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Woman in black ta re done


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re done textual analysis of the woman in black

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Woman in black ta re done

  2. 2. Camera Shots • Throughout the trailer a variety of angles are shown to the audience because this makes the film more visually aesthetic to watch as it allows the film to establish a setting. For example a high angle shot is used of Daniel Radcliffe walking into the haunted house. This means that the audience is looking down at the character so it connotes that because he has entered the house he is now vulnerable. This indicates that the film is of the Horror genre as the audience think something is going to happen to him. • A medium shot is used of the character falling a sleep in his chair. This also shows some of the setting which emphasizes how old the house is. Foreground helps to show the protagonist as calm and unsuspecting whilst the background shows something dark lurking in the shadows waiting for him. This is the first scene where the audience get to see the antagonist, this is the Woman in Black. This again connotes that Daniel Radcliffe is in a insecure position as he isn’t aware the woman is there. This is an important shot to show the antagonist as it connotes that the antagonist is always watching him even if he is asleep. • The trailer also uses lots of close up shots mainly of the doll/clown figures. Dolls are a convention for horror films as many people have fears of them, therefore they could be used to signify that something is about to happen to the character. The dolls are also very old and are dirty which signifies that the house is aged.
  3. 3. • The setting is introduced through the use of establishing long shots. The first use of these long shots is when we can see Daniel Radcliffe arriving to the house. This establishing long shot shows the setting of the film. The audience can see that Daniel Radcliffe is isolated and in a rural location. At this stage there is Low key lighting as the sky is gloomy which represents the atmosphere. And the tone of the film. During this long shot Daniel Radcliffe is shown looking back at a cross, this signifies that he is re- considering going out to the house and might turn back. The use of a cross is quite intriguing as it is iconic to the Christian religion it is conventionally used in ‘Vampire’ movies to protect the protagonists. This suggest that there is some form of higher being in the house. • There is another establishing long shot that establishes the house/setting where the character will be based. The house also is shown as being old and looks haunted. One way it looks haunted is by the over growth of plants that make it look abandoned and the gloomy atmosphere adds to the tension the house gives off and creates a sense of foreboding. In addition by having an isolated old house it follows conventions as in horrors the setting is usually isolated to make it difficult for the protagonist to find help and old houses are associated with ghosts of past people who have lived there. • There is a heavy use of high angle shots in the trailer, These are used to make the main protagonist look vulnerable in the setting. The main high angle is shown through an establishing shot which creates dramatic irony as the audience can see what is going to happen to Daniel Radcliffe before he knows and creates a sense of sympathy and fear for the protagonist.
  4. 4. EDITING • Parallel editing is also used during the trailer when the character is in the house as the toys are moving whilst Daniel Radcliffe is shown making his way towards the house. • As the trailer progresses the shot speed increases which signifies an increase in tension and therefore is suggesting to the audience that something is about to happen. Also because this is a trailer the producer shows little snippets of the film to interest the audience so if the shot duration is very short the viewers will question what they just saw, so the audience will be intrigued. • Cross cutting features in the trailer throughout. This involves the shots being shown in a non chronological order to confuse the audience therefore making them want to watch the film after the trailer. • Finally all of the exciting shots are used at the end of the trailer, this is conventional to horror films as the plot begins as calm and relaxed as we are introduced to the setting and characters however as we are introduced to the problem the characters storyline begins to go downhill and more action is involved hence the fast paced shots at the end so they are more exciting.
  5. 5. SOUND • Sound is an important factor towards The Woman In Black trailer as it tells the audience that the film is of the horror genre. In this case the Children’s music box is used for the majority of the trailer, this creates an uneasy atmosphere because a slowed down music box creates a sense that something bad will happen at the end of the song. The music is sounded as the audience are shown shots of the toys, this could connote that children may play a considerable role in the film. This could be because children are represented as easily manipulated in horrors so the children could possibly become possessed. • Another way that the music box creates an uneasy atmosphere is when the audience would expect to hear sounds from the fire and the characters screaming however the music box overrides this and it doesn't’t fit to any of the action on screen. • Another Use of sound is through the weather and the surrounding environment. Diegetic sound is used in terms of the rain, thunder and lightning, once again this connotes a negative and gloomy atmosphere representative to other Horror films. Diegetic sound is a convention of paranormal horrors because doors creaking and slamming are associated with ghosts as you can see the actions taking place but not the person.
