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Origin of Halloween

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Halloween ppt

  1. 1. Halloween, October 31st All Hallows’ Evening (night before All Hallows’ Day, when the dead visit the living)
  2. 2. SAMHAIN NIGHT~ The origin of Halloween ~ •From ancient Ireland •Celtic festival for the end of the harvest season •The Celtic new year
  3. 3. The ancient Irish believed thaton Samhain the boundary betweenthe dead and the living dissolved,and the dead became dangerous,causing sickness or damaged crops. Traditional ways of warding off evil spirits: ←Bonfires Carrying a carved turnip with a candle in it→
  4. 4. Holidays for the Dead in Other Countries • Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos)--Mexico-- November 2nd • Todos los santos--Spain-- October 31stWhy do the holidaysaround this time of yearhave to do with death/thereturn of the dead?
  5. 5. Where is Halloween celebrated?Canada United States Ireland Scotland Sweden England Netherlands New Zealand Australia Recent tradition: Germany Spain Japan South America
  6. 6. Halloween in the USA•Began with the flood of Irish immigrants in the 1850’s•Less of a spiritual/religious holiday in the USA; more for fun and mischief.•Emphasis on the dead remains
  7. 7. Tradition: Carving Pumpkins A carved pumpkin is called a “jack-o-lantern.” Where does this tradition come from?
  8. 8. Tradition: Dressing UpTraditional Halloween disguises are figures of death: Witch, ghost,devil, bat, cat, zombie, mummy, vampire, skeleton…
  9. 9. Tradition: Trick-Or-Treating•Children dress up and go door to door soliciting candy on the night ofHalloween. Younger children start going trick-or-treating in the earlyevening, before dark; older children trick-or-treat later, until ten oreleven p.m.•When the door opens, the children say, “trick-or-treat!”
  10. 10. Tradition: Mischief Adolescents pull pranks at night: Smashing pumpkins, “tp-ing” (throwing rolls of toilet paper up into trees), etc.
  11. 11. Tradition: Corn Mazes •Farmers plow their corn fields into mazes and labyrinths. •Actors, dressed up as monsters, hide in the corn and try to scare the people in the maze.
  12. 12. Tradition: Haunted Houses•Old houses thathave been made tolook spooky andhave scary/strangethings inside(ghosts, eerie noises,etc)
  13. 13. Tradition: Scary Movies
  14. 14. What are you going to be for Halloween?Do you have your costume already?Do you like to watch scary movies?Have you ever carved a pumpkin?