Menggabungkan gambar 2 d kedalam sajian multimedia 1 english


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Menggabungkan gambar 2 d kedalam sajian multimedia 1 english

  1. 1. Combining 2D image to theMultimedia ServingsDescribe the multimedia
  2. 2. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 2 Isikan Judul HalamanDescribes multimediacommunication.1. In this material the students are expected todescribe the skills and knowledge requiredto combine 2D images into a multimediapresentation in the production of culturalindustries.2. Doing work with digital images3. And using 2D multimedia graphics software
  3. 3. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 3 Isikan Judul HalamanDescribes multimediacommunication.-. Creating Multimedia 2D graphicdesign-. Displaying 2D digital art
  4. 4. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 4 Isikan Judul HalamanDoing work with digital images-.The correct term for digital imagesused in a specific context.-.Use range graphics file formats-.majemen transfer system files anddisplay properly, including storage,Importing, Exporting, and transferof digital images as electronic files.
  5. 5. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 5 Isikan Judul HalamanDoing work with digital images-.Software program for editingbitmap and vector graphics toidentify and describe contemporaryfeatures.-.Properties vector and bitmapimages are identified anddescribed fitu-features.-.Conversion from the bitmap intovector image and vice versaspecifik shown to work.
  6. 6. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 6 Isikan Judul HalamanDoing work with digital images-.Scanning equipment is properlyoperated to convert the tone orcontinuous line into a digital imagewith detailed attention to tone,halfone, resolution, and imagecorrection.
  7. 7. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 7 Isikan Judul HalamanUsing 2D multimedia graphicssoftware-.2D software assessed and selectedaccording to the required media(hard copy or screen).-.Published income andexpenditures of the selectedgraphics software and equipmentand the program features usedcorrectly.
  8. 8. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 8 Isikan Judul HalamanUsing 2D multimedia graphicssoftware-.Editing and graphics manipulationand display tools and features, theprogram features used correctly-.Graphs saved and opened using afile format that has been selected.
  9. 9. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 9 Isikan Judul HalamanUsing 2D multimedia graphicssoftware-. Graphic design that combines elementswere created using software that hasbeen selected to produce vectorgraphics or bitmap of digital artwork.-. A simple design solutions are assessedfor the appropriate digital images.
  10. 10. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 10 Isikan Judul HalamanCreating Multimedia 2D graphicdesign-.Graphic design that combines theprinciples were created usingsoftware that has been selected toproduce a vector or bitmap graphicsand digital art.
  11. 11. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 11 Isikan Judul HalamanMenciptakan design grafik Multimedia2D-.Composition and mosaic artworkcreated by adjusting the digital imagemode and resolution, imagemodification using a filter, choose theappropriate color mode with theresults and make a halftone and colorseparation for printing the relevantprocedures.
  12. 12. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 12 Isikan Judul HalamanCreating Multimedia 2D graphicdesign-.Graphic design elementsincorporated into the multimediaseries.-.Graphic design edited (and addedemphasis) using an accurateselection techniques, specialeffects, cropping and resize images,and stored using software that hasbeen selected
  13. 13. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 13 Isikan Judul HalamanDisplaying 2D digital art-.The graph on the test and run aspart of a multimedia display.-.Digital images are professionallyprepared for the multimediadisplay using "mount cutter".-.Graph is titled and laminatedaccording to the size of the display.
  14. 14. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 14 Isikan Judul HalamanDisplaying 2D digital art-.Large digital artwork that is notshown under screened coloredglass or Perspex.-.Images published electronicallywhen needed.
  15. 15. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 15 Isikan Judul HalamanMake corrections and adjust thenature of digital images-.Editing images in Adobe photoshopsoftware-.Corrected image sharpness-.Corrected noise-.Correcting color-.Corrected image sequence
  16. 16. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 16 Isikan Judul HalamanEditing images in Adobephotoshop software-.Corrected image sharpness-.By accessing the menu-Sharpenfilter, this command willautomatically sharpen the image.-.Can also manually using the SmartSharpen filter that can be accessedfrom the menu Filter-Sharpen-Sharpen smart.
