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Embassy Services Newsletter May 2016


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Embassy Services Newsletter May 2016

Published in: Real Estate
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Embassy Services Newsletter May 2016

  1. 1. AN EMBASSY SERVICES NEWSLETTER Vol 11 MAY 2016For private circulation only 360SERVICES. 365 DAYS 2 3/4 5 Cycling our way to eco-friendliness Value-add services Client interaction with officials from civic authorities 6 Our clients love our values of honesty
  2. 2. Sustainability initiatives Quite a few of our initiatives in the past few months, contribute to our overall objective of creating an environment-friendly organization. Carpooling is one of the initiatives that we keenly support and will actively promote across our properties. We strongly believe that carpooling is the way forward to ease the traffic across urban places. We have also introduced cycles in a couple of our properties as well, to promote a healthy and pollution-free movement. The last twelve months have been one of many landmarks for Embassy Services. We have crossed some pivotal milestones in the organization’s journey towards excellence – setting up of a new business vertical in the form of FM Services and venturing outside Embassy Group to undertake the property management of Blackstone properties in Noida and Pune. Embassy Services also earned the ISO certifications (9001, 14001 and 18000) last year, as well as helped several clients to achieve their own certifications. We also expanded our team and recruited people across the organisation, including our GM of Operations - Shailendra Nath, keeping in mind our plans for long term growth. Given the activities of the last quarter, featured here in this issue, the next few months promise to be both exciting, as well as filled with activities. CEO’S MESSAGE Over the last quarter, we engaged IMRB – a leading professional market research organisation to evaluate the demand-need gap for facilities management services for our clients. This survey was done across our commercial properties through one-on-one interviews in person, or on call over a period of 4 weeks. As we do a deep dive into the responses, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who responded and shared their views. The fact that almost 50% of our clients took out an hour from their busy schedules to share their experiences and opinions, reinstates our confidence in the relationship we share with our clients. In brief, the key insights that we received were: • The top three reasons for dissatisfaction with the current service provider: Service quality levels, adherence to compliances and staff retention • More than 70% of the clients have expressed their interest and possibility of selecting Embassy Services as an Integrated Facilities Management Service Provider We are sure that these, and other detailed feedback that we received, will help us evaluate the requirement and come back with solutions that are tailor-made for you. We look forward to interacting with you extensively over the next year, and to bring you customized solutions at every step. SPOTLIGHT FACILITY MANAGEMENT AN IMRB SURVEY FINDINGS You were asked to rate various parameters which are used to consider facility manange- ment service providers. For the top parameters, your expectations were asked which have been summarized Embassy will device an appropriate strategy to ensure that the services provided exceed your expectations. Service Quality, Reputation and Cost were rated as top three parameters CYCLING OUR WAY TO ECO-FRIENDLINESS We are proud to say that we have 25 cycles at Embassy TechVillage and another 50 cycles at Embassy TechZone. This is indeed a reflection of the changing times and the eco-friendly initiatives that we constantly undertake as a Company.
  3. 3. UPDATES As an organization, there are multiple ways wherein we further our commit- ment to the environment. With more than 150,000 employees working out of our office parks, the traffic situation is bound to be chaotic at times. Over the last three months, we have been promoting carpooling by the Park users. A campaign, titled “It’s cool to carpool” has been initiated to promote carpooling amidst the Park users. We have also tied up with three carpooling companies – Quick Ride, Pool Circle and Let’s Drive Along, to make carpooling a truly successful campaign. Transport is one of the crucial value-added services that we provide to our clients. This started with BMTC Services nearly 5 years back, and has grown in leaps and bounds! These services are one of the most appreciated value adds in our portfolio. Today the portfolio of services have increased and promises to be a keen focus area. CARPOOLING Transport- an important value-add service OLA SHUTTLE In January 2016, we commenced our partnership with Ola Shuttle with the objective of providing a common flexible commute pool option for Park Users at Embassy Manyata, Embassy Tech Village and Embassy Tech Square. Employees can book seats on-the-go on the available routes and also request additional services. We believe that the use of technology such as by Ola Shuttle will not only provide improved commute options for users, but also help in reducing the traffic around the spaces we work and live in. BMTC VOLVO SERVICES As on March 31st 2016, we manage a fleet of 81 BMTC AC Volvo services at Embassy Manyata. These buses ply more than 8000 KMs every day, and together they ferry nearly 3600 users across the city of Bengaluru.
  4. 4. Embassy Plus is an all-encompassing portal created exclusively for you, the park user of Embassy Services Properties. It aims at providing interesting and valuable information to the community on a regular basis so as to enhance your experience and to get the most as an Embassy Park member. Over a period of time, we will add new segments of information based on your usage and feedback. Deals: We work on getting the best deals for you by partnering with different merchants. Blogs: Here you will get a regular dose of useful articles, quotes, tips and blogs that you can read on the go Fun Activities: Participate in Quizzes and Contests to win exciting prizes! Events: You can feel good by being part of the offline activities in your park Classifieds: We think we will be able to provide a platform where you can share value with each other by providing information that can be useful, and at the same time, offer a good deal. My Parks: You get necessary information with respect to all aspects of the Park at a single point. Shailendra Nath has joined our team as General Manager Operations, and will be responsible for overseeing operations across our commercial portfolio. His focus will be on driving further enhancements in our operating processes to enhance customer satisfaction, as well as supporting business growth into new verticals for the growth of ESPL. Shailendra carries an experience