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Embassy Services Newsletter: July 2015


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The Embassy Services Newsletter - 365 degrees; July 2015

Published in: Real Estate
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Embassy Services Newsletter: July 2015

  1. 1. Page 3 New Initiatives Page 4 Spotlight Page 2 News Round-up AN EMBASSY SERVICES NEWSLETTER Vol 9 JULY 2015 360 SERVICES. 365 DAYS CEO’s Message For the first time, Embassy Services has stepped outside the Embassy Group portfolio by taking up operations of four of Blackstone’s business parks in Pune and Noida. This is a significant step for us as we now have an opportunity to prove our mettle outside of our comfort zone. Another milestone is in securing our first contract in the Facilities Management vertical. We are confident that through these initiatives we will be able to deliver more value to our clients In June, we hosted the honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Siddaramaiah at Embassy Manyata Business Park. As a group, Embassy has always looked to contributing positively to our environment. On June 5th, World Environment Day this year, we reiterated our commitment by celebrating the day with a lot of fanfare across our properties. The active participation of clients has reaffirmed our belief in being able to succesfully take our community along with us as well. We hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter as much as we have enjoyed the past quarter. Do share your feedback with us. PRADEEP LALA, CEO Embassy Services “A thing well begun is half done” – this adage will always hold true and is no different for your company as well. This new financial year has brought in a few firsts for your company and we are hoping these will be just the beginning of what promises to be exciting times for Embassy Services. Embassy Manyata Business Park was indeed privileged to host the Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri. Siddaramaiah in the last week of June. He was welcomed by Embassy’s senior management including Mr. Rajesh Bajaj, CM VISITS EMBASSY MANYATA Mr. Pradeep Lala and Mr. Mike Holland. Shri. Siddaramaiah was gracious enough to spend time with the team and listened to the contributions made by the Embassy Group to the State of Karnataka.
  2. 2. NEWS ROUND-UP FLIPKART MOVES TO EMBASSY WELLS FARGO MOVES TO EMBASSY TECHVILLAGE BMTC MD DR. EKROOP CAUR MEETS THE COMMUTERS AT EMBASSY MANYATA It has been in the news for quite some time and this project is finally one step closer to reality. Flipkart, the bellwether of the rapidly growing Indian e-commerce industry has signed up with the Embassy Group to lease two million sft of space at Embassy TechVillage over the next two years. In June, nearly 2000 Flipkart employees moved to a 2.3 lac sft incubation space. In addition to the seating space, this area includes a multi-purpose cafeteria and a mechanised basement car parking facility that can accommodate 350 cars. Embassy Services has actively worked with the projects team to ensure a smooth base building transition and also facilitated the client during the fit out period. A strong team consisting of M&E, housekeeping and security personnel was deployed 24/7 to manage this important project. On 23rd June, 2015, the MD of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Dr. Ekroop Caur visited the campus of Embassy Manyata Business Park. Our partnership with BMTC Volvo services is in place for more than 5 years now. We started with just about 30 buses and have now scaled up to 78 buses travelling more than 7500 kms per day carrying 3000+ park employees. Wells Fargo, one amongst the world’s leading names in banking, has started operating out of Embassy TechVillage from June 2015. They have taken a 350 seat incubation space of 57000 sft and will move into a 600,000 sft space eventually. Dr. Ekroop Caur took time out from her busy schedule to interact with the commuters, explaining the road map of this service and addressed their concerns as well. The session was attended by a large number of enthusiastic commuters. We believe such a platform will afford the city’s civic and government bodies a better insight into the challenges faced by our users and thus contribute to improved services.