  17. 17. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 17 Isikan Judul HalamanEditing images in Adobephotoshop software-. Correcting color-. Can use the menu imae Adjustment,which is on the menu image-adjustment-. Another menu is among others are:color balance, hue and sarutation, levels,curves, and contrast brightnes.-. All these menus can change colors inthe picture.
  18. 18. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 18 Isikan Judul HalamanEditing images in Adobephotoshop software-.Corrected image sequence-.If you have a series of images withthe same coloring, you can savethe color settings used intersebutuntuk another time.-.How, in a photoshop program,select the optimum settings. Click thesave command and input names.Open the next picture, then clickthe Load button and apply thesettings youve made.
  19. 19. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 19 Isikan Judul HalamanEditing images in Adobephotoshop software-.Noise correction-.Despackle menu, which can beaccessed from the menu-filternoise-despackle.-.This filter can remove noise andsmooth the image, but sometimescan eliminate the details andnatural texture images.
  20. 20. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 20 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Communications andVisual Communication-.Graphic design: designing orcomposing materials (letters, picturesand other graphical elements) intovisual information in the media(print) who understood thecommunity.-.Illustration: displaying informationwith a hand drawing skills andimagination pemuangan
  21. 21. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 21 Isikan Judul HalamanKomunikasi grafis dan KomunikasiVisual-.Photography: displaying informationto catch the light through the skillsand expertise of selected camera /processing shots.
  22. 22. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 22 Isikan Judul HalamanKnowledge and skills that mustbe possessed.-.Graphic Design: Required to haveknowledge and skills if the letter /typography: font family, fontseries, the weight of the letter, theterms of typography, letterprocessing skills manually (byhand) and digital (computer).-.Illustrator: drawing skills andsensitivity to the image elements(lines, color field st)
  23. 23. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 23 Isikan Judul HalamanKnowledge and skills that mustbe possessed.-.Photographer: Required to have basicknowledge of physics of light (lensand film), and chemical images.
  24. 24. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 24 Isikan Judul HalamanStage information pack-.Selecting and setting the topic ofpackaging will be made and theinformation that will be covered.-.Determining the strategy inseeking information.-.Determine the location and how toaccess the information.
  25. 25. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 25 Isikan Judul HalamanStage information pack-.Synthesize the information pack.-.Evaluating the products made, andevaluate the manufacturingprocess.-.Using the information in a way toevaluate and mensitir information
  26. 26. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 26 Isikan Judul HalamanStage information pack-.Danmenetapkan selecting topicsfrom the packaging to be made andthe information that will becovered.-.To determine the topics to becollected a variety of input andideas that usually come from:consumers, scientists, competitors,top management / decisionmakers.
  27. 27. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 27 Isikan Judul HalamanStage information pack-.Determining the strategy inseeking information.-.Activities include: determining thetype of information required, andthe types of information sourcesthat can help find the informationneeded
  28. 28. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 28 Isikan Judul HalamanStage information pack-.Determine the location and how toaccess the information.-.Activities include: using the librarycatalog, using a magazine index,looking for information on theInternet, CD-ROM.
  29. 29. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 29 Isikan Judul HalamanBitmap vs Vektor-.Graphic pictures processed using acomputer is usually divided intotwo types, namely:BitmapVector-.If you want to print menndapatkana good result you must be able tocombine the two types of data.
  30. 30. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 30 Isikan Judul HalamanBitmap vs Vektor-.The pictures that are scanned arebitmap images.-.While the pictures are createdusing applications like Adobeillustrator, free corel draw handand will be stored into vector grapics.
  31. 31. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 31 Isikan Judul HalamanBITMAP-.As the name suggests, a bitmapimage is a collection of bits thatform an image.-.Image contain point units (pixels)that have each color (called a bit,the smallest unit of information onthe computer.
  32. 32. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 32 Isikan Judul HalamanBITMAP
  33. 33. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 33 Isikan Judul HalamanBITMAP-.On the left picture, you can see ascene.-.And the right picture, is a 250%enlargement of the top of onemountain.-.Image consists of hundreds ofrows and columns of smallelements with respective colors.
