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Embassy 365 - October 2016 Newsletter


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Embassy Services Newsletter

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Embassy 365 - October 2016 Newsletter

  1. 1. AN EMBASSY SERVICES NEWSLETTER Vol 13 OCTOBER 2016For Private Circulation Only 360SERVICES. 365 DAYS. 3/4 5 Traffic Management at our Office Parks Anti-terror drill at Cognizant 6 Accolades come our way Travelling to office should be a smooth ride 2
  2. 2. Over the last two years, the world has seen dramatic changes in the field of technology. It is now touching every aspect of our lives and making it better and easier, be it personal or professional. At Embassy Services too, we have always worked towards adding convenience to the lives of our clients. A lot of this had to do with the robust processes that we have followed over the years, which ensures a high standard of services across our portfolio – a benefit derived out of our status as a ISO 9001, 14000 & 18000 company! With this strong foundation, we now aim to enhance the service delivery through appropriate use of technology. In the last few months, we have explored multiple avenues of doing so. As these plans get ready to be rolled from the next quarter onwards, a right scale will be reached over a period of time. As usual, the key parameters for selecting any domain will be the value added to our clients. While the future looks promising, the present is equally exciting. As an organisation we are gradually expanding and improving our Value-Added Services vertical of transport – BMTC, Ola Shuttle and Carpooling. We are also proud of our contribution to improving the traffic in the city – supporting the management of the skywalk near Manyata Embassy and providing traffic management infrastructure near Cessna Business Park. We also concluded our annual cleaning and maintenance activities of the 12 Government schools sponsored by our parent company, Embassy Group. All these and more are detailed out in the following pages. Happy reading and do share your feedback with us. CEO’s Message SPOTLIGHT 2 PRADEEP LALA - CEO Embassy Services TRAVELLING TO OFFICE SHOULD BE A SMOOTH RIDE. We know how commuting in Bengaluru can be a challenge. We at Embassy Group, provide you with a common employee transport service by partnering with entities such as BMTC and Ola Shuttle. At Embassy Manyata, Embassy TechVillage and Embassy TechSquare, nearly 5000 employees use these services to commute to office and back home. Although we simply facilitate these services, we understand that transport comes with its fair share of issues. We are doing everything we can to make commuting a lot easier. Embassy Transit - Helping you beat the traffic In order to address the many challenges of commuting, we have launched the Embassy Transit portal This portal will enable users of the Embassy provided Transit Services to raise their issues and track its progress right up to when a solution is found. Another interesting feature of this portal is that all the routes that are operational can be viewed on the Google Map, allowing even non-users to try our services.
  3. 3. UPDATES Traffic Management at Embassy TechVillage and Embassy TechSquare AFTERBEFORE Bengaluru is no stranger to traffic woes and as property managers of some of the largest business parks in the country, we have a responsibility to manage the same. The Kadubeesanahalli and Devarabeesanahalli junctions – leading up to Embassy TechVillage and Cessna Business Park, are some of the high-traffic areas. There were several issues causing regular traffic jams in this area. In the previous quarter, we have taken several initiatives which will help ease the traffic – laying down of pipes along the service road to channelling monsoon rainwater and filling up the potholes on the service roads, are just some of them. We also deployed our security guards to support the traffic police, and help them manage the flow during peak hours. We will continue to extend our services and contribute in a manner which is appropriate for the betterment of the community around us. ANTI-TERROR DRILL AT COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS A counter terrorism mock drill was carried out by the GARUDA FORCE of Karnataka Police in F2 Block of Embassy Manyata in June. The drill was a joint effort by CTS, ESPL and the GARUDA Force. A real-life simulation drill was carried out to test the preparation level of the internal Security team. This included a series of bomb blasts, hostage scenarios, arrival of the Garuda Force, briefing the teams of the Garuda Force by the Force Commander and counter-terror operations by the team, resulting in killing of the terrorists and rescue of hostages. The drill ended with F2 block being declared safe and a demo of slithering by the Commandos to the participants. The support given by the Embassy Services Security team has been commended by the CTS team. 3
