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How Eduserv are helping local government organisations


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Andrew Hawkins, Sales Director & Local Government Lead, Eduserv.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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How Eduserv are helping local government organisations

  1. 1. Eduserv Andrew Hawkins Sales Director & Local Government Lead
  2. 2. Our Business
  3. 3. Not-for-Profit IT & Digital Partner Public Sector focus Our Business
  4. 4. What it means for us
  5. 5. What it means for us People Process Partnering
  6. 6. We help public sector organisations change their approach to engagement and service delivery
  7. 7. Digital Services & Advisory Cloud Migration Technical & Business Consultancy Deep Sector Knowledge How we do this
  8. 8. Public / 3rd Sector Focus
  9. 9. Focus on Local Government
  10. 10. Focus on Local Government
  11. 11. Local government isn’t undergoing change
  12. 12. It’s Re-invention
  13. 13. Local Government Transformation
  14. 14. Digital Business Externalfocus(Engagement) Internal focus (Responsiveness & Cost) Digitise channels Digitise processes Digital business
  15. 15. Digital Business Customer Experience Platform Employee Engagement Platform Business Process Automation Customer Relationship Manager Data & Analytics Digital Customer Digital Workplace
  16. 16. Citizen Centred Engagement IT Innovation Digital Business
  17. 17. Traditional Engagement Organisation Organisation ICT Systems Process
  18. 18. Where we need to be Digital Digital People & Processes
  19. 19. Where we need to be
  20. 20. LA as a Platform Smart Cities
  21. 21. Where Eduserv helps Legacy Model: Digital / Cloud Model: • Complex IT • Limited Digital • Point applications • Complex Processes • Digital Service • Streamlined Processes • Cloud Services • IaaS / SaaS Discovery Design Initial Migrations Additional Migrations Business Change IT and Service Change Digital Transformation Security & Compliance
  22. 22. How Eduserv helps Local Government Change Culture Business change IT transformation Digital transformation Cloud strategy Business case support Application architecture review Organisational change Cloud adoption assessment Digital roadmap Security Business continuity Enterprise architecture Information management Experience optimisation Community engagement Business process optimisation Data solutions Assured hybrid cloud (CCI / AWS / Azure / Colocation) Cloud migration Digital development Business process automation Infrastructure management Application management Security management Database management Digital health-check Security health-check Monitoring Performance testing Architectural review Accessibility review Resilience review Structure Processes Digital Strategy Delivery & Support Continual Improveme nt Planning
  23. 23. Cloud Professional Services
  24. 24. Hybrid Cloud Services Managed Services (Service Desk, NOC & SOC) Professional Services (Cloud Strategy, Cloud Design, Cloud Migration) Infrastructure as a Service (i.e. multiple hybrid cloud models) On-premise Physical Infrastructure Eduserv Infrastructure Services Secure Cloud Co-location Platform as a Service (e.g. Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Sitecore, open source equivalents) Software as a Service (e.g. see below plus other productivity, enterprise and LoB applications) Cloud Connectors Third-party Public Clouds Cloud Connectors ManagedMiddleware/Platform ManagedInfrastructure ManagedApplication Networks (Internet, Leased Lines, PSN, GSi, Janet, N3)
  25. 25. Security Services NSOC • 24x7 Monitoring - Triage, Alerting, Reporting • Security cleared specially trained staff • Hybrid IT Ready • Native support for 3rd party cloud’s. AWS,, Azure etc. Hugely flexible deployment models, scaled for big-data and low start up costs Real-time event correlation that picks up behaviors and characteristics not just events Robust & rich reporting • GPG-13, PCI, PSN • Entirely customizable and • Enhanced reporting with Tableau Log Retention and Archiving • Flexible storage options and retention periods • Simple volume based price model Assurance • PGA accredited • Exclusively UK based, CESG certified Secure Facilities • ISO 27001 • Focused on the Public Sector for 20+ Years
  26. 26. Digital Professional Services Planning & Discovery
  27. 27. Digital Professional Services Planning & Discovery • Digital Transformation Strategy Consultancy • Digital Transformation Education • Digital Health Check
  28. 28. Digital Professional Services Planning & Discovery • Roadmap Sessions • Business Case Support • Application Architecture Review • Organisational Change Consultancy
  29. 29. Digital Professional Services Planning & Discovery • Experience Optimisation • Community Engagement Consultancy • Business Process Optimisation
  30. 30. Digital Engagement Platform
  31. 31. Digital Engagement Platform Blue Badge Application
  32. 32. Business process automation
  33. 33. Business process automation
  34. 34. Building Communities
  35. 35. Building Communities
  36. 36. Building Communities Social Support • Enhanced Self Service • Social Support • Customer insights • Customer groups / ideas Social Connections • Analytics & behaviour • Feedback on services • Drive improvements • Collaboration • Prevention
  37. 37. Citizen Centred Engagement IT Innovation Eduserv Helping Local Governmen t Re- invention
  38. 38. Thank you