  34. 34. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 34 Isikan Judul HalamanBITMAP-.Each element is called a pixel(short for picture element).-.The human eye can not see eachpixel it, so we caught it as smoothgradiasi.-.The more the number of pixels onan image, the more good andrealistic pictur
  35. 35. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 35 Isikan Judul HalamanType of bitmap images1. Line ArtAn image that consists of twocolors, usually black and white.Usually used as a bitmapimage as the computer onlyuses one bit.
  36. 36. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 36 Isikan Judul HalamanType of bitmap images2. Grayscale ImagesIe images consisting of various grayin color produces black and white.
  37. 37. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 37 Isikan Judul HalamanType of bitmap images3. MultitonesConsists of two colors or more.Figure multitones commonly used isduotones, which usually consists ofblack alloys with a special color(Pantone color). Colors used in theimage above is a blend of black colorwith Pantone Warm Red.
  38. 38. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 38 Isikan Judul HalamanType of bitmap images4. Full Color ImagesAn image that has colors that lookrealistic. Color information is describedusing standard types of colors such asRGB, CMYK, or Lab.
  39. 39. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 39 Isikan Judul HalamanCharacteristics of Bitmap Images-.Will produce a bitmap image filethat big weight.-.Dimensional image magnificationis a lack of bitmap images.-.Once an image is enlarged toomuch, will look natural and notbroken.
  40. 40. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 40 Isikan Judul HalamanCharacteristics of Bitmap Images-.Likewise with the zoom a picture, willgive a bad effect
  41. 41. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 41 Isikan Judul HalamanBitmap data applications-.There are hundreds of applicationson the market that can be used tocreate or modify the image filewith bitmap data.-.In the world of printing, AdobePhotoshop is an application thatdominate the market. But thatdoes not mean applications areless expensive alternatives such asCorel Photo-Paint can beunderestimated.
  42. 42. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 42 Isikan Judul HalamanFile format used for bitmap dataImages with a bitmap data format canbe stored in various file formats,among others:BMP file format is limited, not suitablefor print.
  43. 43. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 43 Isikan Judul HalamanFormat File yang digunakan untuk DataBitmapEPS; a flexible file format, which cancontain bitmap and vector images.TIFF; a bitmap file format is mostpopular for printing.
  44. 44. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 44 Isikan Judul HalamanFile format used for bitmap dataGIF; usually used for graphics-graphics on the Internet.JPEG; or JFIF file format, too, usuallyused as a graphic or picture on theinternet because it has a level ofimage sharpness that can affect theweight of the file.
  45. 45. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 45 Isikan Judul HalamanFile format used for bitmap dataPICT format files that can containbitmap and vector images, but usuallythis file is only used by Macintoshcomputers and not very suitable forprinting.
  46. 46. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 46 Isikan Judul HalamanGRAFIS VEKTOR (VECTOR GRAPHICS) Vector graphic is an image that is displayedusing the mathematical definition.
  47. 47. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 47 Isikan Judul HalamanGRAFIS VEKTOR (VECTOR GRAPHICS)-.The picture above shows theprinciple works.-.On the left picture, is the imageproduced.-.Figure on the right you can see theactual lines that create the look ofa picture.
  48. 48. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 48 Isikan Judul HalamanGRAFIS VEKTOR (VECTOR GRAPHICS)-.Each line consists of a lot of pointsof connected points, or may alsoconsist of several points pointsinterconnected controllers usingbezier curves.-.This is one method that can createthe best results and is used bymost applications the currentimage.
  49. 49. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 49 Isikan Judul HalamanVector Image Characteristics-.Images typically have a weightvector files small enough because itonly contains data on bezier curvesthat form an image.-.EPS file format is often used tostore vector drawings that can giveappearance of bitmap images(bitmap preview image) in thebezier data.
  50. 50. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 50 Isikan Judul HalamanVector Image Characteristics-.The weight of the image filesusually look larger than its bezierdata itself.-.Not all vector images can bemodified scale as you wish.
  51. 51. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 51 Isikan Judul HalamanVector Image CharacteristicsDimensional vector images canusually be modified withoutcompromising picture quality.This makes it ideal in making thecompany logo, a map / plan, orother objects that often requires achange of scale / dimension.
