces of cc I installedwas a new “kiss cheek” interaction. It’s a non-romantic interaction, and I though it wouldmake a nice substitute for the “Kiss KissDarling” interaction from Apartment Life that Idon’t have. It too spread like wildfire.
  29. 29. MILTON: I said “Don’t touch me!,” man! I am military trained,which means my whole body is a deadly weapon and I will defendmyself with lethal force.
  30. 30. Neither Joe nor Milton was particularly happyabout that last encounter, although they dealt withtheir feelings in different ways.JOE: Don’t worry, Milton! I’ll save you! (makes“swimming” noises, then, in falsetto) Oh, Joe!You saved me! How can I ever thank you?MILTON: And if you keep bothering me, I’llshow you what the hat is for! (calling after animaginary person who is running away) Yeah,that’s what I thought!
  31. 31. When Leila got home, her portrait was the same color as herplumbbob, which was the worst-looking portrait of anyone in theasylum including the cat.Although that may not be fair, as I’ve noticed that cats are prettygood at keeping themselves happy in general.The three meters most affected were Bladder, Fun, and Social.
  32. 32. The chess table was in use, but fortunately the bathroom was free.Leila doesn’t have a high enough relationship with anyone yet for aquick game of Red Hands, and watching TV has no career benefit.MILTON (sings, badly): I’m too sexy for this residential facility forpeople with psychological differences, too sexy for this residentialfacility for people with psychological differences…
  33. 33. So I decided to have Leila do some networking. Normally thatwould not raise anyone’s Fun meter…
  34. 34. …but it all really depends on who you’re networking with, doesn’tit? And what form that networking takes?Water balloon fights don’t raise the Fun meter anywhere near asmuch as they should (based on my childhood memories), but theyraise the Social meter quite nicely, and build relationships quicklyso that you can switch to Red Hands sooner than you mightotherwise manage.
  35. 35. Ernie the Spoon made himself dinner, which he ate in companywith Milton.MILTON: The thing about the rabbits is that they’re all telepathicninja masters. See, the telepathy wouldn’t be so bad if they werejust kind of normal, and the ninja thing wouldn’t be so bad if theycouldn’t tell what you were going to do in advance…ERNIE THE SPOON: …But both of them together? I completelyunderstand!Apparently, randomizing personalities worked. Ernie the Spoonused to have zero Nice points, but now he seems to have at leastnine.
  36. 36. LEILA (awkwardly): Well, thank you for coming over.ABHIJEET: Oh, my pleasure!LEILA: I thought that maybe you wouldn’t want to hang outsomewhere that has a lot of, um…ABHIJEET: Loonies? They’re harmless. Some of them are eveninteresting. And then there’s the caretaker.LEILA (blushing): Oh, I’m not any kind of an attraction! But I’mglad you’re okay with coming over sometimes. I like you.ABHIJEET: I like you too. So maybe you’ll be okay with this,then.LEILA: With what?
  37. 37. Leila floated through the rest of the evening, and didn’t even mindhaving to sleep in the dormitory again.But, as I believe I have mentioned before, not everybody sleeps atthe same time in this asylum, so let’s see what else went on.
  38. 38. For starters, Ivanova became our first human potty accident.
  39. 39. Which was followed by our very first visit from the Shrink.
  40. 40. Milton had a sudden brainwave and discoveredthe joy of chess.MILTON: Mind if I join you?ERNIE THE SPOON: Help yourself.MILTON: …Hey, could you talk?ERNIE THE SPOON (eagerly): About the Wordof Cheese?MILTON: I don’t care. I just want to listen to youspeak.ERNIE THE SPOON: Oh, okay. Well, let meenlighten you…
  41. 41. When Ernie the Spoon decided it was time to go to bed, Milton hada little trouble coping.MILTON: Bed? Do you need company? No, no! Don’t ask, don’ttell!* The rabbits will get you if you’re bad! Think of the children!*Note for my non-American readers: Until late 2011, any member of the U.S.Military who was found to be gay was dishonorably discharged. The officialpolicy, beginning in 1993, was “Don’t ask, don’t tell”: don’t ask a soldier ifthey’re gay, and if you are a gay soldier, don’t tell anybody. Because lying andbeing afraid build unit cohesion, apparently?
  42. 42. And in the process became our second recipient of a visit form theShrink.JOE: IIIIIIII don’t know about this whole “acting like a chicken”thing. (mutters) The things I’ll put up with for people.
  43. 43. Talking to Dr. Shrink helped a lot -- sympathetic colleagues arealways wonderful resources -- but Ivanova Doctor was still thesecond person to go into aspiration failure.IVANOVA (coquettishly): Oh, Renaldo! You always know whatdo say! (huskily) Now give me an Italian glance!
