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CGC              Water and Food Security: Writing Rubric                                                                  ...
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Water and food security rubric


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Water and Food Security Rubric

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Water and food security rubric

  1. 1. CGC Water and Food Security: Writing Rubric Below Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 1 does not meet well below does not fully more than exceeds expectations expectations meet meets expectations expectations expectations Knowledge and Understands: extent of water resources; factors that Understanding influence availability/access to water; relationship between water and food security; impact on community; social/economic aspects Thinking and Evidence of: pre-planning (in-class organiser); Inquiry information gathering (jot notes and Works Consulted); reflective learning (Self-Assessment); integration and synthesis of information; critical and creative thinking Communication Writing communicates knowledge; confident and clearly focused; strong, clear voice and point of view; good sense of audience; engages the audience. Writing is organized and well developed; includes a strong beginning, middle, and end with clear transitions and focused closure Effective, engaging, purposeful variety evident in choice of words. Creative and effective use of spelling strategies; skillfully edited. Consistent variety of sentence structure throughout; uses consistent agreement between parts of speech. few, if any, errors in mechanics. Use of summarising, paraphrasing and direct quotes; embedded citations; integration of sources Application Applies knowledge to new contexts: makes connections between past, present and future (able to predict); makes connections between physical, environmental, social, cultural and/or political milieusAdditional Comments: N.B. This rubric must be handed in with your final written assignment or it will not be evaluated.