  52. 52. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 52 Isikan Judul HalamanVector Image CharacteristicsImages can only be modified scale upto 20 percent larger or smaller.Thin lines may disappear if the imagevector is reduced too much.Small errors in an image can be seenclearly when the image is enlargedtoo much.
  53. 53. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 53 Isikan Judul HalamanApplication of Vector DataThere are hundreds of applications onthe market that can be used to createor modify vector data.In the world of printing, AdobeIllustrator, Freehand and Corel Draware the applications that are popular.
  54. 54. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 54 Isikan Judul HalamanFile format used for vector dataIn general, vector data can be storedin file formats:EPS format is the most popular file tostore the image vector EPS format,although they may also containbitmap data.PDF format are quite versatile file,which can contain any data, includingfull pages.
  55. 55. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 55 Isikan Judul HalamanFile format used for vector dataPICT format files that can containbitmap and vector data, but usuallyonly be used by the computermacintosh.
  56. 56. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 56 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChartIn science grafika "color guide" is themost important thing to be listenedto.Color ChipsColor Chips is a color samples in orderto guide the colors in the colorreproduction; usually a torn takenfrom a book or a color printout.
  57. 57. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 57 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChart
  58. 58. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 58 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChartIn the first row shows examples ofspecial colors that can usually bemade by printing ink manufacturers.Use this special color needs to beobserved, because the trend of colorreproduction (especially in theprinting industry pack) Special colorscan be combined use with other color(Plate Bump, Pantone Hexachrome,Opaltone System) à Multi-ColorProcess).
  59. 59. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 59 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChartThe second line is an example ofcolors that can be made from acombination of printing with 4 colorprocess, namely Cyan, Magenta,Yellow and Black; abbreviated CMYK.The third line is a guide the colorcombination of RGB color model (Red,Green, Blue), these colors can only bedisplayed with optical devices such asmonitors; RGB colors were neveractually printed and not intended forcolor printing guidelines.
  60. 60. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 60 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChartColor ChartsColor Chart for color guidebookcombination of process colors (CMYKcolor model good or PantoneHexachrome color system or otherprocesses).
  61. 61. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 61 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChart
  62. 62. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 62 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChartColor Chart in producing a few thingsto note, in order to succeed ColorChart to:The thickness of the ink duringprinting to normal in accordance withprinting techniques, do not be forcedto get the color intensity (colordensity).
  63. 63. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 63 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChartSet the value Enlargement Raster(Tone Value Increment / TVI) ormore often referred to Dot Gain inaccordance with standard print,usually 22%.Print with variations and a minimumtolerance, the total variation andmaximum tolerance ΔEab = 4.
  64. 64. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 64 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. Color ChartMeasuring the color parameters in theright way, use Spectrophotometer X-Rite brand has many circulating inIndonesia.
  65. 65. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 65 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChart Color GuideColor Handbook lists only colors.Formula Guide, the manual includescolor with the color formula can bemade.
  66. 66. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 66 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Chips, Color Guide vs. ColorChart
  67. 67. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 67 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing GuideA color is generally divided intoprimary colors, secondary, andtertiary.Primary color is the color of the mostaffecting other colors in the spectrum,namely red, yellow and blue.
  68. 68. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 68 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing GuideSecondary colors are colors that are acombination of two primary colors,like purple (red and blue), green(blue and yellow), and orange (yellowand red).
  69. 69. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 69 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing GuideTertiary colors are colors that aremixing primary colors with secondarybalanced portions, such as red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green,blue-green, blue-purple, and red-purple.
  70. 70. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 70 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing GuideBased on color theory, goodkombunasi are:use two different colors in the colorenvironment.three consecutive colors in the colorcircle.
  71. 71. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 71 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing Guidetwo pairs of colors (total of four)different.Clearly this is a summary:
  72. 72. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 72 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing Guide1. Primary colors (red, yellow, andblue) will appear dekoreasi dominantin your house.Secondary colors (green, orange,and unggu) can be bound to oneanother, but there must be parts thatare softened in order to be seentogether.