of over two decades. Prior to joining ESPL he has worked with firms like CBRE, Tata Power, Peninsula Facility Management Services, JLL, Convergys, EMBASSY PLUS NEW JOINEE UPDATES EMBASSY 360 – MOBILE APP FOR EFFICIENCY The Embassy 360 helpdesk portal has now gone one step ahead by introducing a mobile app - for both iOS and Android phones. The helpdesk has been used over the last year by more than 60% of users to raise nearly 12000 tickets across our properties. Almost 10% of the tickets were raised by the clients with the closure rate, without escalation, upwards of 90%. The Embassy 360 tool is an effective tool with enhanced features to support the operational issues that clients face in a transparent manner. The more this service is used, the better we will be able to improve our quality. For more information, write to 60% 10% of users to nearly 12000 tickets across our properties. of the tickets were raised by the clients with the closure rate, without escalation, upwards of 90%. Lucent Technologies and Honeywell International. His past experience includes management of large real estate portfolios comprising of commercial, residential and retail properties and he has experience of managing various corporate accounts like Hewitt Associates, BICS, IBM, etc.He also brings with him strong experience on sustainability, environment, health & safety and supply chain. He has worked as a certification auditor for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with Det Norske Veritas.
  5. 5. Interaction with Dr. MA Saleem – Additional Commissioner of Police – Traffic Management, Bangalore Embassy Services organized an interactive session with the clients at Embassy Manyata with the Additional Commissioner of Police – Bangalore Traffic, DR MA Saleem IAS on the 5th of February 2016. The session was hosted at Cognizant’s office. The session was attended by representatives from more than 20 companies which included facility heads and park users as well. Dr.Saleem spoke about the improvement and hurdles in traffic management across the city in general and around Embassy Manyata in particular. He congratulated Embassy on the initiatives taken by us to help improve traffic around the campus such as the Skywalk and the carpooling campaign. Post his talk there was a 45 minute Q&A session which saw more than 10 questions from on a range of issues. Dr.Saleem answered them in great detail. The session was very well appreciated by clients with a request for organizing more such meetings. Interaction with Dr. Harsha PS, IPS – Deputy Commissioner of Police – North East Division, Bangalore. The Embassy Services team works very closely with the local authorities to ensure safety of our employees in and around the spaces we manage. As part of the ongoing relationship, the DCP, NE Division, Dr. Harsha PS, at his own initiative visited Embassy Manyata to have an interaction with the clients on the topic of women’s safety in the IT sector. He explained the initiatives that the Police Department has taken and will be taking such as Whatsapp group for communicating correct information on a timely basis, templates for complaints to enable remote FIR and more. He expressed his willingness to take suggestions for improvement which the esteemed audience, comprised of HR, Admin and employee representatives provided adequately. We strongly believe that such interactions with the civic authorities will help us as a community to be aware of things around and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Client interaction with officials from civic authorities. NEWS ROUND UP The Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Karnataka Government, Mr. Krishna Byre Gowda and the sitting MLA from the Byatarayanapura Constituen- cy, on his own initiative, expressed an interest to meet the heads of clients located at Embassy Manyata. He wanted to address the grave traffic situation around Embassy Manyata which was leading to chaos, citizen dissatisfaction and loss of productivity. Throughout the hour and a half long, interactive session he emphasized the need for the individual clients to promote carpooling within our employee community. We also facilitated the presence of three carpooling app company founders and representatives from BMTC, BBMP and Traffic police. The meeting concluded with Mr. Gowda promising to keep an eye on the steps taken to improve the situation and do regular milestone meetings. Interaction with the Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Karnataka Government, Mr. Krishna Byre Gowda
  6. 6. Our clients love our values of honesty. Here is what they had to say! “I had misplaced 22,000 /- in the parking area some days back and was so happy to see your team display the best of TRUST, VALUES and INTEG- RITY by returning the entire amount to me with their due checks. I also want to mention that before handing the money back to me, your team did all the checks to ensure that they are following all the processes and giving it to correct owner. The Gardener who actually found the money would not accept any monetary gratitude and he said he was merely doing his duty and wanted only my blessings. I was awe-struck and really wish to sincerely appreciate the team that you have to work with you. Thanks again team.You people are the real example of "High Values and Integrated Team " Shikha Srivastava HRP (SLNC-Pune) “I would like to thank you on behalf of all the children in school who are grateful to you and your team for a very clean environment. We really appreciate the time, effort, manpower and the resources you put in, to make sure that all the schools are cleaned regularly and maintained well. We have received a donation of two spray pumps with medicine, to protect the schools against the mosquito hazard. We will be getting our staff to use the same now that the deep cleaning is done on a regular basis. Thanks again and hope you can join us in school on Feb 3rd or Feb 6th.” Simran Chandok Managing Trustee Colours of Life "Empowerment Through Education" “I must say that the support extended by you all is remarkable and appreciable. Once again my sincere thanks to all of you. Keep up the momentum and continue to support each other.” Chenna Narsimham Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd. “Thank you Mr.Mahesh and entire Embassy Property Management office for the prompt help in retrieving my gold ring which I had lost in the campus. Efforts like these make us all continue to believe in the value of ethics and human trust. Keep up the nice work !!!! Vinay Cisco WOW SERVICES GOVERNMENT SCHOOL DEEP CLEANING INITIATIVE As part of our CSR initiatives, we took the responsibility of ‘deep cleaning’ of 8 Government Schools supported by the Embassy Group and managed by the NGO ‘Colours of Life.’ This is an annual activity conducted absolutely free of cost, to ensure that the students at these schools get a clean and healthy environment to pursue their academics. CSR LOST & FOUND