  3. 3. EMBASSY GROUP PROVIDES SCHOLARSHIP TO GOVERNMENT SCHOOL STUDENTS Embassy Group handed over scholarship cheques to 68 students of the Government Kannada Model Primary School, Sarvagna Nagar, Cox Town. This was on the occasion of the students passing their 10th standard SSLC exams. The top 4 students were presented a laptop each for their exemplary performance. Embassy strongly believes in developing social infrastructure to enhance the quality of life of communities around locations where the Group has its presence. World Environment Day 2015 was jointly hosted by the leadership teams of Embassy Group, Embassy Office Parks and Embassy Services. Park users from over 30 companies including IBM, Cognizant, Alcatel Lucent, Microsoft, Sony, Cisco and many more of our client organizations joined us to celebrate World Environment Day 2015. Across our parks over 2000 enthusiastic park users joined the Embassy and client leadership teams in planting of saplings and engaging in a host of other environment friendly activities. Through this program we adopted 1700 plants within Embassy Office Parks, as a mark of our commitment to a cleaner, greener tomorrow. 1000 free saplings along with manure in recyclable paper bags were also distributed to the participants as part of the celebrations. There was also a green corner at Embassy Manyata where around 10 organizations who sell green goods or services were given space to showcase their products to the park users. As an organization, we are committed to preserving our environment through our year-round activities. Celebrations like these reiterate our dedication to the community we live in. On April 18th, 15 young-at-heart operational team members from Embassy TechZone embarked on a 30 km cycling trip from the Park to Kusegaon Dam. The entire trip, completed in 3 hours, re-emphasised yet again, how much fun and healthy exploring nature on bicycle can be. Furthering our commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle we have also installed a few bicycle stands in the campus to support other employees who cycle to work. We are hopeful that this small step of ours will go a long way in promoting an eco-friendly commute to work. At Embassy TechZone, Pune, we are revamping our rain water harvesting systems to ensure that this scarce resource is utilized optimally. This project, with a storage capacity of 625,000 cubic litres, is well underway and is expected to be completed on time, to be productive this monsoon itself. WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY RAIN WATER HARVESTING INITIATIVE FIT TO WORK – BIKE TRIP AND BICYCLE STANDS NEW INITIATIVES A large part of the Embassy education initiative is focused on identifying basic needs that are lacking in some of the government schools today and thereafter provides basic support like teachers, uniforms, writing material, computer education and daily maintenance services. Embassy Group in collaboration with an NGO called Colours of Life has undertaken to support the annual needs of 10 institutions which cover the education needs of over 2000 pupils, there- by enhancing their education.
  4. 4. AQUARIUZ SPOTLIGHT COUNTER TERRORISM DRILL AT EMBASSY MANYATA EMBASSY SERVICES ENHANCES ITS SCOPE OF OPERATIONS A counter terrorism mock drill was carried out by the GARUDA FORCE of Karnataka Police in K Block of Embassy Manyata Business Park on 24th April 2015. The event was a joint effort by IBM, Embassy Services & the GARUDA FORCE. A real life simulation drill was carried out to test the preparation level of the internal security team. This included a series of Bomb blasts in K Block, hostage scenario, arrival of the Garuda Force, briefing the teams of the Garuda Force by the Force Commander, counter terror operations by the team resulting in killing of the terrorists and rescue of hostages. The drill ended with K Block being declared safe and a demo of ‘slithering’ by the Commandos to the participants. The support given by the Embassy Services security team has been commended by the IBM team This quarter is one of firsts. In the previous newsletter, we mentioned that we have started a new vertical of Facilities Management. While we are building the capabilities internally, we have secured our first contract with Marquardt India at Embassy TechZone, Pune. We now manage the housekeeping, technical and security requirements of their 20,000+ sft of space. We have the confidence that our PM and FM services will complement each other and we will be able to deliver excellent service to our clients. April 1 2015 will be remembered as a watershed day in the history of Embassy Services. For the first time, we have moved outside the folds of the Embassy Group and ventured into other business opportunities. In this quarter, we have started operations at the Oxygen Business Park, Noida and Neo Pro, Pune covering nearly 3 million square feet of space. We have also begun the transition for The Galaxy, Noida and The Quadron, Noida. Our operation scope covers all aspects of operations including M&E, soft services and security.The clients at these parks have access to our operational helpdesk Embassy 360 which ensures that all issues that may arise are addressed swiftly and transparently. As we take these important steps towards our long-term growth objectives, we want to reiterate our commitment of service excellence to all our clients. FACILITY MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS AT MARQUARDT, EMBASSY TECHZONE, PUNE