  73. 73. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 73 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing GuideTertiary colors (blue-green, yellow-green, red-orange) can be combinedand provide a spectacular view.Or a monochromatic color consists ofonly one type of color, will be veryinteresting if a color is used as apattern. For example, in one room andthe color dipergelap other diruangansoftened.
  74. 74. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 74 Isikan Judul HalamanColor Choosing GuideThe colors adjacent on the colorwheel, will be used harmoniouslytogether in one house. For examplethe red-orange with orange.The combination of primary colors(red) with a secondary color (purple)will create a space that seemed fun.
  75. 75. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 75 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEScience Soft ware:Officer / User end the study ofcomputer usage bgaimana well danïƒ:true and the optimization of the useof it alone in this office applicationssetandard Exp: using Ms word to type,excel to make data statistic.dll
  76. 76. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 76 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEMultimedia field study of thepengolaan grafis2 / 3 dimensions,audio and videoïƒ: Exp: photo shop,corel, etc. play cool.
  77. 77. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 77 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCESoftware engineering field study ofthe use of programming languages tobuild applications on operatingsystemïƒ: Exp: Pascal, COBOL, basica,Delpi, c + +, java, Visual BasicSciences to study the neighboringfields penggunaanïƒ ManagementComputers: computer in the set, abody mengelula Organization /Company Administration to order, etc.Exp: MyYob, cashier programs, etc..
  78. 78. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 78 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEScience hardware: Troble FieldShooting: The science of learningabout computer hardware andnetworking field problem: science islearning about the communicationrelationships between more than onecomputer device in a network areakompueter Although science itself butthe positions are classified betweensoftware and hardware can not beseparated because the devices arekey components of building acomputer organization
  79. 79. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 79 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCECOMPUTERDefinition: According to the AnnualComputer (Robert H. Blissmer): Acomputer is an electronic device thatcan perform several tasks as follows:Accept input, this input to Process inaccordance with the program, Savethe commands and the results ofprocessing, providing output in theform of information .
  80. 80. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 80 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEComputer is a data processing (dataprocessor) that can perform largecalculations and fast, including a largearithmetic or logic operations,without human intervention duringthe processing operation (thisdefinition is taken and the AmericanNational Standards Institute and hasbeen discussed and approved in ameeting of the InternationalOrganization for StandardizationTechnical Committee).
  81. 81. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 81 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCECOMPUTER SYSTEMSo that the computer can be used toprocess the data, it must form acomputer system (computer system).
  82. 82. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 82 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEThe system is a network rather thanthe elements that are interconnected,forming a single unit to carry out abasic goal and the system.The main objective of the computersystem is processing the data toproduce information. So that the maingoal accomplished, then there mustbe elements that support it.
  83. 83. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 83 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEThe elements of computer systems issoftware, hardware and brainware.1. Hardware (hardware / hardware)is peratatan on computer systems arephysically visible and can be touched.
  84. 84. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 84 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCE2. Software (software / software) is aprogram that contains commands toperform data processing.3. Brainware are human beingsinvolved in the operation and managecomputer systems.
  85. 85. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 85 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCESOFTWARE (SOFT WARE)1950 Pioner era â € "Form 1965ansoftware initially is the connectionsbetween the cable into the computer,another way of accessing a computeris to use a punched card is a card inthe holes.CLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE
  86. 86. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 86 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEStable Era 1965 - 1980 Where in theera of the system began to be knowniniPada BASIS Data: In an era ofsteady use of computers has much inuse, not only by researchers andacademic circles, but also by theindustry / company.
  87. 87. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 87 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEA software able to resolve many users(multi user) fast / immediate (realtime). In this era began in the knowndatabase system, which separates theprogram (processing) with the data(which in the process).
  88. 88. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 88 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEModern Era 1990 S / D NOW We havethe software already everywhere, notonly on a supercomputer with 25processors, a computer hasgenggampun equipped with softwarethat can synchronize with your PC.Not just computers, and evenequipment such as telephone, TV, upto the washing machine, airconditioner and microwave, has beenin the plant software to manage theoperation of the equipment.
  89. 89. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 89 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCESOFT WARE: a program that containscommands to perform dataprocessing.The program is a collection of dataand detailed instructions orcommands that have been preparedso that the computer can perform itsfunctions in a certain way.
  90. 90. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 90 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEData is a collection of events thatraised and a reality. - Processing datausing a computer known as ElectronicData processing (PDE) or ElectronicData Processing (EDP).
  91. 91. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 91 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEData can be numbers, letters orspecial symbols or a combination ofhim.Raw data still can not tell you a lot, soneed to be processed further.
  92. 92. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 92 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEData Processing (data processing) isthe manipulation and data into a formthat is more useful and moremeaningful, in the form of aninformation.Information (information) is theresult of data processing andactivities that provide a moremeaningful form of an event.
  93. 93. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 93 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCESo Electronic Data Processing (PDE)or Electronic Data Processing (EDP) isthe manipulation of data into moremeaningful form of an information byusing an electronic device, namely acomputer.
  94. 94. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 94 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEDevelopment of data processing cycleOrigination. This stage is associatedwith the process of data collection isusually the process of recording(recording) data to the basicdocument.
  95. 95. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 95 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEInput. This stage is the process ofentering data into the computerthrough the input device (inputdevice).Processing. This stage is theprocessing of the data is entered bymeans of processing (processingdevice), which can be a process tocalculate, compare, classify, sort,control or seek in storage.
  96. 96. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 96 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEOutput. This stage is the process ofproducing the output of the dataprocessing results to the outputdevice (output device), ie in the formof information.
  97. 97. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 97 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCEDistribution. This stage is the processof distribution of output to the rightside and need information.Storage.This stage is the process of recordingthe processing results to the externalstorage (storage). Results ofprocessing stored in the storage canbe used as input material for the nextprocess.
  98. 98. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 98 Isikan Judul HalamanCLASSIFICATION OF COMPUTERSCIENCERecognize the Right File Format forImage or picture.For graphic designers (graphicdesigner) beginners, may find itdifficult to distinguish between oneformat to another.
  99. 99. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 99 Isikan Judul HalamanPSD (Photoshop Document)This file format is the native format ofAdobe Photoshop.This format can store the informationlayer and alpha channel contained inan image, so that one day can beopened and edited again.
  100. 100. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 100 Isikan Judul HalamanBMP (Bitmap Image)This file format is a flexible graphicsformat for Windows platform that canbe read by any graphics program.This format can store informationwith high levels served until 1 bits 24bits.
  101. 101. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 101 Isikan Judul HalamanBMP (Bitmap Image)The weakness of this file format is notable to save the alpha channel, andthere are obstacles in the exchangeplatform.You can compress this file format withRLE compression.
  102. 102. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 102 Isikan Judul HalamanEPS (Encapsuled Postcript)This file format is a format often usedfor document exchange betweengraphical programs.This file format often used when wantto print the image.
  103. 103. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 103 Isikan Judul HalamanJPG/JPEG (Joint Photographic ExpertGroup)This file format can compress theobject with a high level in accordancewith the options provided.This file format can store pictures incolor mode RGB, CMYK, andGrayscale.
  104. 104. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 104 Isikan Judul HalamanGIF (Graphic Interchange Format)This file format can only store in 8bits (only supports the Grayscalecolor mode, Bitmap and IndexedColor).This file format can compress a smallsize using LZW compression.
  105. 105. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 105 Isikan Judul HalamanTIF (Tagged Image Format File)This file format can store pictureswith the quality up to 32 bits.Almost all programs that can readbitmap file formats are also able toread the TIF file format.
  106. 106. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 106 Isikan Judul HalamanPCXThis file format was developed by acompany called Zoft Cooperation.This file format can store pictures inRGB color mode, Grayscale, andIndexed Color Bitmpa.
  107. 107. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 107 Isikan Judul HalamanPDF (Portable Document Format)This file format used by AdobeAcrobat, and can be used by the pixel-based graphics or vector.This file format is often used JPG andZIP compression, except for the colormode of bitmap using CCIT.
