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Ding Dong Adult Start Apo


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ding Dong Adult Start Apo

  1. 1. Hi.This is going to be a quick documentary adult start apocalypse using FT rules. And I mean the quickpart. I am playing with pets restrictions shoved under Medical (Senility), Entertainment (Skilling), andBeds (Law). I have the expansion, but I also have clean templates. I don’t feel like spawning petsjust for this. This will also point out loopholes and tricks to playing a FT adult start.Let’s go.
  2. 2. This is our founder, Ding Dong. He’s a Fortune Pisces with stats of 3/6/6/0/10. He wants to own 5top level businesses – Ha! Not happening. You’ll be lucky to be able to sell the crap you get. We’replaying in Strangetown, only because I don’t feel like making a custom hood and populating it. I admitit, I am lazy.
  3. 3. Pause your game immediately. And build. This is what you should end up with. It is a small 3x8room with a door (locked to household) and floating sections of ceiling/roof. Use the 4 pillars requiredby Architecture to place them. I use the “All EARS from Suburban Appeal” carpet for flooring. Trustme it comes in handy later. Leave the spaces open for your stairs and place the stairs before placingwall sections on either side up or down.NOW SAVE!!!
  4. 4. I was left enough for an Ikea Bed ($480), an Ikea bookcase ($190), a recliner ($149), fridge ($600),sink ($275), toilet ($300), and phone ($60.)If I had been smart, I would have held off on the recliner and bought a cheaper chair and had enoughfor the $99 stereo. But it is a habit for me to but the recliner first.I am not showing it but RoseFyre was here when it happened. The first job in the paper was Military.Again. My last adult start got that literally not 3 days prior.
  5. 5. Military needs 6 friends and since he already got a mechanical point while waiting for the paper and hecan’t work until the next day. Get started on the friends early. Friends mean networking promotionsand cheaper household items and building material (and better wallpaper and flooring).
  6. 6. Friends also help with that all important fun motive. And if you didn’t know it before red hands is thefastest way to build fun. Faster than a TV. Faster than a computer game. Slapping someone’s handis the funnest thing EVER in the sims (other than kicking a flamingo).
  7. 7. Also get used to instant meals and the trek to the trashcan until you can afford a counter and a grill orthe trash chute (which is not affected by lowest rated.) Instant meals also keep for longer, and areslightly less likely in my experience to cause food poisoning when drunk spoiled.
  8. 8. You didn’t need to see the car pool right? Assume time passes and I am spending the time skilling,caring for needs and building what little I can.Ding here is actually not bad at skilling. He sucks in other ways. Which we will get to.This townie just gave me my most favorite thing ever. Lower household costs. So useful early on.
  9. 9. Which means we can get the stereo. Getting the three body is the hard thing in an apoc. Especiallyearly on.In any career, if it requires body and you are skilled in the other skills needed for the next promotion,work on the hardest to gain skill first. For me, that is body. For others it will be creativity orcharisma. Work on the hard to gain skill first.
  10. 10. And this is why I like messy sims. Sponge bathing will up you to 3/4ths of the way full and takes lesstime than hand washing. And if you have 3 or less neat you can lick plates clean for that extranutrition.
  11. 11. Unfortunately the downside is that things break faster. But if you need mechanical, it is okay.
  12. 12. I should point out that at this very moment, his environment score is at about 3/4ths full. Thewindows and the mirror coupled by the small space make it a great skilling place.
  13. 13. Also, let me point out that banning the “Great Divide” floor dividers from pets was pointless. You canachieve the same effect with any garden edging which is unrestricted. This is the $5 stump fence.It’s cheap and it serves its purpose – which is the illusion of privacy, cleanliness, and silence – just likethe floor dividers.
  14. 14. Now for all that Ding Dong was great at skilling (the low playful). He rarely rolled fulfillable wants –not even get promotion or skill needed for next promotion. So I saw a lot of worry hands. However,aspiration isn’t as important if you have friends who are calling in your promotions for you (Bella Goth,Johnson Pai, and Margaret Howe all did that).
  15. 15. Also he ate a good amount of green food. Mostly because I was using him to make cereal to skill alittle cooking and cereal isn’t really filling. But taking time from necessary skilling wasn’t happening sosacrifices were made.
  16. 16. Like Ding’s aspiration. Fun fact, sims will roll the wants for their highest level hobby first. Ding’s isfitness. That means Jogging – which is quite possibly the most annoying thing to do since it tanksyour needs. Ding could not jog, he was sad about this.
