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Digital story telling_contest[2]


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This is a 4th-6th Gr Digital Storytelling Contest where the students are developing a powerpoint presentation story that will assist Kndg-1st grade students with learning basic shapes.

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Digital story telling_contest[2]

  1. 1. Our 2010Digital Storytelling Contest Winners A Cross-Grade Technology Project Johnson Magnet School for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics A NASA Explorer School
  2. 2. Project OverviewStudents: Every 4th-6th grade studentTask: Design a digital “shape” story in MS PowerPoint that Kndg & 1st grade students would be able to read and enjoy.Students: Every Kndg. - 1st grade studentTask: Read the digital stories from your computer. Choose (3) of your favorite digital stories.
  3. 3. Shape Island by Javaughn Grade 4 Mrs. Reels1 st Place This Way
  4. 4. Shape Island by Javaughn Grade 4 Mrs. Reels This Way
  5. 5. There once was an island.
  6. 6. You wouldn’t find it on a map because it was so small Shape Island You Are Here
  7. 7. On this island there lived a square.
  8. 8. He was always grumpy.
  9. 9. One day he met a triangle.
  10. 10. She was so shy that she hidin the bushes.
  11. 11. “I know what to do,” said the triangle. !!!!!!!
  12. 12. Let’s play ball!
  13. 13. And they did.THE END!
  14. 14. The Endby Javaughn
  15. 15. Rectangle Rumble By Byron Grade 6 2 nd Mrs.BarnesPlace
  16. 16. Rectangle Rumble By Byron Grade 6 Mrs.Barnes
  17. 17. A rectangle can be the body to a car.
  18. 18. It can also be a skyscraper.
  19. 19. Spongebob is a rectangle.
  20. 20. It can also be a X-Box.
  21. 21. It is also a PS2. PS2
  22. 22. It can be a picture frame.
  23. 23. A rectangle can be a book. Where The Wild Things Are
  24. 24. The End by Bryon
  25. 25. The End by Bryon
  26. 26. Shape FUN by Destiny Grade 5 Miss Kruming 3 rdPlace
  27. 27. Shape FUN by Destiny Grade 5Miss Kruming
  28. 28. These are houses.
  29. 29. Balloon shapes are everywhere.
  30. 30. This is a cool car
  31. 31. This is a snowman
  32. 32. This is ice cream.
  33. 33. This is the moon.
  34. 34. They are best buddies.
  35. 35. The End by Destiny
  36. 36. The End by Destiny
  37. 37. Technology Standards"ISTE Standards For Students”III.Technology Productivity Tools •A.Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity. •B.Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models, prepare publications, and produce other creative works.
  38. 38. CitationsLaunch Lesson:• Worcester, Tammy. "Circle Challenge." 50 Quick & Easy PowerPoint Activities. Eugene, OR: Visions Technology in Education, 2003. 65-66. Print.National Educational Technology Standards• "ISTE | 1998 Standards For Students." ISTE | Home. Web. 31 Aug. 2010. < ents/1998Standards/NETS_for_Students
  39. 39. For Viewing Our Digital Stories From, Javaughn – 4th Grade Bryon – 6th Grade Destiny – 4th GradeMrs. Reba Gordon Matthews, Supervising Teacher