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Wknj newscast0

  1. 1. WKNJ Newscast Date 2-13-15 Good afternoon, it’s Tuesday, February 13, 2015 at _____________ o’clockand you’re listening to 90.3 WKNJ-FM,Union, New Jersey, and I’m _____________ with the news. In Local News A New Jerseymother reports her children dad failure to return them home 7 and 8 year old Jaxon and Parker where abducted by their father KristopherDohm in the city of Hopatcong. Dohm was last seenin his 2009 grey Nissan Pathfinder with license plate number S17Ckv. He is 5’7’’, 150 lbs and has brown hair and eyes. Both parker and Jaxon have brown hair and eyes as well, weighing about 50-60 pounds. With hopes of changing their identity, Dohm may have shaved the head of both his and his children. Dohm appears to possiblyhave a medical conditionthat may be the cause of him fleeing with his two children. Dohm has custody of the boys under the terms of parental agreementthrough Sunday night. It is reported by the Middle Atlantic- Great Lake Organization that Dohm has no electronic devices or use of cellphone communication. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 N.J couple raises awareness for others in need. Rob and Ady Dorsett of North Arlington started a foundation by the name of Hayden’s Heart foundation, in memory of their 5-month-old son who passed away due to a rare condition called hypoplastic heart syndrome. The goal is to financial supportother families who are experiencing what they have gone through with their son. They are selling a variety of tank tops, and tee shirts that will be featured on One in a 100 children is born with congenital heart defectthat is the leading cause of death in children. There is also a 5k Run walk/ birthday bash in memory of Hayden that also raises money. Last years event raised $23,000. Hayden’s father Rob stated that “being able to carry out their mission by raising awareness and
  2. 2. helping other families is what’s therapeutic to the family. 2 2 2 2 evenly_congenital_heart_disease.html#incart_river In National News The wait for acceptance from 13 remaining states in regards to same sex marriage Advocates who have strong beliefs that man and woman should be together, there are still 13 remaining states that refuses to accept same sex marriage. The debate is on which state will be the last to approve this law. Here are a list of a few states that’s are left to change that law, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippiand many more. Many of these states has pending overturn regarding this issue. 3 3 3 3 In National News Alabama Student set up by her teacher to becomea rape victim A 16 year old girl was convinced by her teacher to be abused sexually by other students in her school. This young women who wants to remain unidentified was apart of a special needs program at an Alabama school. The young women said that a young man whom she tried to ignore approached her, she then told an aid by the name of Ann Simpsonwho was aware of this boys action. With not much action done by the administrators the young man who constantly tries to lure young girls into public bathrooms tens to get away with it. 4 4 4 4
  3. 3. lawsuit/index.html In Sports Stephen Curry and Klay Thompsonof GoldenSt. Warriors named NBA #SplashBrothers The two outstanding players of GoldenState are some what twins when it comes to 3 point shots, combined they were both 7-of-11 from the 3 point range. The name #splashbrothers were given by a writer named Brain Witt. Curry thinks that the name given is pretty accurate with how each of them are playing. 5 5 5 5