  17. 17. However he did at some point roll the want for a promotion. He in fact rolled this want exactly twice.He also brought home Buzz Grunt.Fun tip, there is a hack that puts people in their right clothes for their skill level. So you can tell byuniform what level they are likely at so might have an idea of who has high level skills and who haswhat careers pre-Intelligence. If someone who is in Science brings home Mr. Claw you know you havea Mad Scientist or in General Buzz’ case a General
  18. 18. At the halfway point, Ding is a Senior Officer and has the following built. Note: I haven’t placed a car.This is deliberate. Because I am in Military, if I lift I will get “Walk to Work/School” options. Thussaving the bottom level for other things. Also, don’t place the car until later anyway. It tanks hygieneand comfort but raises fun. The latter is great for those housebound teens who can’t do thingsanyway.
  19. 19. He also froze.If you don’t have friends over, making a snowman builds both fun and social. It also can lead to otherside effects.
  20. 20. Like Penguins talking while you take a header in the snow.
  21. 21. And then returning while you are still frozen.
  22. 22. He got unfrozen but collapsed after not peeing himself (he had the fear of an accident but not passingout.)
  23. 23. Steal my paper, Olive!Soon it was time to start spouse hunting/scouting. Ding likes High Creative/High Logic. Which pointto Business, Culinary, or Politics high levels.He has negative bolts with this person. But she fulfilled a much needed role. Friend number seven.The buffer friend.
  24. 24. Because soon after he lifted Military. Ding was 11 days to elder at this point and had no other realskills other than two cooking and two cleaning.
  25. 25. So now the spouse hunt was in earnest. Trick. Stop every walk by you can. The game likes to thrownew sims at you before old ones. Also in this hood because of clean templates I don’t get the socialgroup wallabies.Also note the knocked over trashcan. With the trash chute from Apartment life, you need never pick itup again and you will not get roaches from this. I have a trash chute on both floors.
  26. 26. Also, the keep out fence is built. Four sections of fence, one gate (locked to household), and thepillar. Sims can’t walk around the pillar and this is an effective deterrent for unknown sims.
  27. 27. We also got promotion calling in sim Margaret Howe as the 6:30pm walk by. One greet. One kiss.And the hearts went flying. She has 3 bolts with Ding so I crossed my fingers and moved her in,hoping for Culinary.
  28. 28. Not Culinary but something even better. Medical. 2nd level but skilled for 3rd. No Friends. No crap ininventory. She is perfect. She also had 2 cooking points, 4 mechanical, 3 charisma, 3 body, 7! Logic,7! Creativity and 4 cleaning. She’s a Fortune sim who wants to be a criminal mastermind and is astock Scorpio. Thus explaining the bolts.As soon as she moved it, she walked to work and got promoted. I got her promoted until she needed askill again (which took two days). Just because I know that stock Scorpio’s make crap pregnant sims.
  29. 29. Unfortunately, she’s also got one of my least favorite neatnesses. Too neat to sponge bathe. Not neatenough to use the sink effectively.I’d rather not pass that along to the kids.
  30. 30. Then it was baby time! I want the first kid a child or close thereto before Ding became an elder andtherefore senile.
  31. 31. Chimes on the first go.
  32. 32. I was right about Margaret’s ability to be a good pregnant sim. She didn’t throw up, but her needsdropped like a stone. I constantly had to wake her up to eat green food (which if I wasn’t careful shewould clean up the serving plate on) just to keep her alive.And yes, sponge bathing pictures amuse me.
  33. 33. All clean, Ding proposed to Margaret. I had him check her out to see if the want would show up. Butno dice – he wanted a butler – and since she’s pregnant and I want his last name. This needs tohappen before she spawns.
  34. 34. Naturally she said yes.Note the curtains. They are unrestricted except by lowest rated which dictates how much environmentthey can have and for how much. Shove windows and curtains and mirrors EVERYWHERE. Yoursims environment score will not even notice the blank walls and crap floors because of it.
  35. 35. A few days later, the marriage took place.
  36. 36. Just in time too since she started popping a few hours later.
  37. 37. And the first child was born, Long Dong, with his father’s eyes and hair and a darker freckled skin tone.
  38. 38. This is also the first time I’ve seen Margaret in her everyday clothes. They aren’t bad.Margaret goes back to skilling while Ding settles down to write a few novels before aging up.
  39. 39. And yes she is thinking about the promotion before getting pregnant. She didn’t get any during butshe didn’t miss work or get fired either.
  40. 40. Now she’s back off to work to keep going for Medical. I think she was general practioner at this point.
