Career opportunities in Investment Business and Research


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Fast Programs Of Career opportunities in Investment Business and ResearchFor more information on this video, and to sign-up for our 10-day Free CFA Course click here:- know more about these trainings, do contact us at -M: +91 80800 05533

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Career opportunities in Investment Business and Research

  1. 1. | www.eneev.comCareer opportunities in• Investment Research• Business Research
  2. 2. About Pristine Finance trainings for individuals/corporate/colleges - Authorized training providers for prestigious Trainings for international certifications like CFA, FRM, PRM, CFP International etc. Certifications - Pan India class-room trainings and web-based live online trainings for international students - Advanced training in financial modeling, valuation, risk, Corporate Pristine etc. to large corporate clients like JP Morgan , BoA, Trainings HSBC, ING Vyasa, IIM C, IIM I, FMS etc. - Own certification programs in financial modeling, Pristine finance training for corporate lawyers, risk Certifications management etc. - Certification programs in Equity Research, Derivatives being launched© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 2
  3. 3. Pristine Offerings Course Classroom Online Content Crash Course/ Hours of Accreditation Price Trainings Trainings Mock Test training CFA Level I All* + Singapore Yes Original Yes 100 CFA Institute USD 595; INR 17,950 CFA Level II Mumbai, Delhi Yes Original Yes 100 CFA Institute USD 595; INR 16,950 FRM Level I All + Singapore Yes Original Yes 75 GARP USD 495; INR 12,950 FRM Level II Mumbai Yes Original Yes 60 GARP USD 495, INR 10,000 PRM All + Singapore Yes Original Yes 135 PRMIA USD 795, INR 20,000 APRM Corporate Yes Original Yes 80 PRMIA INR 10,000 Financial Mumbai, Delhi, Yes Original NA 50 - INR 10,000 Modeling Bangalore, Pune, Hyd, Chennai Finance for Mumbai No Original NA 50 - INR 45,000 Lawyers CFP Mumbai, Delhi Yes Original NA 120 Under Process INR 20,000 *All cities include Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad ;© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 3
  4. 4. Key Authorization CFA Institute (2010-11) GARP (2007-11) Authorized Training provider – CFA Authorized Training provider -FRM Pristine is now the authorized training provider Largest player in India in the area of risk for CFA Exam trainings . Pristine is largest management training. Trained 1000+ students training provider for CFA in India with presence in risk management across seven major cities. PRMIA (2009-11) FPSB India (2010-11) Authorized Training provider – PRM/ APRM Authorized Training provider -CFP Sole authorized training for PRM Training in An authorized Education Provider for India. Largest player in India in the area of risk Chartered Financial Planner Charter. management training. Trained 1000+ students in risk management© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 4
  5. 5. Key Associations* J. P. Morgan (2010) Mizuho (2010) Financial Modeling in Financial Modeling in Ernst & Young (2010) Bank Of America Excel Excel Real Estate Modeling Continuum Solutions Bankers were using excel The Real Assets Group Senior Associates were (2010) models that they could were trained in Excel for trained on building Finance for Finance infrastructure and real- not understand. valuation models for real Associates were trained on estate modeling Conducted financial estate valuation and mergers modeling in Excel and acquisitions trainings to bridge the gap ING Vyasa (2010) Franklin Templeton Credit-Suisse India (2009) HSBC (2008) Infrastructure & Project CFA (2010) Risk Management and Quant. Risk Management and Quant. Finance Students were facing a gap in Analysis Analysis Bankers were trained on the overall understanding of IT Professionals of Credit- New joinees in HSBC had a gap in making integrated finance topics like corporate Suisse India were trained on knowledge of Risk Management models for project finance, FSA and valuation. risk management. and quantitative skills. Conducted finance and Provided training for over 100 trainings (On campus) to bridge the infrastructure. hours to bridge the gap gap *Indicative List© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 5
  6. 6. …Key Associations NISM (2008-11) NUS Business School (2011) IIM Calcutta (2010-11) FMS Delhi (2010-11) Derivatives in Hedging (2008) Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling (2011) Second year MBA students were Students about to go for Final Year MBA students of Faculty internships and join jobs found a of Management Studies, Delhi Corporate in Ludhiana incurred huge given a full 2-day workshop on gap in their grasp of knowledge of University were trained in financial losses because of derivative trades creating financial models. They excel for financial modeling. modeling so as to prepare them (for hedging). Conducted trainings learnt how to create integrated Conducted training for 75+ better for a job in finance. for directors and CFOs for better models of valuation. students with an average rating of understanding of derivative products 4.5+ IIT Delhi (2009) BITS Pilani (2009) IEMR Delhi (2010-11) SIMSREE (2010) Corporate finance Workshops on Basics of Financial Modeling in Excel Students get placed in finance Finance Final Year MBA students of Final Year MBA students of IEMR Sydenham MBA, Mumbai were companies (UBS, GS, MS, etc) Most of the students desire a went through extensive financial trained in financial modeling so as with no understanding of the career in finance. Conducted modeling workshop to acquire skills to prepare them better for a job in subject/ Job Profile. Conducted training for 350+ students with of financial modeling. finance. workshop to bridge the gap an average rating of 4.5+© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 6
