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Ca checklist


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Tracking Sheet

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Ca checklist

  1. 1. CGC Culminating Activity 2012: Daily Checklist Isodemographic Map Working File and Submission Checklist This sheet must remain stapled to the front of your personalised working folder. This folder, and all of it’s contents, will go home with your for the final weekend preparations... and must be returned to your teacher with your finished product. To be Checked Off by the Teacher Prep Period #1 Parent Signature ______ Calculations completed ______ Rough Draft started ______ Prep Period #2 Rough Draft started ______ OR Rough Draft well under way ______ Prep Period #3 Rough Draft Completed ______ Good Copy Started ______ OR Good Copy well under way ______ Final Submission CA Assignment Handout ______ Rough Draft ______ Finished Isodemographic Map ______ CA Rubric ______CGC Canadian Geography Culminating Activity 2012 Page 1 of 1