  41. 41. Which Ding aged up Long.Long has his father’s ears too. But gods he’s got the personality from hell – 1/10/10/10/4. He’s goingto be miserable.
  42. 42. Get promotions Margaret! Your child needs you!
  43. 43. Margaret is much better than Ding at keeping happy. She rolls stead wants for money and promotionsand every day she wants to talk about hobby and play chess. She’s almost always high gold/low plat.Unlike Ding who rarely got out the green.
  44. 44. This and a crib is all you need for the kid. If they want to learn a toddler skill, teach them the nurseryrhyme. It raises charisma while you do it. Screw the rest. Keep the kid happy with tickles andsnuggles.
  45. 45. Ding managed to pump out two novels before he aged, but because the first novel was a bad one hedipped into the red. Oops?Luckily he didn’t make it to the phone before aging for the second one.
  46. 46. Because it was a flop too. Sending him into aspiration failure. Oops?
  47. 47. Margaret continued skilling, ignoring her crazy old husband in the corner.
  48. 48. A little chicken dance and Ding felt marginally better.
  49. 49. And Margaret deemed him worthy of red hands.
  50. 50. Then he made a mess and left his wife to clean it up.
  51. 51. And this became a theme. Ding preferred the recliner to sleep in. Which made me annoyed becausethe recliner glitches open and sims snap reset out of it. So every time he slept in it I had to replace it(which lowered my funds not much because he got the general chance card full of money, but it’s theprinciple of the thing!)
  52. 52. I also realized that because of my lighting mod, I didn’t show you what Margaret looked like. She’sface 2, I think. And Ding seems to like having a hot young wife.
  53. 53. He’d also like an aspiration point or three.
  54. 54. Sigh… Go back to work again.
  55. 55. Long got his Dad’s attention and demanded a bottle and a diaper change.
  56. 56. Because he had some growing up to do.Even though he didn’t get all toddler skills – he only had the Nursery Rhyme. Long was able to get all4 needs perks. Toddler Skills are not necessary. I aged him up because of hygiene and because ofDing’s stupidity. He had 7 charisma though.
  57. 57. While Ding found his favorite pass out location and made good use of it. Now that he’s an elder, hesucks at caring for himself. Sucks at it. Will not eat when called to eat. Even though he is starving.This sim as a death wish.
  58. 58. I wouldn’t mind if he died out here, because you know, it’s not in the house. But not until Margaretlifts.
  59. 59. Because I think Ding passed on his stupid gene to his son.
  60. 60. “Come to see me off to school, Dad?”“I thought garbage pail kids went out of fashion in the eighties.”“Bye, Dad! I’ll play red hands with you when I get home!”
  61. 61. “Red hands?”“Can’t, got to pee.”
  62. 62. “Red hands NOW!”“Fine.”Another fun tidbit. Kids will do their homework with fully red hygiene, if the rest of their needs and funbar are really high. Remember that for later.
  63. 63. Meanwhile, Ding scares the neighbors with sponge bathing outside.
  64. 64. “Help me?”He almost looks like a kicked puppy. But I am not that sympathetic. He could have rolled a fulfillablewant. BUT NOOOOOOOOO!!!
  65. 65. His wife and son roll them all the time. I usually get about 1000 aspiration out of the two of themevery morning and every evening.
  66. 66. Which is pretty much the only way Long will do his homework. He’s way too messy to get clean withhand washing so Plat it is.
  67. 67. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t hand wash. Just enough to make things dirty so he can clean them.
  68. 68. “I’m really boring.”
  69. 69. She’s one promotion away from lifting Medical so that means that I can afford to get her pregnant andstill get her pregnant once more right before Ding dies.
  70. 70. “I hate being dirty!!!”Such is the life of an apoc kid.
  71. 71. However, Long’s extreme personality means that he will do one thing autonomously. Jump Rope.High Active and/or High Playful they will jump rope to raise fun. So I am happy about this.Unfortunately I don’t think this going to happen for all of my kids. It only happens 3-4 times in a fullapoc.
  72. 72. Meanwhile, Margaret keeps working on getting 10 body so she can walk to work as an elder.
  73. 73. Unfortunately she keeps getting distracted by vomiting.
  74. 74. Not that this bothers me, just means more toilets for Long to clean.
  75. 75. Despite my torturing him with cleaning, he gives me such fulfillable wants. Like eat a sandwich.Which did you know that spoiled food totally counts toward fulfilling this want? It does.
  76. 76. Unlike his father. If you wanted talk about your hobby, we wouldn’t be in this position! I named himway too accurately.