  44. 44. I thought there might be a fire about that time, but no such luck.To tell you the truth, I’m a little fond of Milton, so I’m just as glad,really.
  45. 45. Shortly thereafter, Milton went into Aspiration Failure again.
  46. 46. I may as well point out here that Milton is theworld champion Aspiration Failurer. It’s oneof the reasons I like him.MILTON: Woo hoo hoo hoo -- Staying alive!Staying alive!
  47. 47. I have no doubt that it’s Flutterby’s fault. It seems like everyone isoften afraid of her scratching something, and Milton apparentlynever has that Fear not in his panel.If that made sense.
  48. 48. Having Flutterby in the asylum makes me wonderhow anyone plays an asylum without a cat. Imean, without a cat, who piddles on the floor sooften? And who spends hours on the one worksurface in the kitchen, forcing the in -- theresidents to make single servings of toasterpastries instead of serving Grilled Cheese foreveryone?ERNIE THE SPOON (mutters): Thwarting theWill of Cheese is not a good idea, kitty.
  49. 49. Throw in another visit from Dr. Shrink andanother instance of the pee-pee dance, and I’msure you can see why Leila is eager to get to workin the morning.
  50. 50. Leila is now an Executive Assistant; I believe I forgot to mentionthat yesterday. I’m a secretary myself, and all I can say is that theprogrammers obviously never worked with or knew any admins, orthey wouldn’t have made the Exec position so low on the careerladder -- or so poorly paid!And poor Leila will probably be there for a while: it was at thispoint I realized that I had the harderjobs hack from MATY in whenI started the asylum. I intend to pull it when playing Leila’s sister,as her challenge ran for two generations without and putting it inthis late in the game isn’t fair. However, by the same token, it wasin when Leila started and leaving it out would also be unfair. (sigh)I guess I’ll be playing musical hacks for a while.
  51. 51. While Leila was away, Ivanova shows that she’s just as intelligentand highly educated as any “real” doctor out there.IVANOVA: My stomach huuuuuuuurts! And I’m all dizzy andcrabby and I’m kind of shaky too!
  52. 52. IVANOVA: I think I’ll give Joe a kiss. That’s always helpful whenyou’re having stomach issues.
  53. 53. IVANOVA: And then a nap. That’ll sort me out.
  54. 54. Jay brought the bills in spontaneously, so apparently this is nothingto marvel at.
  55. 55. And pillow fights really aren’t anything to marvel at either -- butthey can be fun to watch. Especially when one participant iswearing the most embarrassing underpants in the entire Maxiscatalog.JAY (laughing): “Everybody was kung-fu fighting! Those catswere fast as lightning!”**”Kung Fu Fighting,” recorded by Carl Douglas
  56. 56. And I was so busy watching the pillow fight that I completelymissed whose puddle this is.The feet are Milton’s, but I followed him up the stairs, and thepuddle was already there when he got to the top.
  57. 57. I was wondering if Milton was trying to find Ernie the Spoon.Perhaps he was, but they passed on the stairs as Mr. the Spoonwent to answer the phone.ERNIE THE SPOON: No, we don’t need any insurance, thank you.But have you heard the Word of Cheese?
  58. 58. When Leila got home, she nabbed the shower and the potty beforesetting to work on her ticket out of there.LEILA: …And that is why I am particularly in favor ofsignificantly larger plumbing budgets for residential facilities forpersons with psychological differences.
  59. 59. After paying the bills and doing a little cleaning -- okay, doing a lotof cleaning -- Leila managed to go to sleep in her own bed, whereshe dreamed of her favorite uncle.
  60. 60. Perhaps fortunately, Leila did not have to worry about servingdinner. I don’t know who took care of it, and I don’t know whatthey made, but judging by Joe’s breath, whatever it was involved alot of garlic.
  61. 61. I find it amusing to try and guess how everyone’spersonality randomized, and apparently Milton isfairly Neat. It also seems that Joe is pretty high inObsessive points.JOE: Are you done yet, Miltie?MILTON: Nope.JOE: How about now?MILTON: Nope.JOE: Now?MILTON: Joe, as long as you are following me, Iwill never be done. Now get out of here before Iput these gardening shears through your throat.
  62. 62. Milton apparently had a shower after gardening, but perhaps hewould have been better off staying stinky.JOE: Well, hello there, Mr. Smexy!MILTON: I can’t heeeear you!…Of course, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that Joe isTurned On by Stinky People.
  63. 63. Let’s look at the daily routine of the asylum:breakfast on the back porch.JEFFINA: Oh, I’m so miserable!ERNIE THE SPOON: That’s because you’re nothaving any Cheese Doodles in milk. Breakfast ofchampions.Figuring out who has at least some Neat points.Ivanova must have more than two, I think, toclean up other people’s cereal bowls.Or Cheese Doodle bowls, as the case may be.