  7. 7. Agenda Research Roles - Key Employers Research Roles - Job Opportunities Research Training - Pristine Training Program© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 7
  8. 8. Research Careers - Employers • Evalueserve, Cognizant, Copal Partners, KPO’S • Adventity, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte FAS, • DE Shaw, Genpact, Smart analyst, BoA • Airtel, Reliance, DLF etc. Corporates • HCL, HP, Aurobindo Pharma etc. • Hospitality industry • Banks such as HDFC, ICICI • Equity Brokerage Houses Others • • Audit firms such as KPMG Insurance companies Max New York Life, • Rating agencies© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 8
  9. 9. Introduction to KPO What is KPO? • Knowledge-related and information-related work is carried out in a different company to save cost. • KPO delivers high value to organizations by providing domain based processes and business expertise. These processes demand advanced analytical and specialized skill of knowledge workers that have domain experience. Factors Fuelling Growth in KPO: • Shortage of highly trained and specialized professionals in various knowledge-intensive high- skill sectors. • Buyers of off shoring services save more at the high end of the value chain, as compared to the low end on a per-job basis. • Increased global competition • Cost pressures • Need for more flexibility© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 9
  10. 10. KPO require more complex/advance skill sets………. Parameter KPO BPO Primary Services off shoring of knowledge intensive technical support, transaction business processes that require processing, customer care, specialized domain expertise telemarketing etc Staff skill sets Advanced studies and industry Undergraduates, Graduates recognized certifications such as CFA, CA, Actuarial Studies, Master in Statistics, Engineering and MBA. Billing rates US$10 to US$45 per hr. US$4 to US$15 per hr. Process High complexity, judgment based work Basic processes involving standard complexity procedures and templates© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 10
  11. 11. KPO Service Lines (Types of activities) Financial Research  Equity Research / Credit research / Fixed Income Research  Corporate Finance  Quantitative Research Business Research Business and Market  Company profiling and Benchmarking research 26%  Industry studies and tracking  Market entry study Legal and IP Market Research 9%  Survey Design Financial Services  Data Compilation 65% Data Analytics  Marketing Analytics  Back Testing Legal & IP  Patent Research, Legal process outsourcing© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 11
  12. 12. Skill Set Requirements Complexity states the difficulty level HIGH HIGH Tire I & II MBA ,CA,CFA,CPA,Post Graduates(Finance & Accounting) 30-45 Billing rates (US$ per hour) High Skill set Requirements Complexity Tire II & III MBA 15-25 ,CA,CFA,CPA,Graduates Moderate Complexity (Finance & Accounting) Finance & Accounting 10-12 Under Graduates Low Complexity LOW LOW© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 12
  13. 13. Research - High growth career path Team Leader Managing large teams Manager Executing projects Senior Analyst Collecting & analyzing information, client communication Junior Analyst Collecting & analyzing information, updating historical models, profiling companies© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 13
  14. 14. KPO’s in India – Examples of the Companies Name of the Number of company Brief Introduction Competencies Employee (KPO’s and Captives) Evalueserve Evalueserve is one of the earliest KPO service providers with 2000 Investment Research, considerable skill sets in a variety of financial services domains. Business Research, Market Research, Data and Financial Analytics, Intellectual Property Research Copal Partners Copal Partners is dealing in financial research and analytics 550 Investment banking, Equity services. Most of its clients are investment banks, private equity Research, Credit Research funds, consulting companies, and corporations. and Consulting/Strategy Irevna Irevna is the worlds leading research and analytics outsourcing NA Financial Services, Corporate service provider. Services (Strategy and M&A Support , Business Research, Investor Relations Services), Analytical Solutions RR DONNELLEY RR Donnelley adds value to the company through highly NA Capital Market, Investment personalized around-the-clock services, worldwide expertise, Market, Outsourcing services, and insight that comes from a history of experience and Real Estate Services, achievement. Thats why FORTUNE Magazine has named us Americas Most Admired Printer for five consecutive years. Cians Analytics Cians was set up to meet the need for high-quality, cost-effective ~100 Advanced analytics, Business research and analytical support for global institutions. Their intelligence and Research solutions allow our clients to increase their capacity for decision- support making and action, while reducing their costs.© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 14