  77. 77. “Mmmmm… Green sandwich! +500 points!”
  78. 78. And she got food poisoning. Oh well, more dirty toilets.
  79. 79. “I think I’m starting to lose my hair.”No, that’s mine from watching you almost starve every day while I can’t control you.
  80. 80. “No one loves me!”“Mmmm… Green hot dog…”
  81. 81. “Ewwww!!! Kissing parents are gross!”
  82. 82. “Despite the fauxhawk I am not a Fitzhugh. I do not like cleaning.”
  83. 83. I think it was with relief that he went to school. Or as I like to call it, the place that sucks all of the funout of life.
  84. 84. Then Margaret heads off to work for the final promotion.BTW walking to school is not restricted for children/teens or pregnant sims walking to work. So thatmeans that the car is totally useless at this point. This is the power of Military.
  85. 85. In pre-celebration, I bought a photo booth.It’s allowed. I combed the restrictions and even had RoseFyre double check. Not restricted. Whywould I add it? Well, a few reasons. Depending on interpretation, taking pictures with it isn’trestricted, nor is hanging the pictures on the wall restricted. Sims will also take pictures autonomously.Then there’s the real reason. Woohoo location. If you don’t want a double bed and want to savespace, buy a photobooth and try for a baby in there. I don’t need it, but I wanted to point out theloophole.
  86. 86. Where Ding promptly proved my point that sims will use it autonomously.
  87. 87. And she gets a chance card. Apparently resting her ankle was the right choice. Because she is aChief of Staff. And what was the first thing we bought?
  88. 88. A tub, of course.“Totally worth it.”
  89. 89. “I have an A and I hate my mother. She’s in the tub and I want to play in it.”
  90. 90. Margaret finally got enough cooking points to make hamburgers. This was necessary considering herpregnancies.
  91. 91. “Mmm… Green Cereal…”
  92. 92. Now able to actually not be a complete idiot anymore, Ding read all of the novels he wrote. Theywere moderately horrid.
  93. 93. “I’m home and I hate my life!”
  94. 94. This slide isn’t here to show birthing. This slide is to point out the medicine cabinet. The thing that shouldn’thave been restricted or at least only restricted once… Want to know why? It raises hygiene at the samelevel as a sink and messy sims will Brush Teeth rather than sponge bathe. And did you know that it is triplerestricted – Medical, Intelligence, and Artist? It’s so powerful that it apparently Dates and Outings are easierto get than a medicine cabinet. Just saying… We are not even talking aboutIt got sold as soon as I could after the birth (grayed out buy/build) which was when Annoying Ding used it.
  95. 95. So say hello to our newest Dong, Young. She’s a girl with her mom’s hair and eyes and freckled darkskin.And say goodbye to the medicine cabinet. Maybe at the end of the challenge.
  96. 96. Also as soon as I could after the birth, I got Margaret knocked up again.
  97. 97. Long is creepy, that is all.“I just know you are going to make my life hell, that is all.”
  98. 98. Actually he did that himself. He’s now Popularity/Family with the want to graduate 3 kids. SorryLong, you aren’t breeding.
  99. 99. Sometimes I regret letting these two breed.
  100. 100. Welcome to another loophole. Tables. Dining Tables, End Tables, and Coffee Tables are not restrictedat all per Lowest rated. Desks are restricted. Tables aren’t. And the bloody medicine cabinet isrestricted 3 times.
  101. 101. Apparently, hiding your game from the boss is a bad idea. As is bringing home Circe Beaker.
  102. 102. Long at least has the right idea and is embracing his role as the new friend maker.
  103. 103. And just in time too, since Ding is sent off to the corner of the lot to amuse himself until 6pm.
  104. 104. “And I will call you George and you will love me!”
  105. 105. “Um, George, I feel a little weird.”
  106. 106. “And that would be why.”“Ding, you suck. Time to die.”
  107. 107. “But I haven’t frozen yet and where’s my tiki drink!”“Entertainment isn’t lifted. No Drinks until then.”“Lei?”“Natural Science.”“Apocs suck.”
  108. 108. “Stop stalling and do the walk of shame.”
  109. 109. So goodbye, Ding. We will miss you. Or not. I know I won’t. The fact that your family didn’t evennotice, well, that says something.
  110. 110. So those are the first two lifts. Along with a lot of loopholes, tricks, and observation.See you next time, or not, at this point it is pretty much standard Apocing from here. However if youwant more snark, observations, and tricks I’ve learned per lift. Let me know.Until whenever I publish something, happy simming!