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Halloween by David and Miguel 6 A


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Halloween by David and Miguel 6 A

  1. 2. Halloween is a holiday celebrated mainly in the U.S. on the night of Oct. 31. It originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian feast of All Saints Day.
  2. 3. It was celebrated in Anglo-Saxon countries, mainly in Canada, USA, Ireland and the UK. The expansive force of U.S. culture. UU. Halloween has made it popular in other Western countries.
  3. 4. The day is often associated with orange and black colors and is strongly linked to symbols such as the Jack-o'-lantern. Typical activities are the famous Halloween Trick or Treating and costume parties, besides the bonfires, visiting haunted houses, jokes, reading scary stories and viewing horror films.
  4. 5. It is said that Halloween night, the door between the living world of the Beyond opened and the spirits of the dead were a procession in the villages where they lived.
  5. 6. On this night the spirits visited the houses of their relatives, and that spirits do not disturb the villagers had put a candle in the window of his home for every deceased person who had been in the family. If there was a candle in memory of each deceased spirits do not bother their families, if they did not disturb them spirits at night and made them fall into terrible nightmares.
  6. 7. Jack O'Lantern was a drunk Irishman condemned by the devil to wander through hell a shining ember inside a pumpkin. Hence comes the pumpkin-shaped lanterns.
  7. 8. Halloween is also typical for children to dress up and ask for candy for the house saying. "Trick or treat." If you do not get what they come looking, spend a little joke to the owners of the house.
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