  4. 4. Embassy Services relationship with our residential clients is the longest and is marked by a strong bond of trust. We have always strived to provide world-class services that is expected from the Embassy brand. In order to ease the delivery of our current and future services, we are developing an all-in-one mobile app which the residents can use for internal discussions, forming groups and availing our other services as well. A basic version of the app with selected features will be launched by October and a full version will be launched by December. We are confident that our residents will find this app extremely useful. UPDATES Coming Soon! Embassy Services Residential App As part of the regular upgradation work, we initiated the storm water drainage work at Embassy Manyata in the last quarter, with the objective of preventing any serious water logging in the premises. By the end of this, a total of 1.1 kms of drainage repairs were done using the precast material. The work was done over a period of 60 days in multiple phases, with most of the work being done at night, to ensure minimum impact on traffic. Monsoon preparations at Embassy Manyata 4
  5. 5. Carpooling takes off! We launched the carpooling promotion initiative in the month of January this year, to encourage Embassy Manyata employees to carpool in a safe and responsible manner and thereby contribute to the traffic reduction in the city. We are proud to say that the initiative has started showing results now. The numbers show the results. One, over six months, the number of riders per car entering the Park has increased by nearly 20% - more drivers are offering their cars for rides! Second, the number of users who have at least one of the partner carpooling apps (Quick Ride, PoolCircle and Let’s Drive Along) has increased exponentially by 400% - a significantly high number of employees are now keen on carpooling. We understand that adapting carpooling has its set of challenges. However, seeing the incremental changes, we are positive of an exponential change soon enough. NEWS ROUND UP Why Go Alone? CARPOOL! Our initiatives in school cleaning and maintenance The Embassy Group likes to carry forward the ideals of Swatch Bharath. We do our bit towards the cleaning and maintenace of 12 government schools that we have adopted as part of our CSR initiative undertaken by our parent company. 5
  6. 6. WOW SERVICES We thank the Embassy team for the excellent work under- taken in getting the service road repaired time and again. V KALYAN KUMAR Senior Executive-Accounts Autonomy Software Asia Private Limited Embassy TechVillage Our Chairman and CEO Mr. Robert Niblock along with other top Executives of Lowe’s visited our upcoming facilities at L2, G3 and H2 Block in Manayata Tech Park, on the 28th of June 2016. During the visit, Mr. Jambu and Mr. Vivek provided us with every possible support and co-operation in terms of Traffic Management and Security deployment. Our top management team was very happy with the way things were conducted by Embassy team during the visit. LAKSHMIKANTH R Senior Manager Lowe’s Manyata Embassy Business Park The actions taken by your team under the guidance of Mr. Nagaraj in repairing the service road to the extent possible is much appreciated. This will definitely help in improving the movement of traffic on the stretch of the service road. COL. RYAN P LOBO Head Facilities and Administration Wells Fargo Embassy TechVillage Embassy Team, this only empha- sizes your commitment in making user experience better, every day. MOHAN BABU Senior Manager - Facilities EXL Service Embassy TechVillage We appreciate the water-proof- ing and water ponding testing done on time. We also found no leakages in the 3rd floor. As discussed with you earlier, the above false ceiling activity has to be completed in the 3rd floor and a few areas where the leakages were found before has to be rectified and painted. T JALAJAKSHI Project Leader - IMS,Facilities- Atlas Copco Manyata Embassy Business Park Thanks for taking quick action and appreciate it from our employees as well. We thank the entire team who has taken action on this and making it a smooth ride for all of us. CHIDANANDA D S Manager – Administration Ekaplus Embassy TechVillage Thanks to each and every one involved in this activity. Great job team!! SUNIL UNNIYAMPATH Facility Manager Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited Embassy TechVillage Excellent!! Thanks a ton for your support. NAVEEN KUMAR Associate Director - Administration at KPMG India KPMG India Embassy TechVillage Good job done Embassy team. Highly appreciated. ABHIJIT ROY Asst Vice President XLCatlin Embassy TechVillage Thanks to you and your team for ISO visit done today at ETZ 1.3 Congo. Appreciate the help of Mr. Pankaj for making the visit successful. SANTOSH VERMA Manager IBM India Embassy TechZone We would like to thank you all on behalf of VWITS for giving us an opportunity to contribute to this Tree Plantation Drive. Today’s day will be bookmarked on VW pages to start a journey with such a noble social cause.This is a small step towards a big goal. VRUSHALI JADHAV Group IT RCC | CMS Testing Volkswagen Group India Embassy TechZone Good job done Embassy team. Highly appreciated. Abhijit Roy Assistant Vice President Workplace We wish to thank you all for the excellent support provided during the cognizant launch event today. It was a great success and we received tremendous response from our associates and I am glad that we were able to provide them with a memorable evening. Our heartfelt thanks to all your team members for partnering with us in this journey. SANJANA PAI Senior Manager Cognizant Technology Solutions Manyata Embassy Business Park Thanks for your excellent support during our VVIP visit at ETV between 4th– 16 July. It’s really nice to see the team dedication and support for providing the lobby area in time. Really appreciate the support. MUTHURAJADIGA Head - Administration & Environmental Management (EMR) Sony India Software Centre Pvt Ltd Embassy TechVillage ACCOLADES COME OUR WAY 6