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  • 1 Manager 5 Project managers 3 Industrial PhDs Students/ interns/ secretary
  • Ad2: Husk at det også indebærer at finde ud af, hvad der kan få en borger/ virksomhed til at ændre adfærd Ad4: I det offentliges nulfejlskultur kan innovation være at flytte grænserne for, hvad der kan gennemføres. Empati kan bidrage til at flytte denne grænse
  • The storyboard method is borrowed from the world of movies. In this process a scene is depicted in comic-book (sketch) form before the film crew rolls the cameras. As in movie production, where the director can try out different angles and perspectives, when public services are being developed a storyboard can be used to visualize several different solutions before any of them are finalized. With the help of the storyboard a variety of scenarios can be played out. In a scenario the new activity or public service is depicted in use as realistically as possible. Specifying the proposed solution in detail gives a good impression of whether it will work in practice, including its effectiveness with the target group.
  • Challange: Entrepreneurs play an important part in sustaining the Danish economy. It is especially growth entrepreneurs who quickly create employment and high turnover. The high growth entrepreneurs don´t use the offers from the public sector. That is why MindLab visited a range of Denmark’s best entrepreneurs to understand how government initiatives might be designed to help more growth entrepreneurs develop their businesses.
  • First of all we wanted them to find a shared goal for the project. When we started they had 3 projects in one: 1)They wanted to help the danish companies to become global 2)They wanted to help the very best to become even better 3) they wanted to create more high growth entrepeneauers
  • Found out that it could be a potential to help them help themself. ”I don´t need theoretical knowledge, but someone who can give me tips.. The gowernment should provide the platform and match the right people in a network. And help the potential growth entrepeneurs getting in contact with the experienced ones.
  • Helped us to extend the time we had together with the entrapeneauers. They should tell us about their ”growth journeys”- think back several years. Daily questions on the mobilphone helped them recall they memories and getting clooser to the daily life as an entrepaneur. EX: Capture the next you meet making it easyer to be an entrepreneur”
  • Prototypes of the future initiatives made the thoughts very concrete. In MindLab we focused on two platforms to help the entrepeneuers help them self: networking and a match of a potential growth entrepeneur and a mentor
  • Co-creation was important throughput the entire project. We had a very close relationship with the officials through the project did the analysis together Learning about the users (observation of interviews) Prototyping co-creation of the initiativs together with the entrepreneuers. Primary results: Tenders are invited for initiative targeted growth entrepreneurs A comprehensive catalogue of ideas,
  • Præsentation la 27e region

    1. 1. Working user-centered in the public sector Christian Bason, Innovation Manager Runa Sabroe, Project Manager
    2. 2. Agenda About MindLab Value How we work Case
    3. 3. The Challenge How can we meet citizen’s expectations for ever-better public policies and services with ever-fewer resources?
    4. 4. CREATING A NEW FUTURE INFORMING ABOUT THE PRESENT STATE MANY FEW Quantitative surveys Co-creation workshops Crowdsourcing Qualitative (ethnographic) research New modes of citizen involvement
    5. 5. <ul><li>Short-circuiting bureaucracy from within </li></ul>Politics & regulation Strategy & organisation Managers and employees Citizens, Enterprises, NGOs Top management Society Innovation processes & measurement Innovation unit Other stake- holders Other public sector organisations
    6. 7. How the ministries use us 1. Project partners 2. Good advice 3. Competence development 4. Presentations
    7. 8. Value Understanding the ”real” problem Solutions that work Risk-free experiments Creating empathy Platform for cross-ministerial collaboration Platform for co-creation
    8. 9. How we work
    9. 10. Out in the world!
    10. 11. Workshops
    11. 12. Prototyping policy/ service
    12. 13. Case
    13. 14. Networking to kick-start growth entrepreneurs Case
    14. 15. Shared Goal
    15. 16. “ If I should take an advisor seriously, then he has to know, like really know, what it means to be entrepreneur. It doesn’t work if it is a 9-5 employee with his lunchbox. I don’t need theoretical knowledge but someone who can give me straight tips because he has tried it himself ”
    16. 17. Methods
    17. 18. Mobile Probes
    18. 19. Prototypes
    19. 20. Co-creation
    20. 21.