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Max Wind Cowie


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The data agenda has made great progress under this Government – particularly in the area of transparency. But public servants too often feel left out of the equation or, worse, see transparency as a threat. Too often the public sector looks at big data as a risk, a problem waiting to happen and a potential tool for undermining its work. If Britain is to truly reap the benefits of big data we need to make data – its collection and its use – a boon to public servants, not a burden.

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Max Wind Cowie

  1. 1. Making data a way of life for public servantsMax Wind-Cowie, Head of Progressive Conservatism, Demos
  2. 2. Why data matters in public service Innovation Allocation Understanding Improvement
  3. 3. Innovation Data can drive public service innovation and entrepreneurship Requires inside-out approach – openness, accessibility and transparency are important But so is encouraging entrepreneurship within e.g. DWP ideas generator
  4. 4. Allocation Health and wellbeing boards, PCCs, directly elected Mayors – all are innovations in the command structures of public services But a more fractured, decentralised command structure requires better data to determine resource allocation and track progress Need to be able to drill down, segment and localise data in order to aide good allocation
  5. 5. Understanding Public servants can discover new need and identify alternative pathways to meeting need through good engagement with data Children taught creative writing – for example – have been shown through cohort studies to be less at risk of a range of public health and law and order interventions Big data is the missing link in payment-by-results, Social Impact Bonds and long-term service investment
  6. 6. Improvement Big data can also drive day-to-day, technical improvement across all of those areas Public servants – properly trained in basic analysis – should be able to use live data to streamline, improve and head-off problems in real time
  7. 7. We’re not there yet….There are a number of challenges to embedding big-data inpublic servants’ professional lives;FearSkillsTech
  8. 8. Questions…. Max Wind-Cowie @MuscularLiberal