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assessment, geography


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A trial Year 7 assessment I used in 2008

Published in: Education, Technology
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assessment, geography

  1. 1. YEAR 7 ‘ASSESSMENT’ Follow your teacher’s instructions carefully. Good luck !!
  2. 2. SECTION 1 FINDING YOUR WAY • Look at the map that is in front of you. • You now have 10 minutes to answer the questions on the next slide. • Try not to leave a gap. • Label your answers with a number. • Write them clearly – someone else will have to read them.. • If you finish the questions, spend some time doing the BONUS section.
  3. 3. A. Which village is found in grid square 8782 ? (1) B. Follow the B1415 road east from this village and you come to the village of Snainton. Is this bigger or smaller than the village in question A ? (1) C. Name 2 services which are shown on the map in Snainton (2) D. Give the 6 figure grid reference of any of the 3 caravan sites shown on the map (1) E. Name the2 major ‘A’ roads which run from East to West across the map (2) F: How is the relief of the middle of the map different to the northern and southern parts of the map ? (3) G. Find the settlement of Sherburn in the SE of the map. What is the 6 figure reference of the church with a tower in the village ? (2) BONUS If you were driving across the map from left to right, describe the landscape that you would see… (3)
  4. 4. SECTION 2 SETTLING DOWN Answer A, B or C – 1 minute per question a) Which of the following is furthest up the settlement hierarchy ? HAMLET CITY TOWN (1 mark)
  5. 5. SECTION 2 SETTLING DOWN Answer A, B or C – 1 minute per question b) Which of these has the smallest population TOWN HAMLET VILLAGE (1 mark)
  6. 6. SECTION 2 SETTLING DOWN Answer A, B or C – 1 minute per question c) Which type of settlement is likely to have this as its only services ? VILLAGE TOWN HAMLET (1 mark)
  7. 7. d) This is Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Suggest at least 3 reasons why it might have been located here (3)
  8. 8. Convenience or Comparison Goods? (1 mark each) e) f) g) h)
  9. 9. i) Imagine living in this place. Suggest 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of living in a large city like London for a young couple with 2 children (4 marks)
  11. 11. PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY Does the job involve extracting raw materials from the earth or sea ? Does the job involve making products in a factory or assembling products ? Does the job involve offering a service ? LOOK AT THIS FOR A MINUTE TO REMIND YOU…
  12. 12. Are these jobs Primary, Secondary or Tertiary jobs ? (1 mark each) A)
  13. 13. Are these jobs Primary, Secondary or Tertiary jobs ? B)
  14. 14. Are these jobs Primary, Secondary or Tertiary jobs ? C)
  15. 15. D) Suggest some of the processes that are required on an ARABLE farm…. (at least 4)
  16. 16. SECTION 3: EARNING A LIVING E) Imagine you are choosing a location for a pizza factory. What factors would you consider when choosing where to put it ? (3 marks) Need to name at least 3 and explain WHY you chose them.
  17. 17. SECTION 4: GEOGRAPHY OF SPORT We looked at the link between sport and the environment. On the next slide is a starter image and a link with Geography. A. Suggest 3 more links (3)
  18. 18. Sponsored by big companies such as Nike to wear their clothes…
  19. 19. BONUS SECTION (4 marks) Describe the growth of the EU, mentioning some of the countries that have joined. Use no more than 60 words !