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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement
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  1. 1. EASTER
  2. 2. WHENEnglish people celebrate Easter in Spring, usually in April.
  3. 3. TraditionPeople in England give Easter eggs as a present. The eggs are usually of chocolate or a birds egg.
  4. 4. Easter EggsThe easter eggs are a popular tradition in England. The Easter Rabbit hides the eggs and the kids has to find them.
  5. 5. Easter FoodThe popular food in Easter are the boiled eggs, the roast lamb, the custard tarts and the Easter biscuits
  6. 6. Easter CardsThe people send cards in Easter.
  7. 7. Spanish EasterWe celebrate easter because Jesus resurrection from the dead and save the people.
  8. 8. By: Laszlo Tamborero Gajo