  6. 6. MISE-EN-SCENE Setting • The setting is conventional to other horror films as the protagonist is isolated in a singular house. The house also follows horror conventions as it is ran down abandoned and is very dark inside from the use of low key lighting. • A medium shot is used in the trailer showing some metal bars representative of prison bars. This connotes that the protagonist is trapped and there is no escape. • Finally there is a long shot of Daniel Radcliffe running through a forest. This is also a convention for horror films as the forest tends to be blocking light therefore connotes that someone ore something could be hiding in the shadows. In addition you become isolated and therefore have less chance of getting out alive.
  7. 7. Lighting • The house where Daniel Radcliffe is based for the film contains lots of dark colours like black which emphasizes jump scares for the audiences experience. The colour black is represents death as well which could suggest the problems that the protagonist will face. Also the Woman in Black contains the colour ‘Black’ in her name which suggests that she is the antagonist. • The overall lighting throughout the film is very low key which connotes a dark and gloomy atmosphere during the film. Once again this also prevents the audience from seeing what has happened and makes them more fearful every time the protagonist enters the shadows. Props • There are only a few noticeable props in the film trailer. One of these is the children's toys , this is an enigma as they are used to creep the audience out and make them think why they link to the storyline. • The other noticeable prop is when Daniel Radcliffe arrives to the house in a horse and carriage which signifies that the film is set in a pre-modern era, which would explain the old style and design of the house.
  8. 8. Costume • The costumes are specific to the Victorian era in Britain and is a common theme throughout the trailer there is no costume that stands out in particular or is disassociated with this time period… • Daniel Radcliffe is wearing a suit during the trailer. This is a convention for the protagonist in horror films as they wear suits to make them look professional and therefore connoting that he is a respected figure in the community and is most likely high in the social ladder. In a way this is also a stereotype as people think that if someone is dressed smartly they should be clever themselves. • The Woman in Black is wearing black clothing which links back to her name. This is effective in the trailer as she blends in with the low key lighting, this is effective in scaring the audience as the Woman In Black blends in with the backgrounds. This is a convention as antagonists our linked with dark, black and mysterious clothing. The black veil further heightens the fear amongst the audience as you cannot see her face properly and therefore removes the human element that she has and therefore cannot be linked to the audience. • There is a scene in the trailer where an establishing shot is used to show 3 children wearing white dresses. This appears in other horror films as well as it is seen as scary to viewers. Representations • During this trailer the genders seem to be represented as equal. However the more dominant character in the film is the female character as the protagonist who is male appears to be hiding and running away from the Woman In Black, this is unconventional for the horror genre. The film trailer doesn’t reinforce ideology that male characters in horror films are violent or murderers but in this case it is the female character.
  9. 9. PROPP’S CHARACTER THEORY • The hero in the film is Arthur kipps played by Daniel Radcliffe as he tries to restore the equilibrium in the village by putting the villain to death. • The villain is The woman in black as she disrupts the equilibrium by trying to harm people in the village as well as the hero therefore The Woman In Black is clearly the antagonist. • The princess of the film appears to be the children living in the village as The Woman In Black is trying to get to them however Daniel Radcliffe is trying to save them. Todorov’s Theory • The equilibrium is shown through a series of shots at the beginning of the trailer, these shots show the setting ( the house and the rooms in it) and the character arriving, all is calm at this stage however there is a gloomy atmosphere. • The disruption occurs when the narrative begins to talk about The Woman In Black and how she is always there after dark and that the whole town is cursed. • The recognition of disruption in the trailer occurs when Daniel Radcliffe is shown running away from the Woman In Black as the audience now know that she is bad as they have seen it fro themselves. • There is no attempt to repair or new equilibrium in the trailer. This is because the producers want the viewers of the trailer to buy the film.
  10. 10. TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience is very similar to other horror films and the purpose of the trailer is to try and intrigue the audience so that they buy the film therefore increasing sales. Socio Economic scale • I think that people in groups B-D would watch this trailer. This is because people in group A are focused on work therefore would have little time to watch movies and people in group E are pensioners and unemployed. These are unlikely to watch the film because pensioners are not associated with watching horror films and the unemployed won’t want to spend there money on films and other luxury items. Therefore people In groups B-D are less focused on work but still have a solid income in order to pay to watch films like The Woman In Black. ITV sales • The ITV sales categories that The Woman In Black would appeal to is ‘Men aged between 16-34’ , ‘Women aged between 16-34’ and adults. This is because these age categories like jump scares and horror films and although the film is given the age rating 18+ many people under the age of 18 still watch the films therefore people from the age 16-18 will be a big section of the films target audience. Also people that are fans of Daniel Radcliffe who is a big name actor from Harry Potter may watch the film. Uses & Gratification theory Personal identification is going on a trip somewhere or buying a new house, Inform is being wary about going in to old run down, isolated houses by yourself, Entertain is jump scares and heart in mouth moments, Social Response is talking to friends about who the woman in black is and why she wants to hurt the protagonist.