  15. 15. KPO’s in India – Examples of the Companies Name of the Number of company Brief Introduction Competencies Employee (KPO’s and Captives) Adventity Adventity is a market leading full service KPO/BPO firm for >2,500 Financial Research, (now known as the Banking and Financial Services and the Airlines & Travel Macroeconomics Research, SutherLand Global industry, offering comprehensive & innovative knowledge Business Research & Services) services, transaction services and customer contact support Consulting, Analytics, Support solutions to clients across the globe. Services Amba Research Amba offers a wide range of research and analytics support NA Equity and credit research, services to global financial institutions. Amba Research was corporate finance, capital market founded in 2003 by senior directors of research from and quants support, insurance Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and JPMorgan. and research on demand JP Morgan Captive In 2003 the US bank major set up captive units in Mumbai ~2,500 Research activities and India. Transaction processing for Investment Banking, Financial services and Investment Management Infosys Technologies Infosys BPO (formerly Progeon Limited) is the Business 500 Research, analytics and Legal Process Management subsidiary of Infosys Technologies Services Limited (Infosys). Knowledge services was started in 2004 as the KPO division of Infosys BPO to provide high end research and analytics services to its clients. WNS WNS was set up in Mumbai by British Airways in 1996. 10,000 Analytical Services, Market Initially, it functioned only as a leading BPO, but in 2003 it Research, Business Research, launched Knowledge Services. It was ranked No.1 BPO Investment Research, Data Company for 2005. Mining and Legal Research© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 15
  16. 16. Career opportunities - Financial Research© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 16
  17. 17. Career opportunities - Financial Research© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 17
  18. 18. Career opportunities - Business Research Graduates …© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 18
  19. 19. Career opportunities - Business Research Graduates …© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 19
  20. 20. Career opportunities - Business Research Graduates …© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 20
  21. 21. Career opportunities - Business Research Graduates …© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 21
  22. 22. Career opportunities - Business Research Graduates …© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 22
  23. 23. Career opportunities - Business Research Graduates …© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 23
  24. 24. Agenda Research Roles - Key Employers Research Roles - Job Opportunities Research Training - Pristine Training Program© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 24
  25. 25. Skill Requirement Analytical skills: Ability to interpret information Domain knowledge: Financial statement analysis, Industry analysis Familiarity with Word, excel and power point Effective communication Understanding of sources of information© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 25
  26. 26. Diploma in Research and Analysis - Key Highlights • 275 hrs of Classroom Trainings of intensive industry oriented program • Hands on learning of various research tools • Highly qualified faculty (from IITs/IIMs, some with CFA qualifications) with industry expertise • 24X7 online support for all queries • Advanced proficiency in usage of Microsoft Office tools • Improved communication skills • 100% Placement assistance for all participants after completion of course Pristine has tied up Leading KPOs, Research Firms, Credit Rating companies etc for Placements© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 26
  27. 27. Course Content • Market sizing • Framework analysis, benchmarking Industry Research • Understanding Macro Economic environment • Profiling a Industry • Financial statement analysis Financial Modeling • Building financial models & Corporate • Valuation basics • Profiling a company Research Computer • Proficiency in MS Word/Excel and Power Point • Ability to create Financial models Application • Writing Business mails • Making a presentation Business • Handling an interview Communication • Problem solving skills© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 27
  28. 28. Course Highlights • 275 hrs trainings over 5 months starting on 7th August, 2011 – 15-hour classes over the weekends – 1 Week break after 6 weekend trainings • Interactive sessions, followed by weekly assignments – Assignments based on real-world work done by Investment research professionals – Case Study based learning – Feedback on assignments in the same class – Module competency test after end of every module • Training Timings Sat/Sun: 10am to 6pm • Training Venue: ITO, Delhi© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 28
  29. 29. Course fees details • Course fee Full Amount: Rs 70,000 – Installment Payment Schedule: Payment can be made in 4 installments • At the time of registration: Rs 20,000/- • After one month: Rs 20,000/- • After two month: Rs 20,000/- • After three month: Rs 20,000/- – Early Bird Discount: 10% on registrations before 31st July. • Payment details – Cash/ Cheque/ DDOnline/ Wire transfer – Bank Name: HDFC – Account Number: 00602560008449 – Bank Account Name: Neev Knowledge Management Pvt. Ltd© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine 29
  30. 30. Contact : Dikshu Bishnoi Ph: 8800959911 Mail:© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine