Jack Point Chapter 4


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Jack Point Chapter 4

  1. 1. Howdy hi! (waves enthusiastically) Welcome back to The JackPoint Home for Pedestrian Playables, a Residential Facility forPeople with Psychological Differences Challenge!Our playable, Leila Shankel, wants to become a fairy, or at least tohave fairy wings surgically implanted. Since this costs a lot ofmoney, she is currently working two jobs and saving up. Leilamade Executive last time, and things are progressing nicely withher boyfriend Abhijeet. One inm -- er, resident has died, and twomore are now enemies.Which I believe is all you need to know to be able to follow along!
  2. 2. Although the asy -- residential facility is now officially haunted,Jay seems to be pretty mellow this rotation, content to float aroundand to haunt random objects. I did install a few hacks and fixesfrom Cyjon, including one that influences ghosts, but I don’t thinkthat Jay’s personality was such that it would make him not scareanyone.Of course, since I couldn’t look at his stats, I have no way ofknowing if that is actually true. Do you think I should pull thatsegment of the hack?
  3. 3. On the first day of this rotation, thingsfunctioned fairly well. I mean, Milton did hislevel best to kill himself by attempting to rakeall the leaves on the lot before havingsomething to eat, but he didn’t succeed. Andeveryone seemed to be getting along verynicely.
  4. 4. Sure, there were occasional hiccups -- whenare there not? -- but on the whole, everythingwent smoothly.
  5. 5. Leila even managed to get in some Creativity skill building, andshe slept in her own bed for once.
  6. 6. The second day didn’t start off as well.Slapfests? Check.Stink clouds? Check.Embarrassing underpants? Check.Hungry Sims? Check.
  7. 7. Completely inappropriate reactions to motiveproblems? Check.Pokefests? Check.Yowling cats? Check.Actually, speaking of cats, that little bit ofFlutterby you can see behind Ivanova there is verysignificant. Observe…
  8. 8. Flutterby can’t get off the counter because there is a half-preparedmeal on the floor in front of it.Nobody can pick up the meal to finish preparing it becauseFlutterby is on the counter where it would need to be prepared.And naturally nobody can take out a meal that requires no cooking,such as an instant meal.
  9. 9. Leila came home with a promotion, and instantly got on the mostimportant problem facing the household.LEILA: Yes, I’d like to order a pizza, please. And hurry! It’s amatter of life and death.
  10. 10. Leila then cleaned up the unfinished meal so that Flutterby couldget down and run to her food bowl, but too late, too late!
  11. 11. The other, ah, residents were devastated by theloss of Flutterby. (Milton even ran out into theback yard to have a nice private cry.)Well, most of them were devastated, anyway.IVANONA: Interesting! Such attachment to aselfish, imperfectly domesticated quadruped witha distinct tendency to york up hairballs in the leastconvenient places! I suspect that this is eitherprojection or some form of displacement activity.(ponders) Although I suppose it could bedissociative in nature instead…I have decided to score Flutterby’s removal as adeath, and to remove one bed and one seat.
  12. 12. The pizza showed up as the Animal Control carcontaining Flutterby was driving off. Leilaaccepted the pizza at once, so that nobody wouldstarve to death.Of course, that was the point when all theresidents realized that I have several custom mealsinstalled that require no cooking and no prep.Of course it was. (cries)
  13. 13. Leila being in as much need of an aspiration boost as I was at thatpoint, she invited Abhijeet over.And promptly attempted to start a flu epidemic. As of this writing,I’ve been too afraid to go into Abhijeet’s house and see if shesucceeded.
  14. 14. ABHIJEET: Are you doing okay, babe? Only you seem kindadown.LEILA: I’ll be fine. It’s just been a long week.ABHIJEET: And that death didn’t have anything to do with it?LEILA: That too.ABHIJEET: Why do you stay here, then?LEILA: We’ve been over this.ABHIJEET: Okay, so you want wings. I can understand that. Youstill don’t have to put up with this.LEILA: I can’t manage wings yet. Soon. …I hope.
  15. 15. ABHIJEET: But why won’t you let me help you?LEILA: I can do this on my own! Nobody ever believed me, and T-Titania Summerdream laughed at me,* but I can do this!ABHIJEET: I know you can. I never said you couldn’t. But stayingin this place is killing you, and it doesn’t have to. You don’t haveto put up with this! I can help with money, or with the surgery --LEILA: You’re not a surgeon.ABHIJEET: No, but --LEILA: I can do this, Abhijeet.Let me handle things my way.*See “Entre’acte: Leila in Veronaville,” in Ruth’s (un)Officially WackyBoolprop Challenge.
  16. 16. The third day of the rotation didn’t start offmuch better than the second.Valiant attempt to cough up a lung? Check.Slapfest? Check.Caregiver cheering a fight? Check.
  17. 17. Completely unexpected (and completely story-spoiling swoopy-falling-in-love sound effects),sponge baths, and more slapping? Check, check, and check.JOE: Militie-poo, how could you do this tome?! You know how I feel!IVANONVA: I did not sign up to play “Let’sYou And Him Fight!” Can’t a girl just get alittle woohoo every now and again?
  18. 18. Then I thought my luck had changed. I really did! After all,President is only two cuts down from Business Tycoon, and that’sa fair haul of skill points.
  19. 19. Leila spent enough time on the phone to get analmost-friend to come over and become a properfriend. Not only that, but when Leila went out togreet her new friend, there was a walkby, whowas easily persuaded to come in a make friends aswell.The walkby left when she was about fourteen STRpoints from a friend, but that’s easy to make up inone phone call.And then…
  20. 20. ERNIE THE SPOON: Do you smell something burning?JOE: I didn’t do it.IVANOVA: Olfactory hallucinations… That’s a new one.Generally those precede seizures. Would you like to lie down, Mr.the Spoon?ERNIE THE SPOON: No, I would not like to lie down. You don’tsmell that?
  21. 21. IVANOVA: Hmmm. Something was burning, after all. Howinteresting.ERNIE THE SPOON: Well, are you gonna do anything about it?IVANOVA: Oh goodness me, no. It’s not in my job description.
  22. 22. IVANOVA: It’s in hers.LEILA: Out! Out! Everybody out of the kitchen!EVERYONE ELSE: Aaaaaaaugh! Firefirefire!(Piercing scream from the living room)
  23. 23. LEILA (OFF): What? What’s wrong? What’s going on?ALLYN, THE GUEST: My heart!Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about whether Jay’s ability toscare people is compromised…
  24. 24. LEILA: Oh, Esme, no…IVANOVA: Well, there’s nothing you can do for her now. But Mr.the Spoon does need some immediate assistance, if you could sparea minute.LEILA: Wha -- ?
  25. 25. LEILA: Oh, holy censor blur woohoo! Come on, Ernie, don’t youdie on me! Don’t you dare die on me, you woohoohead!Leila did her best, but when it looked like she was about to catchfire herself, I told her to run to the opposite side of the house.
  26. 26. I meant to have her run right back and startfighting the fire again, but she had other ideas.GRIM REAPER: .ell, thi. .s a .ine ti.. .or a .a.. .oesa…od. wa.. .o ple..?MILTON: …Ernie?GRIM REAPER: .oin. on.., .oin. twi.. …? .kay,th... .an’. .ay I .id.’. as..
  27. 27. I’m sure you can see the biggest problem with this death, but just incase… check out the position of Mr. the Spoon’s urn. Lookfamiliar at all?
  28. 28. I got Leila awake for just long enough to send her to bed, and we’llboth see if we can’t improve things next time. Keep your fingerscrossed for us!Until next time, Happy Simming!
  29. 29. The Grim Reaper’s lines, in order:Well, this is a fine time for a nap. Does anyone want to plead?Going once, going twice? Okay, then. Can’t say I didn’t ask.
  30. 30. ScoreBase score: 100Minus number of days in the asylum: -12Total: 88Running totalsFires: 3Potty accidents: 10Sponge baths: 5Aspiration failures: 22Shrink visits: 7Pass outs from exhaustion: 1Deaths: 3 (residents), 1 (visitors)