  108. 108. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 108 Isikan Judul HalamanPNG (Portable Network Graphic)This file format serves as analternative to GIF file format.The advantages of this file formatcompared to the GIF format is theability to save files in the bit depth to24 bit and capable of producingbackground (background) istransparent with a smooth edge.
  109. 109. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 109 Isikan Judul HalamanPIC (Pict)This file format is standard in theMacintosh graphics applications andtext-processing program with highquality for the transfer of documentsbetween applications.This file format also provides a choicebetween 16-bit and 32 bit in RGBcolor mode.
  110. 110. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 110 Isikan Judul HalamanTGA (Targa)This file format is designed forplatforms that use the Targa TrueVision Video Board.This file format allows documentsuntuk store the results of renderingof an animation program with asequence of output results as 3DStudio Max.
  111. 111. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 111 Isikan Judul HalamanIFF (Interchange File Format)This file format is commonly used towork with the Video Toaster and theexchange process and thedocumentation of Comodore AmigaSystem.This file format is not able to save thealpha channel.
  112. 112. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 112 Isikan Judul HalamanSCT (Scitex Continous Tone)This file format used to store high-quality documents on Scitexcomputers. This file format can storepictures in color mode RGB, CMYK,and Grayscale but was unable to savethe alpha channel.
  113. 113. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 113 Isikan Judul HalamanPXR (Pixar)This file format for documentexchange with the Pixar ImageComputer. This file format can storepictures in color mode RGB andGrayscale with alpha channel 1.
  114. 114. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 114 Isikan Judul HalamanRAWThis file format is a flexible file formatfor the exchange of documentsbetween applications and platforms.This file format can store color modesRGB, CMYK, and Grayscale with alphachannel 1 and the color modeMultichannel, Lab Color and duotonewithout alpha channel.
  115. 115. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 115 Isikan Judul HalamanDCS (Dekstop Color Separation)This file format was developed byQuark and is a standard format. Eps.When saving files in this format is tobe stored is 4 channels of the imageand the preview channel 1.
  116. 116. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 116 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT KOMPRESISome programs are oriented primarilyon electronic publications andmultimedia file format alwaysrequires a small-sized so that whenopened will not be slow.The following file formats orientedelectronic publishing and multimediacompression respectively.
  117. 117. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 117 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT KOMPRESIRLE (Run Length Encoding)This compression can compress fileswithout losing detail. Used by AdobePhotoshop, TIFF and most of theprograms included in Windows.
  118. 118. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 118 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT KOMPRESILZW (Zif-Lemple-Welf)Just like RLE compression,compression is also able to compressfiles without losing detail.Compression is used by TIFF, PDF,GIF, and format that supportspostscript language. This is very goodcompression to compress images withlarge areas using color 1.
  119. 119. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 119 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT KOMPRESIJPG (Joint Photographic ExpertsGroup)These formats compress the file byremoving detail. This file format isoften used by JPG, PDF, and formatsthat use the postscript language. Thisis very good compression used forimages with continuous tones likephotos.
  120. 120. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 120 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT KOMPRESICCITCompression is used to compressblack and white images, and cancompress files without losing detail.Compression is often used by the PDFand other formats using postscriptlanguage.
  121. 121. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 121 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT KOMPRESIFile format that can store duotonecolor mode is EPS, RAW, and PSD.Therefore, when you want to save inanother format then you must changethe first color mode, the RGB whenthe document did not want to print,because it duotone information will bebroken down into RGB.
  122. 122. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 122 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT KOMPRESIYan file formats can store Color Labcolor mode is PSD, RAW, TIF, PDF,and EPS. File format that can storeCMYK color mode only PSD, RAW,EPS, TIF, JPG, PDF, dams SCT.
  123. 123. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 123 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT FILEFile format is recommended for thepurpose of a design are:PSD: for documents that still want toedit againEPS: for documents that have beenprinted in preparation for final
  124. 124. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 124 Isikan Judul HalamanFORMAT FILEJPG: to print with the compression onthe 8-bit and for photos in the webwith compression below 5.GIF: for illustration and animation onweb pages.TIF: to print, cross-platform exchangeof documents and animatedsequences.
  125. 125. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 125 Isikan Judul HalamanSMK NEGERI 2 CIKARANG BARATThe end