  64. 64. Piddling on the floor, attacking the couch, andtalking to Dr. Shrink about how all the violence isaffecting your fragile psyche.
  65. 65. Making new friends, enhancing pre-existingfriendships, and of course making your ownentertainment.
  66. 66. On Day 5, Leila came home with a demotion, thanks to a badchance card. I’d be willing to bet that the harderjobs hack hadsomething to do with that, too.I can’t believe I was dumb enough to install that before starting anasylum! Gah!
  67. 67. Leila came home in a very bad mood, with an especially low Funmeter.LEILA: You will? Really? Great! I’ll see you then!Fortunately, she has a secret weapon.
  68. 68. And his name is Abhijeet.Seriously, without this guy to come over for a date, Leila would beconsulting with Dr. Shrink more than any of the inm -- residents.
  69. 69. In fact, despite the demotion, it was a pretty good day for Leila.Not only did she have a date with Abhijeet, but Ivanova handledthe grocery delivery.IVANOVA: You know, I think your pathological need to bringthings to people stems directly from a deep-seated fear of rejection.GROCERY DELIVERY GIRL: Riiiiiiiight. You take care now.You’ll notice Leila’s plumbbob there in the picture? Ivanovaaccepted the groceries 100% autonomously. There’s so much I hadno idea Sims were capable of doing on their own!
  70. 70. Ernie the spoon even served dinner, allowing Leila to sleep in herown bed.This asylu -- this residential facility for people with psychologicaldifferences is being awfully functional…
  71. 71. Now that’s more like it!MILTON: I know you’re in league with the rabbits, Joe!Everybody knows that the pink ones are the worst, and here youare, doing their nefarious bidding!
  72. 72. JOE: Well, we’ll show him, won’t we, Jay? We’re having lots offun over here! Without that BOZO with the military face paint!Aren’t we, Jay? HA! HA! HA!Joe seems to be taking it hard.
  73. 73. Come morning, we had our first fire.I wouldn’t have minded too much, except that Leila was in thekitchen, and if your playable dies in a fire, that’s it -- game over.Fortunately, Leila knows her way around a fire extinguisher, and itwas put out in good order.
  74. 74. It did lead to an amusing game of Count-The-Asipration-Failures for everyone else in thekitchen.
  75. 75. But Jay wins this competition on style points, Ithink.
  76. 76. Ernie the Spoon recovered first, and spent muchof the afternoon playing kissy-face with Flutterby.I vote that we don’t tell him where Flutterby’sface has been. Who’s with me?
  77. 77. Jay’s eventual recovery seemed more lasting thanMr. The Spoon’s, though.Perhaps somebody gave him the bad news aboutFlutterby?
  78. 78. He did eventually pull himself together enough to play a game ofchess with Abhijeet, although this may have something to do withthe “Spread the Word of Cheese” Want he probably has perma-locked.I assume there is such a Want, anyhow. I don’t look at the, er,resident’s panels.ABHIJEET: So is Leila going to be very long?ERNIE THE SPOON: Patience, brother. Patience. With Cheese, allthings are possible.
  79. 79. ABHIJEET (V.O.): But I’m only asking if she’s going to be in thebath a long time. I can come back if she is.ERNIE THE SPOON (V.O.): Time is relative, brother. Forinstance, if I were to make you a nice grilled cheese sandwich rightnow, you wouldn’t notice if she spent two hours in the tub. On theother hand, if I were to show you the gooey goodness that is agrilled cheese sandwich but withheld it from you, even a five-minute shower would seem an eternity.ABHIJEET (V.O.) (sighs): So what kind of cheese are we talkingabout?
  80. 80. LEILA: Thank you so much for coming over again! It helps a lot tohave someone I can unwind with!ABHIJEET: Any time. Glad to be of service. You know, I -- Er,where is Milton going?LEILA: Oh no… Milton! Milton, not the garden again!
  81. 81. And so, while the inm -- residents made concerted efforts to set theplace on fire again…
  82. 82. Leila managed to bunk down in her own bed. Which is about asmuch success as one can hope for in this challenge, I think.And that’s probably as good a place to stop as any.
  83. 83. ScoreBase score: 100Minus number of days in the asylum: -6Total: 94Running totalsFires: 1Potty accidents: 6Sponge baths: 0Aspiration failures: 14Shrink visits: 3Pass outs from exhaustion: 0Deaths: 0
  84. 84. Notes from esmeiolantheThis chapter is unusually long for me, and includes some differentformats on the slides. Please let me know what you think of boththe length and the slide layouts. (I’m personally liking the layouts,but not liking the length quite as much.)I hope you weren’t too bored, and I hope you will join me nexttime for more asylum madness psychological difference. Until ______then, Happy Simming!