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Exam Handout

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Exam handout

  1. 1. CGC1D1 Etobicoke School of the Arts Wed Jun 20 @ 1pm1.5 Hours Canadian Studies Department Page 1 of 2 CANADIAN GEOGRAPHY FINAL EXAM Wed Jun 20 @ 1pm NAME: ___________________________ TEACHER: CUN GUR HUM SOH WRA (Please circle)GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS:1. Read all questions carefully. Read over the entire exam before you begin responding to any part of it.2. Make sure you are responding to what is being asked and in the format required.3. Answer all questions on the exam paper as directed in each section.4. Take your time. Do not rush.5. Answer what you know best first. Avoid duplication in your responses to individual questions.6. Budget approximately one minute per mark to guide your use of time. Using this guideline you should still have 10 - 15 minutes to review your exam before you hand it in.7. Go back over the exam paper before you hand it in to check for errors or omissions. The exam is broken down as follows: Section Content Marks Available Student Score Part A Canada and the World: 20 marks Mapping Part B Multiple Choice 40 marks Part C Short Answers 15 marks Part D Long Answer 15 marks TOTAL MARKS 90 marks
  2. 2. CGC1D1 Etobicoke School of the Arts Wed Jun 20 @ 1pm1.5 Hours Canadian Studies Department Page 2 of 2PART A: CANADA AND WORLD MAPPING (20 marks)1. Use the attached map of Canada (page 10) to fill in the appropriate letter, number or letter-number combo for each of the following locations: 12 PART A: Canada Map Provinces & Territories = Large Dots and Letters (i.e. A, B, C) Cities = Small Dots and Numbers (i.e. 1, 2, 3) Water features = Alphanumeric (i.e. A1, A2, A3)2. Use the attached map of the World (page 11) to fill in the appropriate number for each of the following locations: 8PART B: MULTIPLE CHOICE (40 marks)Answer all of the questions which follow. Choose the best possible answer in allcases. Record your answers on the grid found on page 12 of the exam paper. Maps and Mapping (10 questions) Natural Systems (10 questions) Sustainability (10 questions) Population and Demography (10 questions)PART C: SHORT ANSWERS (3 x 5 marks = 15 marks)You must answer one question from each section. Answer in the spaceprovided on the exam paper. Section A: Tectonics Section B: Population and Demography Section C: Water ResourcesPART D: LONG ANSWER (12 content + 3 writing criteria = 15 marks)Answer the one (1) of the following questions in the space provided on the exam paper(on the next two pages). Your answer must be written in complete sentences. Theevaluation criteria include content, organisation, structure, spelling and grammar. Sustainability Issues in general and/or Climate Change in specific